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  1. I"m in, will start looking for a couple nice salvage baits I can afford to part with. 😎
  2. dblades

    Bass Pro Tour

    I'm positive I haven't paid nearly enough attention to any of it to know what it is.
  3. dblades

    Bass Pro Tour

    Only 40 boats so it's a straight MLF event of some type..
  4. dblades

    Bass Pro Tour

    Where do you see that?
  5. dblades


    Mine have always been motor to transom, never tried the newer styles.
  6. dblades

    Tube baits

    I've had success dragging them on the deep gravel flats on Table Rock.
  7. dblades

    Bills Marine (Bill Long)

    I'm so glad got to visit and pray with him and Trixie last week in the hospital. He has certainly been a fixture in this area for a lot of years, I'll miss him.
  8. dblades

    Interesting listen on today’s Bass Talk Live

    That's just like your opinion, man....
  9. dblades

    Interesting listen on today’s Bass Talk Live

    From this weeks other fisheries biological news I learned there are 100 million sharks killed each year. That works out to about 270,000+ per day. That I find harder to believe than 35% bass mortality.
  10. dblades

    Megabass 110 +2

    I've already got a couple of jerks baits that cover that depth, think I'll save the bucks.
  11. dblades

    January 19th. Lake Report

    I've got a report of bear crap in my BILs pontoon boat. The same one that had the goose nest last year, not found till late spring
  12. dblades

    Ned Heads?

    I'm not sure you'd even need to glue it.
  13. dblades

    Ned Heads?

    I drug one of these heads up at LOZ. It was rigged with Elastec and I like to never got it off. It has the best keeper I've found on any head for the Zman stuff.
  14. dblades

    Megabass 110 help

    If I was only buying one it would be ITO Natural, then Elergy bone, finally a mat shad or ayu.
  15. dblades

    What's Going on Today?

    Furloughed Fed employees ?

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