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  1. I’m using the St. Croix legend tournament bass Mag Cranker, which is a 7’10” heavy moderate action, but I think it’s discontinued. I’d look at the Lews ledge lineup, or maybe their new KVD line. I like the rods I use, but to be honest, I think there are probably options that do the job just as well for less money.
  2. I know a few guys that throw them on a crankbait rod with a casting reel and 10 pound fluorocarbon, pretty much the same rig as a wiggle wart. I think Mr. Babler may even do it that way at least part of the time. I myself throw those sizes with 3/16 to 3/8 heads on a Loomis NRX SYR-822 6’10” medium shakyhead spinning rod, or a GLX SJR-782 6’6” spinning rod, with 6 or 7 pound fluorocarbon. The 3/8oz head gives those rods all they can handle, but I really don’t use it as much as the 1/4oz head. I like the lighter line, so for me they are a spinning rig bait. I also lean hard to the 2.8 and 3.3 sizes vs. the 3.8. If I’m going to throw the 3.8, as often as not I’ll just pick up the big 6” swimmers, if I think I’m around fish that are active and finesse is not needed.
  3. Send a prayer up for the whole CDB organization guys. There are about 20 band and crew guys who just lost their job in the absolute worst time we have ever seen in the music industry. It’s got to be stresssful to deal with both grief and wonder what your next gig will be, when everyone gets back to work...
  4. Nice man. Worked several shows with him over the years. He and his band and crew were always an easy day, with down to earth, humble attitudes.
  5. I’m not sure what info you are looking for, but If I can help i would be glad to- been over 30 years since then though!
  6. To each his own- I’m just out here tryin to help a fellow out- I’m available on short notice... 🤓
  7. I'm not sure what added value I could bring to you to seal the deal Quill- since your rig isn't brand new, i'm guessing its already had its First Scratch. It would take me at least two weeks to get from Bella Vista to Reeds Spring though. Lots of "traffic" this time of year along that route... Maybe I could offer a special on "backing up" your GPS data to my units, just in case yours ever crash, your waypoints would be safe with me! consider my units your own personal Cloud!
  8. Vernon and Bobby- Given that I'm still unemployed due to the COVID-19 restrictions on concerts and large events, I happen to be available to assist you guys. First Vernon- given that Bull Shoals is still only a foot or so below full flood pool, as a public service, I'd be happy to deliver your trailer fender from Flippin to Kansas, in order to prevent a man with your "special talents" from visiting the Bull Shoals drainage. All I would need would be for the OAF guys to take up a collection to pay for my fuel. If someone wanted to make sure I got some burnt ends while in the KC area, I suppose I wouldn't refuse that act of kindness, although truly, I'm acting purely out of the goodness of my heart, in the public's interest. As for Bobby's new boat- since it's not the same level of public service keeping Vernon in Kansas is, I'd have to have a reasonable per diem for my time, but I'm pretty confident I could get it from Flippin to Branson in about a week and a half. It would arrive ready to fish, motor broken in, and If we act fast, I could make sure to provide a few extra premium services, at no additional charge. New livewells have a disturbing fiberglass resin smell, which just ruins your day in the great outdoors. I will replace that chemical smell with a nice, complex air of Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Spotted bass, that any livewell connoisseur would find pleasurably intoxicating. In addition to fixing the livewells, I also offer my special First Scratch service. We all know the level of concentration it takes to catch deep post spawn bass in the Ozark lakes, and I've found that new boat owners are often distracted by worrying about when their new boat might get its first battle scar, and fail to be able to efficiently fish. In order to ease your mind and allow you to focus on fish, I will bear the burden of that first scratch in the gel, for a reasonable fee. Given that I'm also traveling with a 5 year old boy, I can also throw in the First Seat Hook Puncture at no charge, and possibly even the First Blood Spot, depending on how on his game my little guy is. Finally, given that its road repair season in the Ozarks, I will also provide, completely free of cost, a light coat of fresh oil and gravel for the bottom of the hull and the trailer. This special coating protects the trailer, and breaks up the outline of the hull, acting as camouflage to the fish. Again, I'm only temporarily available, so please, don't wait- book now!!!!
  9. Bass Pro hasn’t been a tackle store for close to two decades. They are fine for clothes, zebco stuff for the kiddos, and still have a few decent house brand products in rods and reels (pro qualifier and carbonlite, as well as their crankin sticks). Johnny is running a lifestyle brand now, like Apple, or Nike. His selection of fishing stuff is all geared to the newbie, at price points from “affordable for a single mom” to “I don’t know anything about fishing but I want all the BEST”. I bet Bill has seen more than his share of new clients with the whole BPS catalog of wrong equipment and wrong baits, all brand spanking new, bought in excitement of an upcoming trip. It’s kind of a rite of passage for newbie fisherpersons to go into BPS and fill up a cart with stuff that they will never even tie on, let alone catch a fish with. I’d love to see statistics on what percentage of tackle sold at BPS actually ever comes in contact with water, let alone fish slime. Then if the hobby sticks, you start to learn what actually catches fish where you fish, then you learn about Tackle Warehouse, the Lews store, and second mortgages.
  10. Nice. Someday I need to fish a spiral wrapped rod. The physics of the idea make sense-
  11. Can’t speak for TR, but on the pond to the East, given halfway normal lake levels, I’d throw a spook over timbered bluffs during that time frame. Any shade will help, but I’ve caught a couple big ones during the day as well.
  12. We had it here on Bull Shoals as well. I looked at RadarScope when the alarm went off and noped right out of fishing and right back to bed only to wake up to that wind just ripping through here right about 6am.
  13. I would have been right there with Evers, but Wheeler is amazing. My next door neighbor a few years back was telling me to keep an eye on Wheeler, said he used to fish against him back in Indiana. Ron was right...
  14. I've been fairly blessed, in that I have a side gig doing sound for a fairly large church on Sunday mornings, and they have kept me on to mix their online streaming service. The sound, lighting and video company that is my "day job" Iost literally millions of dollars of shows the week after the NBA suspended their season. The owner is committed to keeping up our health insurance payments, and about 50 of us were placed on unemployment. We have since been recalled to work some reduced shop hours as part of a payroll protection loan, but as that money runs out, I'm fairly sure we will be back on unemployment for a while. We have a couple parking lot "drive in concert" type events coming back, and some of the large event weddings look like they will be happening, but its most likely 2021 until concerts and large format corporate conventions start up, the few events on the calendar now are in no way, shape, or form enough to meet a full payroll. I hope your daughter and niece are finding their way through this as smooth as possible, there is a drastic gender gap in our industry, and I'd hate to see two women who have found success against the odds have to give up and change careers. thanks for the rigging tips- tying up a couple rods now-
  15. What rig for the power bait and worms? Hook size? Weight? Bobber?
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