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  1. Have been on them around the island at masters the last couple weeks. Only been out 4 of those evenings, but they were there every evening I was....about an hour b4 sunset.
  2. Had water temps 52 to 54 in purvis area Tuesday.
  3. I had around 46 at 7 a.m at dam and 48 when taking the boat out at 3. warmest was 49 in dirtiest water around 2:30.
  4. On there yesterday....not chocolate but still heavy stain. About 1 ft visibility at dam and less than 1/2 from Wheatland to 83. Didn't venture elswhere.
  5. I appreciate all the information shared here. Much more than I was finding anywhere else. With 600 plus found so far, and no relief in sight until turnover, is the kill expected to continue but at a slower rate....or will it worsen? Is there any way to know the impact to the population from a percentage standpoint? I assume that would be an educated guess based on surveys....are we talking less than 1% impact, or double digit percentages?
  6. Read about it....but not any details...I am curious too....
  7. There was a young boy riding his go cart on a public road....rural, lightly traveled, but still public. Car topped a hill as he came off of a side road in the small valley below the hill and the car couldn't stop in time. He died at the scene. I can only imagine the pain for both the driver of the car and more so for the parents. The only charge filed was related to child endangerment....on the parents. This was in central arkansas, just down the road from my father's place, a road I have been on countless times in my life. I had seen the boy riding his go cart a number of times and always commented to my girls that I better never see them driving our cart or side by side off our property. Each time we pass the memorial in the ditch, it serves as a sharp reminder and reinforces my stance with my daughters to not allowing them to drive any of our toys on anything other than our property. Stay safe.
  8. That pdf is an interesting read....but I couldn't find the part about crappie spawn fishing. ;-) On a contributing note, I caught a limit last Thursday nite in 8 fow nearly 1/2 males and 1/2 females all look close but not yet spawned. Mid lake.
  9. While not on beaver, the spro bucktail is my goto bucktail on the arkansas river for stripers and hybrids on Greers. Very versatile lure. Those multiple possible presentations make the hair jig one of two lures I always have tied on when targeting the stripers and hybrids. The other is a spoon.
  10. champ203


    Not a bad morning this morning. First time back out since last report...found some bigger fish too. My fish were a little shallower than they have been. 35 +/- 3 feet today. Seemed to quit around 10:30ish again. All on spoon. 70 degree water.
  11. The bayou and piney are great, but this time of year i head towards ozark dam and fish the current if they are generating.....could catch a little of everything and there are some pigs up there of all species...target the jetties and swim a jig or crankbait the tips and current eddies.
  12. champ203


    Haven't been in a good school of surfacing activity yet...but have found a few huge schools of fish in the 40 to 45 foot range the last few days....catching 50 fish a morning, all on spoon....quality isn't there yet...I've only put 4 in the box in the last 3 trips, but a ton of fun. Ive also found 2 smaller schools of fish near the narrows that have a little better quality, but hard to stay on them...for me at least. Water was 74.5 this morning...and was 70.2 Sunday. ..need abother cool down.
  13. champ203


    Masters area has been pretty consistent. While not a lot of top activity last Thursday, the spoon bite was terrific.
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