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  1. mixermarkb

    Tragic Event

    There is a huge difference between a normal pop up summer thunderstorm, and a long traveling, severe thunderstorm warning tagged, storm. I'm not saying the captain or driver or anyone else are bad people, but I am saying that several people had to exercise poor judgment, , and there should have been policies in place to protect their patrons from poor judgment. Even if your equipment is rated to work in 60-70mph winds, severe thunderstorms are just not places for the general public to be. At any concert I'm working, when I see that warning box go up, we are clearing the area and waiting it out. No exceptions. There is no form of entertainment worth having people exposed to a severe storm. It's not like those people were working a job that they knew could be dangerous, or storm chasing looking for an adrenaline rush. They were just there to be entertained for 30 minutes or an hour or however long the trip was. Attractions like the ducks, theme parks, professional sporting events, my industry of concerts, etc, ALL have to get serious about weather plans, terrorist/active shooter plans, etc. There have been plenty of examples already, and it sucks that some people have been too slow to come up with common sense plans to keep their patrons safe. NO ENTERTAINMENT IS WORTH DYING FOR.
  2. mixermarkb

    Tragic Event

    Golden rule of entertainment is don’t let the paying customers die. I liken this to the stage collapse at the Sugarland show a few years back at the Indiana State Fair. Storm warnings were out, it was clear on radar that it was unsafe, and folks ignored the warnings to try and make a buck, or rather keep the bucks they had already made. Same thing happened here. One can debate the safety of these craft all you want, but the bottom line is no one at “Ride the Ducks” was willing to look at a big blob of red inside a severe storm warning box on their iPhone radar app and start refunding credit cards. Now, 17 folks are dead, and their entire segment of the industry may be sued and regulated out of existence. Greed. Plain and simple.
  3. Thanks for the post, and for the work you guys do!
  4. mixermarkb

    Fish care

    I haven't tried the hydrogen peroxide before, but it makes sense science wise. Hydrogen peroxide also works wonders in a hot water heater if you ever develop smelly hot water.
  5. mixermarkb

