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Why in the world are they fishing a spinning rod lake?

No desire to see the top 40 guys in the world catch 1.8 pound bass one after the other on 2/3 inch swim baits by the bucket loads. 

Evers does have a good one but cripes they are saying 12 pounds is a good day. 

That’s fine and dandy if it’s tough, but not if you’re catching 50 fish to get to 12 pounds. 


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Jordan Lee is fishing a spinning rod with 6# test line. Geeeeez!  

Wheeler Dinged a 3 pounder. What was MLF thinking, or were they even thinking?

Marty said a few years ago Ever’s won here and the 4 day total was 46#.   11.5 pounds per day and he probably waded thru 40 fish a day to get to that. 

I will say I have not seen that many multi-million dollars homes stacked on each other like that.  Lots of cash there, probably really why MLF is in Charlotte. 



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Yeah it’s so bad . There’s so many places they could have had this event that would produce multiple 20 pound bags.  Not sure why you would showcase this as the most prestigious tournament and put them on this terd . 

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20 hours ago, Bill Babler said:

Lots of cash there, probably really why MLF is in Charlotte. 

Now you're on the right bus. LOL. It ain't about entertaining anyone except those looking to line their wallets. 

Also gonna be interesting to see how viewer ratings hold up over the next few years when everyone out there is staring at livescope like a 14-year-old at his first Playboy magazine. 


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Wheeler is so far off the bank he needs an airline ticket to get to dry land. 

Evers is catching them on top water in the same places you would catch them next month on the Rock. 

I just wonder if the FFS companies kick in money for MLF to come to theses places where they shine like this.  These guys are seeing most every fish they catch.  

Going to be interesting to see how many FFS guys make the top 10. 

Ehrler  made a totally accurate comment. Durn Spots don’t live anywhere permanent.  They roam as bad as smallmouth. 

I’m saying more on the White River chain. 


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