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  1. Yep. Hopefully the vaccine distribution goes well, and people continue to mask up and we get this thing under control. I’m hearing rumblings of concert touring starting back up mid-summer of this year- hopefully that timeline is accurate and I can get back to work!
  2. I may be able to get down for a day or two soon- but still being out of work due to COVID has my fishing budget severely depleted.. smh
  3. Sorry, you got caught in an inside joke. The “bearded hillbilly bank fishermen” spoke of are to keep folks out of that particular cove. The REAL TRUTH, Is that there are NO scary bearded hillbilly bank fishermen on all of Table Rock. They are EVERYWHERE on Bull Shoals though. Stay on TR where it’s safe!!!!
  4. One small thing, that really doesn’t amount to all that much- but I think that dealers that sell high performance bass boats should all be required to spend some seat time with the buyer on the water at delivery. I can stop my Champ from 70mph plus inside of a few boat lengths, because I was shown how to by a dealer 25 years ago. There aren’t brakes, but there are ways to stop quick, as long as you do it within the limits of your hull design. Lots of folks just don’t spend enough time learning to drive their new toy, at all speeds, and learning how to stop is a key part of driving a
  5. Ok. Bringing this one back from the dead, but is the Osage fishable in a glass boat, or do you need a jet? Mari-osa access is where I was thinking about dropping in-
  6. A few, and I’ve also been that guy who got towed when life got too busy to use a boat enough...lol
  7. Not related to the inboard question, but as far as outboards, I don’t let hours bother me on a used boat. I’ve seen just as many brand new motors getting powerheads as I have old ones. I’m looking for a well kept package by an owner who used it a lot. In my humble opinion, running a boat enough that the gas stays fresh, as well as letting it warm up enough before you go WOT, are the two things that make a motor last the longest. no matter how creampuff, a boat that is used one weekend a year is gonna have issues, in my opinion.
  8. Happy Birthday, and sorry for your loss, Champ. Dad died in 06, and some days I still catch myself wantIng to give him a call and tell him about something. It’s a process getting used to them being up there and us being here for sure.
  9. I quit it back in June. Once water temps get to 80ish, Bull becomes a nocturnal thing for me, and with it high, that’s just not a game I want to play.
  10. I have no idea why skills based boating licenses aren’t a thing.
  11. I fished the Joe Bass Bull Shoals series a couple years before we had our youngest, and enjoyed it. I don’t really have any of the answers to your questions though-
  12. If my son or wife is going with me, I’ll add rods for them, and another Plano box of jig heads and terminal tackle for them to keep on the back deck-
  13. It depends on the time of year and the lake, but I try to cull as much as I can. It’s still a lot, but I’m a better fisherman if I keep the tackle options at a minimum and concentrate on finding fish. that said- here is what’s in the boat now for summer fishing 2x 7’10” deep cranking rods 2x 7’5” big swimbait rods 2x 7’3” Carolina rig rods 2x 7’ Texas rig/jig rods 2x 7’ top water rods 1x 6’10” shaky head spinning rod 1x deep crank box 1x topwater box 1x Jig and Trailer box 1x Jighead box 1x terminal tackle box for C and T rig
  14. I agree with Gary, it’s their lake too. I wish everyone would be more considerate of their fellow citizens, and operate their toys to that end, but honestly, If I choose to fish main lake points in the summer at LOZ, I know what I’m getting into. that’s why I go on Tuesdays.
  15. “Me first and only Me first” is THE systemic problem we as a nation must fix. That attitude hurts us in every way.
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