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  1. The part that I find most interesting is that the only time I read of Jesus showing REAL ANGER, was when the religious folk of the day, turned the temple into a place of business. There is an entire multimillion, probably multi billion dollar worldwide evangelical industry today, which trades mainly in anger and outrage. Most of which, feeds back through media company corporate consolidation to large companies run by folks who are decidedly un-Christian in belief and actions. I know first hand from my involvement in the "Christian" record business, that the accent is firmly on "business" and the "Christian" side of things is just a label, like "country" or "rock" or "R&B", as well as know how hard megachurches work at marketing to get their slice of the evangelical pie. I personally think that those who have an understanding of their faith as real, and not myth, would do well to take a step back from the media industry surrounding it and refocus on practicing it on a smaller, more personal level of showing love and care to those who directly cross their path. Back to the fakebook, umm I mean Facebook topic tho- I don't want to hurt any feelings here, because I'd gladly share a boat with any OAF member, on any day. The respect folks show for each other and their beliefs around here is amazing, and a true testament to the character that Phil runs this place with!
  2. I was looking at you, Wrench, when I said I was gonna lose some folks...lol I'm not advocating we ignore science, or all subscribe to a "earth is 6000 years old because that's how I interpret the Bible" world view. Knowledge isn't inherently evil, and neither is the Internet. I do find the fact that the logo hasn't changed in a few thousand years interesting though...
  3. Ozark Anglers and an increasingly rare trip over to The Middle Bass Boat site is the only social media I have left. Facebook was just too much of a time waster, and was addictive enough for me that I gave it the deep six over two years ago. Amazing how much better my relationships with my wife and family are. At the same time, I also ditched my smart phone and went back to a dumb phone that just does text and phone. It will also hotspot my IPad, which I normally carry with me in a backpack on work days. If I need the net for some reason, I have it, but I spend a TON less time on it given that it's not just at the tips of my fingers 24/7. I realize I will lose some of ya with this, but I do find it interesting, that what separated Adam and Eve from God's original plan, was eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge. It is my opinion that the most destructive force in modern culture, is the Internet and social media. We are becoming a world of phone zombies, sacrificing true, real life relationships with everyone we love for screen time. It's bad, and only getting worse. Watch parents of toddlers ignore their kids at any park and shush them to look at a screen, if you need just one small example. Now turn your iPhone over and look at the logo. amazing how some things never change, isn't it?
  4. Coming from Table Rock, the biggest thing you will have to get used to on Bull Shoals is the grin on your face because you can fish anywhere you want without fishing behind another boat. Seriously, there is less standing timber on the bluffs, but that's it. The lakes fish very similar, and adapting patterns and techniques from one to the other won't be hard.
  5. Some hard core walleye trolling guys would maybe disagree, but for Bull Shoals, I'd say a glass bass boat in the 19-20' range is ideal for 85 percent of the fishing you will do on Bull Shoals. I'm a Champion guy, but really most any of the boats being made are pretty good, it's just a matter of picking the right compromises between rough water ride and fishing features that suit you. Bull is usually pretty tame, due to less boat traffic, but the open stretches around Oakland can get pretty brutal with a big wind out of the north/northwest, which is why I recommend 19' of boat or more. I have been in some pretty insane waves around the saddle, and I was very happy to be in a 20' Champion. I'd also recommend a dependable motor with good gas mileage, as sometimes you can run a lot of miles chasing a pattern on Bull, and gas options are a lot farther apart than most lakes, especially out of season, and if you break down, you will be mostly on your own. Cell coverage and water LE/first responders are basically non-existent. I don't yet have one, but I am seriously lusting over the new trolling motors with spot lock, as my old pinpoint troller was awesome back in the early 2000s, and Bull seems just taylor made for that feature set. imho, you can forget about power poles or talons on Bull, unless you just want to spend a couple grand on holding your boat while you park your truck. Even in the spawn, you won't be fishing shallow enough for all but the longest poles to reach.
  6. I know nothing at all about fishing from a yak, but I've heard about drag chains as a form of anchor. Something like that, or some other form of anchor may help you out, because wind is really a huge key to the food chain and fish location, and fishing is about finding fish. As far as the Ned goes, slow and simple, not much action is the key. There is a ton of info online about it, including right here on OAF. Search the archives and read up on it, but the retrieve I tell my kids and wife to use, is cast, count to ten, reel very slowly for a ten count, let it sit for a ten count, reel slowly for a ten count, rinse repeat all the way back. It will get bit, if you are around fish. I also agree with some other guys, try and find some fishermen to fish with, or save up and take a guide trip. 4 hours of instruction from someone like Bill Babler who has forgotten more about fishing than I've ever learned, could set you on the right path for life, and give you enough hands on time to be able to apply things you read about online. If things you read about fishing seem like they may as well be Greek, you might have to get a couple basic lessons in Greek from someone who knows the language... Then you can keep studying and learning to be more and more fluent.
