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Flyfishing rig build

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Here we go, we start with this....IMG_20230520_182622221.jpg

1996 17' Xpress

It has a Force 40 on it (Getting rid of that POS), and not enough storage to be a decent bass boat, so.......



A repower is in the works, as is a front deck extension, and a flyfish friendly trolling motor.   

If you might be interested in a rig like this and have any special requests.....let's hear them.   Now's the time 👍 


This is why I'm not a huge fan of WELDED Jon boatsIMG_20230521_153111225.jpg

It's the only blem I can find anywhere on the boat (on the bow top cap).......but it will get fixed proper.   

She's rated for 70 HP but I'm thinking 30-50 would keep her nimble and reasonably light.   Being able to run shallow and navigate sketchy spots is more important than being able to blow your hat & sunglasses off. 👍 


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Keep us updated.   I really like the shallow aspect.  Rivers or lakes?

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17 hours ago, Daryk Campbell Sr said:

Rivers or lakes?

River/Lake whatever.  It's all water.

I like to be able to fast idle through 2' of water without worry.  When the depth finder starts flashing 1.5' then it's time to slow way down and trim up a bit to protect the prop.    I'll sacrifice the paint on the snoot of the gearcase to be able to idle with CONTROL.   

Jet pumps suck at slow speed navigation.   

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I have a Lowrance sonar unit with side-scan capabilities, but that elongated transducer hanging off the back would just be asking for it.

Not a good match for this rig, so I'll have to go shopping.  

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I think you need this for your trolling motor; it's relatively fly-line friendly...and the price is right! You can ditch the stop switch and Big Foot paddle...


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