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  1. mixermarkb

    Best Wiggle Wart Replacement Hooks

    For warts, I’m a big fan of the #5 gamakastu Aaron Martens finesse treble. They are super sharp, and light wire so they penetrate fast on a light bite. The same trebles also work well on jerkbaits if a heavy wire hook causes a suspending bait to sink.
  2. mixermarkb

    Wiggle Wart

    I actually think the price is pretty reasonable, I've seen custom painted pre-rap warts in the $50 range, on a regular basis. I'm not in on baits at that price anymore, wife and kids and life have caught up to me, but as far as market price goes, he's not that far off, IMHO.
  3. mixermarkb

    Wiggle Wart

    The pre rap warts were molded in two halves, and glued down the middle. Back then, they had a lot of slop in the tolerances, and the seam was very noticeable, like you can see on the bill on this bait. IMHO, it is a pre rap wart, with a really pretty paint job. Now, the sloppy joint of the seam is what some guys claim is part of the magic of the old wart, and cause them to “hunt” better than the new ones. It also caused some of them to roll and be totally un-tunable and useless. Hopefully this one is a hunter, and not a roller, but like so many things in life... ”ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances”
  4. mixermarkb

    Wiggle Wart

    The pre rap warts were molded in two halves, and glued down the middle. Back then, they had a lot of slop in the tolerances, and the seam was very noticeable, like you can see on the bill on this bait. IMHO, it is a pre rap wart, with a really pretty paint job.
  5. Falcon Cara or Low rider AOY. It's a 6'8", medium heavy, has a shorter than most split grip handle, and MF taper. I LOVE this rod for roll casting spinnerbaits, and also use it for squarebills around cover, as well as spooks, and even jerkbaits. It's a very, very versatile rod, with enough backbone to move a fish, and enough give to keep a fish pinned on treble hooked baits. If I had the money, I'd buy a second one. I really could be very happy with 2 of those, a great finesse jig rod, a Carolina rig rod, and a wiggle wart rod and get rid of about 8 or 10 "technique specific" rods that sit in the boat or on the rack.
  6. mixermarkb

    Tagged largemouth in Kim City area

    I feel like I should say something here, just to rev Champ up, but honestly, I'm so worn out with the "grown A$& men acting like spoiled brats and refusing to find a reasonable middle ground to allow us to function and compete as a Nation" that I really can't even throw any liberal humor into the mix. I mean seriously. It's Every Singe Issue, seen in ONLY blood red, or deep ocean blue, all day every day! It's easier to get my 4 year and 11 year old boys to quit fighting than to get Congress to act like reasonable, educated grown ups. Good people, and good ideas (gasp!) exist on both sides of the spectrum. Geez, I need to fish! Haven't been in a boat since last June!!!!
  7. mixermarkb

    Champion Boats

    I have no problems putting my older narrow beam champ where I want it when I'm fishing LOZ or Twain, but I will say that they get blown around a bit more because the bow sits a little higher than some brands. They are also a slight bit tippy, so if you have a big ol boy as your back seater, and they move, you might feel it rock a bit more. I like the length of my 20' boat, but I don't understand the craze for wider and wider boats for those who don't have a camera guy standing on the deck getting in the way. Simple physics says that a narrower hull with more "V" has less surface area to smack against waves while running and will be smoother than a wider, flatter hull. Every boat is a trade off, but for me, I like the balance of attributes the older champions have the best. I think quite a few others do as well, as I continue to see late 80's through 90's champs being repowerd and getting new seats and carpets rather than being traded in on new boats. Granted, new boats are silly money, but there are more than a few that could afford it and choose to stay with their old champ just because it fits their fishing needs better than a new rig. Honestly, boats are tools to get on the water to make casts. We fisherman are way, way to easily impressed by pretty shiny things. Makes us an easy mark.
  8. mixermarkb

    Champion Boats

    Another Champion Fan here. Watch the boats from around 95/6 to the 2001 timeframe. They are great boats, but used a balsa core product in their transoms. Most of them are sound, but if you see brown goo dripping from any bolt or screw hole, be aware that you are in dangerous territory as far as rot goes. Have said that, I own two 203's a 98 and a 99, and both have been very good to me. Absolutely fantastic riding boats, and they will flat go where you point them, with no sliding or slipping in turns, no matter how tight. They are a little narrow compared to the barges of today, but I like that. I don't ever have a camera man on the deck with me, and I like being able to lean on the butt seat and not slap the side of the boat when working a spook or jerkbaits. great boats, and hold their value very well for 20-30 year old floaters.
  9. mixermarkb

    looks like champ weather

    Take your time with that knee deal Champ. I hope you get to get back in the boat as soon as possible, but make sure you are ready. I don't know what kind of wear and trea golfing requires, but getting out from behind consoles and up onto the deck, as well as running a TM all day isn't exactly taking it easy.
  10. mixermarkb

    2 drownings at Castlewood

    Ok. How many of you guys have extra life jackets in your garage that you no longer use? I do. Could we as the OAF community build a wooden rack, stock it with PFD's and place it there with the cooperation of the local authorities? Can't make folks use them, but at least they would be there...
  11. mixermarkb

    Spinnerbait Rod

    MOsmallies, I have never fished any of the Falcons other than the Cara series. My guess just from shaking them in stores is that the Lowrider would make a very good spinnerbait stick as well. Action seems similar, maybe just a touch slower, which I wouldn't hate. Not to sway you to spend money you don't want to spend, but I do find that I use the AOY rod pretty often, not just for spinnerbaits. It also makes a great big spook type rod, and for squarebills in cover, and works fine for bigger jerkbaits as well. It's a great all around rod for any moving bait technique that you point the tip at the water for, or need extra casting accuracy for close quarters.
  12. mixermarkb

    stuck on 17

    At least you are working on your garage and new Champ. I have just been working on paying bills! Both my boats have been sitting all summer!
  13. mixermarkb

    Spinnerbait Rod

    But- that said, if you like the lews, run it by sportsman's outlet/lews HQ in Springfield and see if they will do anything for you. Lews customer service has been pretty outstanding, and they may pro-rate you a replacement.
  14. mixermarkb

    Spinnerbait Rod

    Falcon Cara 6'8" AOY model. Best spinnerbait rod I've ever used. 2nd place would be a G.Loomis MBR-783 in GLX, or an 843 if the 7' length was ok. I'm with Wrench though and like a slightly shorter rod for slinging blades.
  15. mixermarkb

    Falcon Cara and B&R outlaw rods, need to move!!!

    Ham- I have the Cara McClelland Football Jig and Swim Jig rods, and the Cara Reaction deep crank rod.

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