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  1. Same deal up at Theodosia. It's been a while since I've seen any whites cleaned in numbers. 24/7 can tell you better, but the whites seem to be really down in numbers all over the lake. Wonder why?
  2. Oh, and run up the lake to Theodosia Marina. Friday evening is prime rib at Cookie's. Try it Cajun style.
  3. Listen to 24/7, he has been fishing Bull since he was a toddler. He can help steer you in the right direction, and sell ya some really sweet custom painted baits as well. Good guy, and a good friend.
  4. I got a taste of what Mr. Babler and Champ188 do for a living this week, playing guide and teacher to an old friend of mine, and man, it isn't easy! Lucky for me, the fish were mostly biting, and Bull made me look good for once. Mat doesn't really fish but a few days every couple years with me, and yet he listens well and picks up pretty fast. Monday, after a great breakfast in Cookies at Theodosia Marina Resort, we drove over to Buck Creek and launched the Champion into 54 degree water. I started looking for some smallmouth on flat gravel, and we found a few while Mat got the hang of casting a spinning rod again. I boated several on a Ned, he got a couple, and then the wind started picking up. I switched him to a 3.3 kietech, and also got him going with a spinnerbait on a casting rod. (Hint, the mid priced Lews reels with the multi function brakes work really well for novice fisher-persons. You can click an extra centrifugal brake on, and use a little magnetic brake as well, and really help them shorten the baitcasting learning curve) We started hitting windy points at the mouth of, and inside spawning coves, and I cranked up a few on a wart and got him a solid keeper LMB on a spinnerbait, ending the day with 25 or so fish in the boat, with Mat having caught 5, which was about the best bass fishing day he's ever had. Tuesday, it all broke loose. Bull flat turned on. Launching at Spring Creek, we starting with steady, but slow action catching smallies in the Oakland area on finesse stuff, until the wind kicked up, and then it was REALLY on. Mat went to work with his kietech and a jerkbait, and caught a 20" largemouth and a beautiful 19" smallmouth. Anything with wind had fish on it, and we lost count at around 45 bass in the boat, with at least 15 checked on the board keepers, plus 2 big crappie and a 19" Walter. Mat had about 15 fish, and was just excited as all get out. Wednesday we launched at Spring Creek again, with a water temp of 58, and cloudy skies. Overall the bite was slower, but we did get into some topwater fish, and the swimbait was still working fairly well. Ended at 3pm with 10 keeper LMB, and 2 keeper smallies and maybe 20 fish in the boat total, with Mat catching 6, including his first ever topwater fish on a smaller sized Whopper Plopper. Not sure why they didn't just rip it today with the clouds, water temps didn't go up as much, I didn't see the 60-62 I saw on Tuesday, but normally overcast beats sun on Bull for me even in cooler water. I saw more beds today, but didn't see a lot of fish on them. The water in the Oakland to Buck Creek area is extremely clear, so maybe I was spooking fish off beds before I got a visual. Anyway, I felt like I never really got dialed in today, something changed from the day before and I didn't make the right adjustmets, even though I tried a bunch of stuff. It would be hard to repeat a day like what we had yesterday, but I was expecting better with the overcast. You know fishing is good when 12 keepers feels like a letdown! Anyway, Bull is fishing VERY well right now, have fun, and PLEASE turn them loose so they can do their spawning deal and we can all have fish to catch in the future. Pics are from Tuesday.
  5. St. Louis boat and sports show. Maybe we can put a fake Starbucks there and get them all.
  6. Hey Bo, How about a 1/8, 3/16, 1/4 with something like a 2/0 grub and swimbait head? I really feel like the 4/0 is too big for the grubs and paddle tail swimmers In the sizes I use, but it's hard to find a quality head with a smaller but still good hook. Might really be a good seller with your weed guard design...
  7. I need to try some of Bo's 1/8oz heads. I've mostly been using the Zman Ned heads. I don't like the hook sizes in them for Neds, but they work great on Keitechs.
  8. I have already seen my fair share of bass cleaned on Bull Shoals this year as well. I know, it’s legal, and the conservation department sets a limit, but golly gee I wish folks would wait a couple weeks for the spawn to happen before they keep their limits of fish.
  9. Raingear and crankbaits are a match made in big fish heaven. I'd go ahead and get the boat wet. I bet it would be worth your while...
  10. mixermarkb


    Hey guys, Fished 9am to 4:30 today, put in at spring creek to a water temp of 51. I did a lot of running around this morning, checking spots here and there, heading in the general direction of Big Creek. Had a few shorts on a few different baits, then started catching keepers when the wind got going good on a wart and rock crawler, and also a few on a big swimbait. Windy points and swings, all the normal places. Ended with a pretty good day for the likes of me, 8 LMB keepers with a best 5 of prolly 16 pounds, with at least that many shorts, 2 keeper spots, and one 17" Walter. Water temps at the end of the day were 55-56. It's starting to turn on, a weekend of warm rains should really get things going!
  11. I don’t know, but I bet that coonskin jersey was AWESOME!
  12. Ham, I'm not sure why, but Norfork seems to warm a week or two faster than Bull. I could be on crack, but it always seems like stuff happens over there just a tic faster.
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