  7. Three thoughts- FIrst, fish more in the spring and fall. You don't have to quit fishing in the summer, but fish in the cooler months are generally more active, and located in shallower, easier to fish places. Catching them when they want to eat, will give you more practice feeling bites and makes you a better fisherman, and that will give you more confidence to fish when they aren't biting, like now, in the heat of the summer. Second, put the cranks and rooster tails down, and fish soft plastics and jigs a lot more, specifically the ned rig, and small paddle tail swimbaits, as well as weightless worms like the senko and zoom super fluke. Moving baits like crankbaits and rooster tails are reaction baits, and generally do better when you are fishing active fish. Soft plastics will get bites from active and passive fish, hang up less, and generally catch more fish most of the time. Third, learn to fish the windy banks. It is harder to fish, sure, but fishing is al about the food chain. Wind blows the plankton up, and the baitfish eat the plankton, and the gamefish eat the baitfish. All of that happens the most on a bank that the wind is blowing in on. When you get to a new body of water, start on the side the wind is blowing in on. A place where the bank changes, flat to steep or vice versa, with wind blowing in on it, is a great place to start your search. good luck!
  8. Bull is always tough in the hot summer months, and it's extra tough when it's very high and has dying vegetation everywhere. I haven't even been trying, I figure I'll just let the fry grow this summer, and I'll be back chasing the bass this fall when it cools down and work season slows down.
  9. Almost definitely. but it would be a dogfight given that one boat was speeding and one boat didn't have navigation lights, both violations of the laws. Probably would end up with a lot of money in lawyers pockets on both sides, and not much else.
  10. I'd be in favor of this, along with a on the water skills test, not just a written exam. I also agree that water patrol separate from the highway patrol was better. I'm not sure we had any more troopers on the water over at Bull, but I am dang sure that the old water patrol guys had forgotten more about boating than the average highway patrolman has ever learned. Hard to enforce rules and common sense boat operation when you have never been around boats... Anyone know what the stats say? Are the waters safer post combining the water patrol and highway boys? I wonder how Deaths per year compare, adjusted for the increase in use that we have seen?
  11. We al need to be more careful out on the water at night. I know on bull shoals I have sometimes switched off my lights while fishing, , but as soon as I hear another boat, they go on, wether or not the other boat is close. Any time I'm near a marina lights are on all the time. I also have slowed way down at night from my younger days. The 30mph nighttime speed limit is really a fair common sense speed after dark. Enough to plane off, but slow enough to react to things you see, if you have decent ambient or moonlight. GPS helps, and with the newer units all having a night mode that you can turn on and keep most of your night vision, are a huge help. GPS is NOT radar though, and you must keep your head on a swivel at night, looking out for anything you may hit. It's especially true when the white river lakes are up, and we are looking at dark vegetation at night rather than white limestone banks. Easy to get turned around out there, even when you "know" the water. add the tendency of novice boaters to take the boat out for a sunset cruise with a few drinks involved, and we must be super safe out there. I'm thankful you guys were ok, and glad the other boaters got medical help and are ok as well.
  12. Fwiw, topwater hasn't done squat for me this year. I'm used to catching at least a few spots on top around the front corners of the docks, but it hasn't happened, even on some days with cloud cover when I thought it would.
  13. Hello moguy- It's been a couple weeks, but deep (15-20' deep) cranks on main lake points were doing very well for me, along with Carolina rigs. I was throwing shad colors on the cranks, and a green pumpkin/blue brush hog on the crig. Also caught a couple good fish on jigs around docks on the same kind of points, and a wobblehead with a sweet beaver got a couple keepers for my 13 year old nephew. Points with wind blowing on them seemed better than ones out of the wind, but I think current from the water running thru was the big factor in setting up the fish. should be about the same pattern as I think they are still flushing plenty of water through.. I may run down this week a day or two if my float trip idea doesn't pan out. good luck and post a report, can't let that pay site have all the good LOZ info to themselves!
  14. Thanks for all the responses. I'm slowly wrapping my head around this stuff, the depth info especially helps. I'm planning on artificials only, and thinking really only two rods, with a few Ned's, some small keitechs and a couple topwaters. Spinnerbaits this time of year? I may take a third rod if I dig my uncle's old 5'6" pistol grip out for a dedicated topwater walking bait rod. Fishing low to the water from a Jon boat, that short rod may be better for working topwater since I won't need the casting distance I would need on Bull Shoals.
  15. That doesn't look like a mud hole. I bet there are fish to be caught there...good luck figuring them out!
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