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  1. Must have been 40 Arkansas rigs parked at H ramp on Saturday, wondered if they were biting
  2. My boat isn't running and hasn't in several months, your welcome to fish with me again but as of now I can't guarantee anything. 



    1. Daryk Campbell Sr

      Daryk Campbell Sr

      Thank you.  I have accepted an open seat with Macsimus.   Hadn't heard from you, figured you had it filled.  Hopefully you can get it fixed and come down.  

    2. dblades


      Good deal, look forward to seeing everyone  again

  3. Pretty much the same as fluorocarbon,, don't treat it like mono and you'll have way less problems.
  4. I think I've only had my teams set for about three events, over the last two years so I'm out this year.
  5. Hard to hide in this neighborhood......
  6. It's all relative, I guess, LOL. I got to get back to Florida and 8 feet being Deep.
  7. dblades


    Having Faith is the hardest thing I know, Israel couldn't keep it. How we got here from a post about a launch ramp I'll never know.
  8. dblades


    Haven't you always been one of those guys? Blocking a public ramp for any purpose business or otherwise purposes is wrong, and you can't make it right.
  9. I need a "forecasted" high above freeing, to put the boat in the water. Call me a wimp I guess,
  10. My granddad always said he could smell copperheads, me I don't even try.
  11. Saw several Monarchs crossing last weekend
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