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  1. Should read better. Either way, I'm just wanting to dream, not serious enough to burn someone's time with having them send me pics. I'll be doing well to afford seats and carpet in the boats I have now this summer.
  2. Sykora is a heck of a fisherman, and having many, many, hours running on LOZ, I'd be willing to bet he was MUCH closer to WOT on that ride back than any of us would have liked. Whoever his partner/observer was has a story to tell I bet...
  3. It would be worth it imho to max out the horsepower, and not just for increased speed. Boats always have a higher resale with fully maxed out horses, and not by a little bit. The other reason is overal performace, not just top speed. You are going to get better grunt out of the hole pulling the kids on a tube with the bigger motor, and better fuel economy at mid range cruising speeds with a bigger motor going 4000rpm than the smaller motor at WOT. As for jackplate on those hulls, I'm sure it would help at least a little to dial in correct motor height, but a plate won't make up for horsepower. Spend the extra now, and have peace of mind that you have a boat capable of maximum performance. Just cause it's there, doesn't mean you have to use it...
  4. 1- Because it's fun? 2- Because sometimes on a big lake you may wander some not insignificant amount of miles away from the ramp, and need to beat it back to the bank in a hurry, weather, medical emergency, angry wife at home, Taco Bell for lunch... 3- back to the fun aspect and 62 is by no means "fast"
  5. Old Plug, id like to read that release, any idea where it could be seen online?
  6. The deep bass bite isn't something I'd be trying to learn to do with kids, even if the need for Catch and Release wasn't such a reality on a lake with the bass fishing pressure of Table Rock. Quality electronics, plus knowing what to look for on them, isn't something that everyone has, and kids get bored quick idling up and down points. Bill offered some great ideas with the Taney trout, and the craw/catfish stuff. My kids absolutely love to go what they call "scooping", may be worth a try for yours as well. $7 bait dipnet at Walmart, a pair of swim goggles, floaties for the little guy, fins for the older one, and a flat gravel point with a bunch of bluegill or punkinseeds on it. Let them see if they can sneak up and scoop one up in their net! All scooped fish get released, but they sure have a ball swimming around and wearing themselves out in the clean, clear, waters of the Ozarks, and make a fair share of memories for the kids, which is what a trip in July should be about. ps I've caught more than a couple smallmouth wading around tossing a Ned on a light spinning rod while the kids scoop, and it's a nice way to stay cool in the hot summer playing with the family.
  7. I'm not a table rock guy very often, but Bill is giving you very, very, good advice with the Taneycomo idea. I love the white river chain of lakes, and spend most of my time on Bull Shoals, but they are not family fishing lakes in the summer. Deep, clear, and hot air and warm water temps just don't add up to having a good time for the kiddos getting their poles bent. Fish can be caught, but whites are a matter of luck, crappie are no shows until fall, and the bass option is best at night. Taney is a much better option, and one I plan on taking advantage of myself with my wife and kids in a week or two if I can get away from work and a medical issue with a family member that is taking most of my spare time.
  8. I love night fishing Bull, but not when it’s up high. I know I could be catching some top water bass, but the high water and summer work season has me fishing slightly closer to home at LOZ. May try one quick trip down before July hits though, I hate missing most all of the top water smallmouth bite...
  9. I tried power pro and Sunline braid and braid to leader for topwater for a season and a half. I tried everything I could to wrap it under tension, and still had random dig-ins and reel blowups. Soaked it with KVD line and lure, and I would even run it out behind the boat to get good tension on a rewind, and finally got sick of it, pulled it off, and went with Sunline Defier Armillo mono. Defier Armillo is designed for topwater, and is an extra low stretch, high floating mono, and gives me most of the hookset and lure control benefits I thought I was getting from braid, with none of the dig-ins. Good old green Berkley Big Game is also darn good topwater line, if the sticker shock on the Sunline Defier Armillo is too bad. Braid on spinning, sure thing, braid on baitcasting is just too much frustration for me. Some really great fishermen use it, but I just can't make it consistently work, either on topwater or Arigs as Bill said. Good Luck!
  10. From what I’ve read, MLF and BPT tour are going to go to only White River Marine Group boats. I’m sure it’s much less about hard feelings for the Wood (or Pierce, since BCB would be out) family than it is about marketing. You own the circus, you get to pick the animals in the ring... Johnny Morris didn’t become the owner of the largest freshwater fishing boat empire by missing chances to put his boats in the public eye.
  11. It takes a lot of patience to get as good with electronics as these guys are. Learning how to set them up, learning what you are seeing... I always just give up and start casting and fishing every time I set out to spend a day just learning electronics. I'm just gonna have to take all the rods out of the boat and spend some time getting better at it.
  12. My old neighbor used to fish jackpots with Wheeler back when Jacob was a teenager. Ron told me 3 or 4 years ago that he was going to rule the fishing world, that he was just super talented. Looks like he's right. Kid has to have some kind of work ethic to get that good.
  13. I think with different rules, some more probably would have. In a best 5 derby, I'm sure deep cranking would play a part this time of year. Deep cranking doesn't get you tons of bites all day tho, it's more of a quality fish kind of deal, so I'd guess these guys just decided that playing the numbers game main lake was a better way to win than targeting bigger, but fewer, bites up in the rivers.
  14. I know I bought two of those wake shads, and I don't remember losing them, but I couldn't find them with a gun to my head...
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