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Big M area, 2/27


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Water was a bit messed up today, leafs and limbs out in the water and on almost all the banks making it tough to throw anything with trebles.  Water was brown, not too bad, but I don't think the fish have adjusted to it yet.  I caught 2 spotted bass on a tube and had 2 other bites and that was it.  Threw a Ned rig for a while, not a bite on it - this is usually my favorite time of year to fish the Ned, but they wanted nothing to do with it today.  I might have been fishing it too deep, if I was going to do it over again, I might switch out to a 1/16 head and fish it on the bank, the few bites I had today on the tube were out in about 5-10 FOW.

Supposed to get some wind the next couple of days, hopefully it will blow a lot of the junk in the water onto the banks.

WT 47-48

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There going to drop this lake like a rock. With the cool nights and the wind it will clear up quick, unless we get another dose of rain. Tks for the report saves me a drive up there.  I get scared if I see murky water

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8 hours ago, Champ188 said:

Just stay on your own end of the lake. We don't allow deep-sea fishing up here anyway. :lol:

Champ, that was harsh. I remember when the two Bills won a tournament fishing blades in flooded trees! Of course, all day long they had to keep telling themselves, "Pretend you are Champ! Pretend you are Champ!" ;)

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