    Flutter spoon questions

    Plus one with this
  6. mixermarkb

    Fish care

    Stolen from Mark Perry on BBC, thought it was worth a repost here: This proactive plan to keep your catch healthy was created by the folks at Sure Life and has been used in several summer time tournaments with great results. Keep in mind the water temp at Squaw Creek was over 90 degrees for most of the lake and I don't know of a single fish that was not released alive. In an effort to provide the best possible live release during tournaments; we are encouraging you to be proactive in addressing livewell conditions ALL DAY LONG. Although the weigh in procedure is critical, your handling of the fish throughout the day is even more critical, since the fish are in YOUR POSSESSION for the majority of the time. Please study the following suggestions and give them your utmost consideration. 1. In order to properly condition a livewell, you need to know the approximate volume of your livewell. We highly recommend that you measure the dimensions of your livewell(s) ahead of time to determine gallon volume. Use the following formula to determine the water capacity of your square or rectangular livewell. Using a measuring device (tape or ruler), multiply length times width times height of water in livewell (all in feet) times the constant 7.5. The result will be in gallons. 2. Fill livewell(s) early (shortly after takeoff) from good water in main body of lake. Do not fill livewell(s) or exchange water in creeks or coves and especially NOT at take off site. HELPFUL TIP: If you have separate livewells, fill first livewell early and store bags of ice in second livewell. This will help keep the primary livewell cool. Afterwards, if you need the second livewell, it will be easier to cool down. This method will also conserve your ice. 3. IMPORTANT!!!! Treat livewell with CATCH & RELEASE early and re-circulate for a couple of minutes to thoroughly mix. For tournaments use the following chart to determine proper amount of CATCH & RELEASE to add to your livewell. MAKE SURE YOU DOSE LIVEWELL BEFORE YOU START FISHING!!!! GALLONS OF WATER CAPFUL(S) OF CATCH & RELEASE FROM 10 OZ. BOTTLE 10-15 Gallons 2 ½ Capfuls Of CATCH & RELEASE 20 Gallons 3 –3 ½ Capfuls Of CATCH & RELEASE 25-30 Gallons 5 Capfuls Of CATCH & RELEASE 50 Gallons 7 Capfuls Of CATCH & RELEASE 4. CRITICAL!!!LIVEWELL TEMPERATURES. Please keep your livewell(s) as close as possible to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. DO NOT LET LIVEWELL TEMPERATURES EXCEED 75 degrees Fahrenheit at any time. Check your thermometer OFTEN to make sure temperatures are in target range. 5. Add 3% hydrogen peroxide to livewell once you catch your FIRST FISH. The 3% hydrogen peroxide will provide adequate dissolved oxygen levels even if you experience livewell failure. Pay attention to the dosage rates below and do not exceed our recommendations. Repeat this procedure when you start to operate second livewell upon introduction of fish. GALLONS OF WATER 3% HYDROGEN PEROXIDE DOSAGE RATE 10-15 Gallons ½ Cupful (4 Fluid Ounces) 20 Gallons ¾ Cupful (6 Fluid Ounces) 25-30 Gallons 1 Cupful (8 Fluid Ounces) 50 Gallons 2 Cupfuls (16 Fluid Ounces) 6. If you catch a heavy load of fish, please exchange water in livewell at least once during the day and repeat cooling of water, dosing of CATCH & RELEASE and reapply hydrogen peroxide to livewell. 7. IMPORTANT!!!!!!!DO NOT. REPEAT. DO NOT PUMP IN FRESH WATER OR RECIRCULATE FRESH WATER THROUGHOUT THE DAY. This will defeat the purpose of cooling the water down and applications of water conditioners. DO NOT OPERATE LIVEWELLS ON TIMED AERATION. KEEP LIVEWELLS ON MANUAL RECIRCULATION CONSTANTLY. 8. DO NOT FILL WEIGH IN BAGS FROM WATER OVER THE SIDE OF BOAT AT WEIGH IN SITE!!!! Fill bags with water from treated and cooled livewells. Dip bags in livewells to fill with water or pump water from livewell through pump out pumps directly to bags as they hang off side of boat. To fill bags with water from lake at this point will totally defeat the purpose of all the work you have done in that livewell throughout the day. 9. TIPS FOR DEEP HOOKED OR WOUNDED (BLEEDING) BASS: Wet hands and try to remove hook using “through the gill method” working quickly. Do not keep bass out of water for more than 40 seconds. If having difficulty, then place bass in livewell water between procedures and allow it to breathe for a few moments and resume task of hook removal. If bass has swallowed the hook, then cut the line close as possible to hook eye and place bass in livewell. If bass is bleeding from body or gills, apply a pinch of CATCH & RELEASE directly to the wound. While we can’t guarantee that your bass will live, following these procedures will give them the best possible chance for survival. 10. TIPS FOR PROPERLY HANDLING FISH: Try to keep handling bass to a MINIMUM! Try not to let bass come in contact with carpet or let bass bounce around on carpet. This will cause extreme injury to the all-important slime coat or skin of the bass. If you do disrupt slime coating from this action, then this is a good time to rub some CATCH & RELEASE on abrasion. Be cautious not to break jaws of bass. Once broken, that bass will not be able to feed again. ALWAYS hold bass in vertical position or use TWO HANDS to support body. Holding bass with single hand by way of mouth in a horizontal position without proper support will dislocate or break jaw.
  7. mixermarkb

    July 7th 2018 Report Table Rock Lake

    Well done, nice vintage Champ too!
  8. mixermarkb

    New trout boat

    Ok, really, really dumb question, that I should prolly post as a stand alone, but I’m gonna resurrect this thread with it anyway... Why do all the white river guys use the glass jon boats, and all the other current/meremac/gasconade river guys run the tin jets? Do you not run shallow enough on the white to bang up a glass boat?
  9. mixermarkb

