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I Can Hear!

oneshot 1

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That's great! 

I was way too close (~25 ft) to a bolt of lightning while fishing several years ago, and my hearing has been going south ever since. When the OTC aids became available last fall I bought a cheap set ($250) that had good reviews. They do help, but without active noise reduction, the sound of my own breathing and speech is too much for me, so I don't use them. I'd donate them to someone that would use them (PM if interested). Saving up for something better.

I did the extraction/dentures thing about a year ago. Two things I wish I'd have known then;

At a minimum, have 6 implants put in to hold the dentures in place (4 upper, 2 lower). That eliminates the solid plastic  pallet across the roof of your mouth that limits your ability to swallow and can easily gag you. It also eliminates the need for adhesives that don't really work anyway.

Have it done at a place that specializes in dentures and implants. This will save a ton of money over your dentist, and,  unlike your dentist, it's what they do each and every day, so they're good at it.

Without implants, dentures are only good for making you look like you have teeth (which can be important in itself), but they suck for eating.

I can't dance like I used to.

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Oneshot I’m glad you got them and your hearing has improved.  I’ve had loss for decades caused by the same things you mentioned.  I also have tinnitus.  I went to an audiologist last month and asked what they could do about it (nothing) and if there were hearing aids that wouldn’t whistle going down the lake at Interstate speeds (no).  So I didn’t get any.  I just turn up the tv.

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Plenty of loud music and gunfire with no earplugs in my past......but nothing started the incessant ear-ringing like having a F3 tornado take the house from right over my head.    I figured it would go away in a few days, but it's been 17 years now.   🥴

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1 hour ago, oneshot 1 said:

Well these cost plenty. They said I had 75% hearing loss.

I can hear just fine even in the car.

My wife said she checked into Dental implants and they cost too much. 


Tell her nothing is to much if it betters your way of life. 

TinBoats BassClub.  An aluminum only bass club. If interested in info send me a PM. 

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