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  1. Would have been in the freezer if I'd have caught it, but nice catch.
  2. dblades


    If it's not the ramp on H probably is.
  3. HIgh muddy and floaters but the fish might still be biting.
  4. Really, every one of them were full pool according to these graphs, in January http://tablerock.uslakes.info/Level/ http://beaver.uslakes.info/level.asp http://bullshoals.uslakes.info/Level/ I'm out. 😀
  5. A really wet winter and the lake has been within 2 foot of full. It's not like it rains every spring, and you'll need storage to prevent that downstream flooding you were talking about.. Failed I say.
  6. If they are still claiming flood control as the primary mission, I'd have to say they are failing miserably.
  7. Politicians sold the water to electric companies.....or the electric companies paid the politicians
  8. I fished Joe Bald picnic tables and out houses back during the flood of 1990 I think it was. On leave from Germany and had my brand new Tracker Pro V scratched and scraped by trees and other flooded objects. 👍
  9. Probably not much over 936...sure wish they still did winter drawdowns
  10. Nothing better than a good day fishing with your dad! On the other hand, looks like I made a serious mistake in where I fished yesterday. Lots of shorts, little shad activity. 👍
  11. They have no event permit from what I've read.
  12. I'd say by tomorrow or Wednesday night at the latest, I'll put a poll up. I checked the Corp site and nothing about closing yet.
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