    Ban all Bassboat's

    One last thought- IF you are on a lake with a big tourney, and want to fish most of the day in peace, fish as close to the tournament launch as possible. Most all of the bass boat guys will run to the opposite end of the lake from the launch in the morning, regardless of if the launch is right on top of good water or not. Something about having that horsepower makes humans have to use it. Derby guys idling away from takeoff and dropping the troller and fishing close just isn't a thing. 😎
  10. mixermarkb

    Ban all Bassboat's

    Al- I still see a lot of guys on Bull Shoals and Mark Twain, and even LOZ fishing out of 16' Jon boats with 15-20 horse motors. They may have to fish closer to a ramp, and may not be able to cover the water that a big bass boat does, but they fish, and catch fish, sometimes (often times?) better than the guys in the high dollar glitter sleds. I will also take fishing a lake in early spring with a large (200-250 boats is about as big as we have in Missouri , short of hourly weigh in events) bass tournament going on, vs. the same lake in full summer wakeboard/PWC/pontoon season all day, every day. The smaller fishing rigs aren't being "outclassed" and run off the lake by bass boats, I see them out fishing next to bass boats every spring and fall. They are being run off the water by the summer pleasure boat crowd. Most bass boaters I see around smaller craft idle past them to take off, come off plane early, or run by at full trim to leave less of a wake. Again, a bunch of misplaced, nonsensical drivel in the original article.
  11. mixermarkb

    Ban all Bassboat's

    The author of that article should take a look at the Missouri State Highway Patrol water patrol accident report website. Very, very few incidents with bass boats, nearly all the incidents involve I/O runabouts and personal watercraft. There will always be folks with no common sense, but most bass boats I see running around busy lakes are running mid throttle, and maybe letting it rip early in the morning or later in the evening when most of the traffic is gone. The average 20' bass boat loaded with 2 people and gear is a 65-70 mph craft, and most of them I see running are cruising in the mid 50's. That article was full of misleading, inaccurate statements, and should have been booted by an editorial fact check, IMO. I'm not saying there is no room for increased boating regulation, including proficiency test based operators licenses for ALL boaters, more no wake areas, or reasonable speed limits in congested areas like upper ends of creek channels or areas around Marinas and popular boat ramps, but bass boats on lakes are not the major problem. More water patrol staffing, getting rid of alcohol sales by the drink on the water, enforcing open container laws and no wake laws, and limiting jet boat horsepower on the rivers would be a good start to actually making things safer.
  12. mixermarkb

    Line Size Question

    For what it's worth, and I feel silly even posting my thoughts on this thread of guys who have forgetten more about fishing than I have learned, but a few years ago I quit looking mostly at pound tests and just started looking at diameters when comparing line. That sort of led me to Sunline, as their stuff all seems to be consistently thinner per pound test than anyone's comparable products. I haven't used their regular mono, only the Defier Armillo mono which is a specialty low stretch mono for topwater, but I've never been unhappy with any of their other products.
  13. mixermarkb

    Anyone see this? This guy is off his rocker.

    I don't have time, but someone should post the Missouri State Highway Patrol water patrol accident reports as a response, and ask him how many bass boats vs. other types of watercraft are involved in on the water incidents. His article has no basis in objective fact at all. Full stop.
  14. mixermarkb

    Anyone see this? This guy is off his rocker.

    It's a shame what newspapers have become these days. So many inaccuracies and downright untruths in that piece it's disgusting. Why that wasn't booted by an editor I have no idea.
  15. mixermarkb

    New Missouri wake law

    Smart phones. The Internet will be the downfall of western society. Devices designed to be addictive, because money isn't made when you set the phone down. Folks don't actually live in the real world anymore, but their carcasses are still here, driving, walking, boating, while their brains are somewhere out there in digital world.

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