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  1. Thank you, updates, some jig stuff

    Keep going. Jeremiah 29:11.
  2. Sad News

    Praying as well.
  3. Lews, Falcon, Lamiglas! $1300 for all.

    All still available- will separate reels and Lamiglas rods, will entertain reasonable offers, of course the more you buy, the cheaper things will get. Let’s move this stuff, I have bills to pay!
  4. Hello OAF'ers!!! Over the past few months, my job situation has changed. While I am enjoying the journey I'm on, as I'm much happier and better for my Wife and boys, I'm needing to thin the herd as far as fishing gear goes. Local pickup in the STL metro preferred, can arrange delivery to the Bull Shoals/Norfork/Branson or nearly anywhere else if it is mutually worth our time. (i.e.rods that are expensive to ship, or a package deal of gear) will separate reels from rods, will listen to reasonable offers, and will discount for the whole package or a larger portion of the package- here goes: 2- Lew's SS1H/ Lamiglas XL-704c combos $100ea These are 6.4:1, 10 bearing reels, with magnetic cast control, and infinite anti-reverse, matched to 7' medium heavy power, fast action, graphite rods. Lamiglas rods are not well known in the Ozarks, but are well reviewed online.http://www.tackletour.com/reviewlamiglasexcel.html The Excel series are in the same class as Temple Fork, Falcon Bucco, Loomis GL2, Duckett, etc. These are Split cork grip, IM graphite rods tagged by Lamiglas as technique specific for spinnerbaits, light jigs, and light texas rigs. Good shape, minimal use, as I had them in the boat mainly for the use of guests or as spares. 1-Lew's SS1H/ Lamiglas XL-705c combo $100 Same as above, 6.4:1 reel, with magnetic cast control and infinite anti-reverse, but on a 7' heavy power, fast action, Lamiglas Excell IM graphite rod Split cork grip, tagged by Lamiglas as technique specific for jigs and texas rigs. 1-Team Diawa TD1hi/Lamiglas XL-705glass combo $100 Older but mechanically sound team diawa reel, 6.3:1, magnetic cast control, on a 7’ medium/heavy power, moderate parabolic action, Lamiglas Excell fiberglass cranking rod. Lamiglas tagged this rod as technique specific for crankbaits, jerkbaits and topwater. I found it best suited for squarebills, and as a backup wiggle wart rod. 1-Lew's SS1H/ B&R outlaw rods BR76H combo $125 Same reel as above, workhorse 6.4:1 reel, with magnetic cast control and infinite anti-reverse. This one is on a B&R outlaw Platinum Series full cork grip, 7’6” heavy power, fast action rod. B&R is another high quality, but not as well known brand, locally made in the STL area. It is a bit of a G.Loomis knockoff, with similar cosmetics to an IMX, and i'd place the blank quality somewhere between a Loomis GL3 and IMX, very similar to a 1st generation Falcon Cara. This rod is great for flipping and pitching, deep water football jigs, or C-rigs, even lighter alabama rigs. 1-Lew’s BB1Z/Falcon Cara Reaction CCB-5-173DR combo $275 This is a 5:1 ratio, infinite anti-reverse, 10 bearing reel with centrifugal cast control, on a 7’3” Cara Reaction “deep runner” heavy power, moderate action, deep crankbait rod. Perfect for DD22’s, Fat Free Shads, and Medium size swimbaits. Great setup in great shape. 1-Falcon Cara Reaction CCB-4-17MR medium cranker $200 7’ medium power, moderate action crankbait rod. Amazing Wiggle Wart rod. This one is a brand new warranty replacement, in factory plastic, with warranty card. I have two of these, LOVE them, but can’t justify keeping a third in any way. 1-Falcon Cara T7 Mike McClelland signature series MMC-6-174 football jig rod. $175 7’4” heavy power, fast action, spilt grip, micro guides. Killer rod for most any bottom contact bait. 1-Falcon Cara T7 Mike McClelland signature series MMC-5-172 swim jig rod. $175 7’2” medium/heavy power, fast action, spilt grip, micro guides. Best fluke/floating worm rod I’ve ever used. 1-Falcon Cara T7 CS-5-166MH 6’6” medium heavy spinning $100 6’6” medium heavy spinning rod, all-purpose spinning rod, makes a good finesse jig rod for those who prefer to use spinning gear 1-B&R outlaw rods BR66MS 6’6” medium spin $75 B&R outlaw Platinum Series full cork grip, 6’6” medium power, fast action rod. As I said above, B&R is another high quality, but not as super well known brand, locally made in the STL area. This one is a killer paddletail swimbait/grub rod, and works fine for The Ned, if a maybe a bit too sensitive and stiff for some tastes. I'm spending much less time online these days, but will check in here at least twice a day. (314) 313-0071 is my cell, and texting is preferred. All offers entertained, Cash, Paypal, or I can run credit cards face to face. I will ship for actual shipping costs. Thanks for reading, and please check back for more gear.
  5. I'm not speaking for Phil at all, and I'm sure he will shut it down if he feels the need, but I for one appreciate the fact that we can disagree on important issues like climate change and not call each other names. I've learned a lot from Phil, Al, Vernon and others here on the OAF about rain events, stream flow, lake level management, and climate change. This is a pretty special community, and I think at this point we all do a pretty gosh darn good job of listening and sharing ideas while keeping things respectful. We all say things in the heat of a discussion from time to time that we might regret, but this is the only forum where I've ever seen folks self moderate when they step over a line that others find disrespectful. It's a refreshing change from most of the online world. Frankly, if the Blue team and the Red team in the political world listened and talked to each other with anywhere close to the same level of mutual respect that we do here on the OAF, our country would be in much better shape. So, I say all that to say that I'll keep checking in and learning, and hope Phil lets the conversation go as long as it stays respectful and productive.
  6. This x1000. It's a reality to face, and the American way to face new reality is to try and figure out how to make a buck on it. You don't have to be a Democrat Commie Liberal Socialist like me to accept climate change. You can be a good capitalist, accept the science, and innovate a way to help the planet, and make a healthy profit at the same time.
  7. Taneycomo Update thread

