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I typed out a big response and deleted it. Figured I’d feel guilty in the morning.    Ps: I think Ronald Reagan (who I love) was to liberal.

They are really popular for floating rivers in the Pacific Northwest, they can handle some pretty nasty rapids.  A buddy of mine had one and I'd get on the oars every once in a while and it takes surp

All that being said, I don’t want to run a prop on the white river ever again. Jet drives for me from now on.

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I have 2 friends that have XX drifters and both of them love the boats. Danny has his rigged with a 60/40 Mercury jet and Bruce has his with a 30hp Mercury prop motor rigged with a hydraulic jack plate. I have fished on Bruce's rig and was very impressed at how easy it was to row and how it handled under power. They are built like a tank and laid out very well inside. Their shop is the cattle pasture just across the road from the Ranger boat plant here in Flippin.

Here is a recent video that shows lots of the features...

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That's a sexy looking drifter, but I'd forgo a tunnel Hull design.  

By raising a section of the hull you are just forcing the lower portion of the hull deeper.   You can prove that to yourself by making "hulls" out of 15" pieces of aluminum foil, putting a handful of penny's in them and floating them in your kitchen sink.   Regardless of the position of the outboard in relation to the hull.....you're still running the motor at the same depth (from cav-plate to skeg) ya know?      

It's a bit confusing, but think it through.   

In other words....Show me a shoal that you can run in a tunnel Hull....that CAN'T be run in a flat bottom Jon.  

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I’m in the other school of thought. My jet boat has a tunnel and the intake/foot is mounted above the bottom of the boat. Yeah, this might cause the boat to sit in touch deeper in the water. It’s pretty negligible… Anyway, I’d rather hit the boat bottom than my jet foot. The hull is 3/16 aluminum with half-inch UHMW. I don’t mind whacking it into the stream bed LOL. 

I kind of don’t get it the aluminum drift boat. Actually, the glass drift boats either for that matter LOL. Are these things gonna hit bottom? I’d want it covered with polymer if so 👍 


While on the subject, I really don’t get those kind of boats on the white river. It’s not a Montana, Alaska, or Wyoming, I get it if a guy just wants be different -I guess. It just kind of seems like, in Arkansas,  people are trying to bring out the nostalgia of fishing out west LOL. All that being said, if everybody was just like this shire would be a boring world 😀

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Most all the fly fishing guides here on the White drift fish with one client in the front of the boat and another in the stern. The guide sits in the middle and controls the drift with oars typically working the edges of the river and keeping the boat parallel to the bank. I have rowed 3 or 4 different river Jon boats and I can say that the drift style hull was much easier to control as that is what they are designed to do. 

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👍 well there you go 😀 Since I don’t guide, the layout of fishermen hadn’t been something I thought about. I run the trolling motor and fish from the front deck with the guys with me standing wherever. I’m not worried about them at all 😂 I guess it would stink to be a paying customer standing in the middle of the boat. Makes perfect sense

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