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  1. dblades

    Night Outing- Big Indian

    You using the single blade on the spin jig or the double?
  2. I was out early put in at Shell Knob fished towards Eagle Rock. Whites and small spots were hitting TW over the channel by the island, killed some time chasing them. Must be a poor fisherman, could not find any on roll offs or flats. Ended up spooning and dropshot into deep docks to find any keepers.
  3. dblades

    fished till 2 last night

    Nice report Bo, to bad I can't stay awake past 9 any more.
  4. dblades

    Mid-Lake report: Variety

  5. dblades

    Indian Point area - 6/19/18

    Hell, I'm the youngster in my group and I'm an Social Security.
  6. dblades

    Flutter spoon set up

    I like a rod stiff enough the spoon doesn't flex the tip for the flutter spoons.
  7. dblades

    Ozark Anglers Challenge Thread

    Have phone will travel, I'm in as a judge.
  8. Probably steepandcheap.com they have a lot of Costa deals.
  9. dblades

    Bugle lips!

    Probably 20 years ago I caught a LARGE carp on a C-rigged lizard, on the James.
  10. dblades

    trip of the mighty minnow

    I believe, as I read the code , you can carry a fish around for a while but if you release it at a later time, it still counts toward your daily limit. It's not prohibited to release them at another spot in the same body of water.
  11. dblades


    Bears never left, they are just very elusive. First bear track I saw was 1963, in Schoolhouse Hollow on James River.
  12. dblades

    wheres dts5kprs????

    Hope he's doing well.
  13. dblades

    It's Beginning !

    You should have dropped a jig/swimbait to the bottom under those gar, I've caught some goodun's doing just that.
  14. dblades

    Retirement on the Rock

    I've been retired longer than I worked, barely have time to fish. Congratulations on the big event.
  15. dblades

    Holiday Island to Eagle Rock

    Don't know the color but the current should have them biting.

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