    Thanks for taking the time to update us here in the internet land. Stay safe, we are all sharing your cautious optimism and still praying.
  8. Lake elevations

    I can't complain too loud. Water stayed out of most of the houses that got hit in 2015, including my friend's place. Yes, Bull had some room and still does, but there is also a little more rain in the forecast. They play the odds the best they can, with the data they have, according to the rules they have. I'd say their rules need updating a little, but I wouldn't say this was screwing the pooch. Looks to me like they did OK this time, as compared to 2015. They were drawn down in the winter, and released what they had to to stay on top of the rain event as it came, and didn't over-release and flood more than they had to. I'd score this one at least a B- as I see it from my armchair.
  9. Lake elevations

    And I'll get roasted for this- but I'll take some heat off Vernon. These flood events are a result of man made climate and environment change. More frequent extreme weather events is exactly what the climate science guys have been saying for decades would happen with the increase of Co2, and we are seeing it happen. Combine those weather events with less and less green space to absorb water and the increase in concrete from populating the White River drainage, and we have what we have, which is 100 years floods every couple of years in the Ozarks. I do think the COE, and congress should be looking at how to be more flexible in dealing with these events, and maybe that is part of the master plan revision. I don't know, but what Vernon says seems to make sense to me. I do think those who continue to toe the party line about climate change not being man made, maybe should adjust their thinking a little bit. It's real. It's effecting us now, and we need to stop burying our head in the sand and react like Americans, which is figure out new ways to solve problems and make a buck doing it, rather than grow more and more nostalgic and intellectually lazy. Changing to cleaner energy and fixing the environment doesn't have to mean loss of jobs and damage to the economy. It's only an either/or deal for people who refuse to see it as an opportunity to innovate.
  10. Lake elevations

    Maybe crops in white river bottoms and available water later in the summer just are flat worth more $$ than Branson properties and wrecked tourist dollar years for resort owners? Although the Corps isn't on the hook for any of those dollars either way... Could a class action suite make them have to compestate the folks they keep flooding?
  11. Lake elevations

    I'm confused. I thought Phil said they lose the motors that control the gates around 934- did they not have control over the gates for a while in 2011? And I'm wondering why they didn't go to 49-50cfs earlier this morning. I know they have a Book, and I get not going more than 20cfs last night, you don't want to flood more people in the middle of the night, but it just seems weird to wait, knowing what the inflow is doing.
  12. Lake elevations

    Has it been higher than 933?
  13. Lake elevations

    933.5 is awfully close to the motors on the flood gates is it not? Like a good boat wake away? Wow. I'm fighting the morbid curiosity hard, knowing that so many folks like Phil and my best friend's Dad are suffering with the floods, but this is still amazing.
  14. Lake elevations

    The last one peaked at 72,000 cfs
  15. Lake level is coming up fast!

    Yellow is 11" Blue 8"+ Purple 6"+

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