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  1. Is it just me or are a lot of fish getting humpbacked, seems so from the pictures, like the third fish.
  2. 1/4 ounce and a 3.5 tube is what I use 95% of the time I'm tube fishing.
  3. All the fry I saw the other day were bite size,
  4. They may have gone back to an old plan but didn't we have a couple of years of public input and such for a NEW plan going forward? Wasn't that why the moratorium was put in place, till the new plan was finalized. All short circuited by a supposed 800 emails to our "elected reps".
  5. I've caught some really good bass, fishing under gar. Caught two six pounders on back to back cast once, letting the bait go to the bottom under a mix of gar and white bass.
  6. I really don't think anyone is blaming the COE, for this one...pretty clear the politicians interfered with the COE.
  7. I think ol' Johnny has decided there is more money in golf than bass, but he may have a Nitro Wake boat in the offering for the first time boat buyer.
  8. Trouble is all those unsold dock's are too small for the boats that are headed our way, that's why they needed the moratorium lifted.
  9. I think all the cottonmouth in Missouri breed in the Flat Creek area, so they move down stream from there.
  10. Basically our elected representatives sold out to commercial interests and interfered with the Corps proposals for shoreline management, the way I understand it.
  11. Being flooded is a plus when it comes to launching at Campbell Point in my opinion..
  12. I saw a new sign in the plaza last week, was wondering about it, thanks..
  13. Got one on a twin tail grub, bass fishing yesterday, looking forward to catching a few this summer.
  14. I'm pretty sure it was the spring of 95, hadn't been retired long, was throwing a grub in Rock Creek around some flooded brush. Had a fish grab and start a fight, was sure I had a five pound bass on. Got it to the boat and it was a 2 1/2 lb bluegill, biggest I've ever seen.I really wish I had a picture of that fish, one of the ones that I'll always remember. So the chances of catching a really big gill in Table Rock aren't bad.
  15. Which one has the longer shaft? I'm thinking a big wood.