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  1. Hello- Finally getting around to posting a report for my trip last week. Tuesday, I screwed up. Fished all day out of Spring Creek. Didn’t listen to what the fish were telling me, and ended the day with two bites and no fish caught. I was trying to force a shallow bite on crankbait and big swimbait, and it just wasn’t happening. Wednesday I wised up a little, and started paying attention to the fact that they were pulling the lake 6 to 8 inches a day. I made the adjustment to go to bluff end points, and caught some fish on the Arig. I had 6 keepers, including a real nice sm
  2. Wow- 26 pounds is a good day anywhere!
  3. Awesome, make sure and post a report! Even if you didn’t catch em, sometimes what someone else did that didn’t work is as valuable info as what did work! Just trying to get some more guys posting and getting to know each other here- posts routinely get 200-300 views or more, and yet their are only a half dozen of us who ever post...
  4. Hey Guys- We have a lot of lurkers here on the Bull Shoals page, and not a lot of posters. I’d like to see some more traffic on here, while I’m stuck in STL wishing I was fishing. It would be really nice for all of you who derby fish to go ahead and post a quick report of all the small local and club tourney results. I’m not asking for in depth articles on the winning pattern, or GPS spots,, but a quick note on winning weight, where the derby was held, what the winners caught there fish on (if they say), size of big bass, etc. It would be good promotion for your club or ci
  5. Hey Guys- I fished out of the Buck Creek area Wednesday and Thursday. I had my boys and father in law with me for our annual “man trip”. Wednesday I found Kentuckies and a few largemouths on transition banks in the creeks. I caught three right away cranking the brush line with a wart, then put the treble hook baits up for safety’s sake and backed out a little on the same sort of banks. My father in law managed 6 on a grub, and I caught a half dozen more on grub and Mr. Ned. The boys both missed a few bites, but the little guy kept himself busy with the net. Thursd
  6. Trying it on is what I’m going for. I’m also hoping it’s the last rain gear I ever have to buy, if I decide to go ahead and spend my spot lock trolling motor/live sonar cookie jar on it... with the weather forecast for my spring break trip next week looking the way it is, rain gear is taking priority over new electronics.
  7. I think I’ve decided to pass down my 10 year old Columbia rain gear to my nephew and buy a new rainsuit for this season. Anyone seen the SIMMS stuff for sale locally? thanks, Mark Burris
  8. That’s incredibly bad boat driving for a “professional” fisherman.
  9. Bet that was fun on spinning tackle..
  10. Ain’t it just about perfect! Man, I’m jealous of you guys who are getting out! I’m about a week away from being able to get a boat wet!
  11. Gaston’s and the dam area in general would be the spot for folks who get too nervous if they are isolated. Not only is Gastons a nice place, but the roads over to Mountain Home are as good as you are going to find around Bull. Mountain Home is a decent sized town with just about anything anyone could need.
  12. My Dad used to say that there are curves on that stretch where you have to dodge yourself to keep it on the road-
  13. https://www.amazon.com/Lews-Fishing-MHC-Throat-Release/dp/B075NN27K8/ref=asc_df_B075NN27K8/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312031058067&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=11228209594666269880&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9022814&hvtargid=pla-570329640200&psc=1 This thing cuts through even heavy jig hooks like butter. Well worth keeping in the glove box.
  14. In all seriousness, Bull Shoals is beautiful, most of the shore is natural, way less in the way of lakefront homes, and condos are basically non-existent. Pressure is up over the past few years, but still nowhere near The Rock or LOZ. The big issues with Bull Shoals are crap road access, and nothing but the lake to do for family. EDIT- I forgot the other big issue on Bull is that there is a 40 foot swing from normal to full flood pool. The Corps and Mother Nature have sure been using every bit of it in recent years, so at times expect launching (and fishing) to be a royal pain t
  15. There are no fish in Bull Shoals. Plus the roads to it make you carsick. And it’s ugly. No harter house meat near it. Terrible darn lake. Just stay over yonder on TR.
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