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  1. FLW Costa

    There are beds in State Park Marina Cove, you can see them from the walk way going to the weigh-in site from the gas docks.
  2. Tough Day...

    Visited Baxter from about 11-4 managed a small limit of spots and largemouth on bottom baits. Most of my fish seemed to come off flatter ledge rock.
  3. Places to eat on the lake

    It's run by the folks from Flat Creek Resort now.
  4. Line Size?

    I'll agree you get more action and probably more bites out of lighter line but still am not convinced color/visibility is a actual factor. I have things I think 90% of the time it's not worth worrying about, line color is one.
  5. March 27-31 Report. Its on FIRE!!!

    Great report, you youngun's dun good, as we say round here.
  6. Merthiolate Worms... ?

    Probably throw Blue Pearl Hologram 90% of the time, have a dark and a loud color available.
  7. Merthiolate Worms... ?

    One of the few times color can make a difference for me. I thought I was catching them pretty good once on a swirled orange and pink combo, but when I changed to yellow the fish got bigger and a little more frequent.
  8. Big Bass Lure In The KVD Tournament?

    I guess I don't understand this thread. Fishing a Rock Crawler, in the Cape Fair area is a pretty normal tournament report, why the concern over lying or privacy?
  9. I have a pontoon docked in Mill Creek, please don't be abusing my pets.
  10. Big Girls

    Bodes well for the Big Bass Bash today.....nice fish
  11. Indian Creek

    Got a late start, didn't launch till almost 11:00. Put in at H in Indian Creek, planned to fish the reported crankbait pattern. Five minute in. Second stop, I call this "Big Rock" smallie when we pulled up. . Little later Then Finally Ended up with a limit+ , only a few non keepers. All on crankbaits fished on points and bluff ends near the mouth of Indian and Little Indian. All my fish were caught on a 7A Bomber in a crawdad pattern, in less than 15 feet . Off the Water at 4:00 PS. My partner Mike, would like to thank Daryk for leaving enough snack and drinks for the excursion
  12. St. Patricks report

    2 brown, both short, on secondary points, after I resorted to the little guy.
  13. St. Patricks report

    I fished the clear dam water and sucked at it.
  14. Boat Slips for sale?

    Seems like a good price, think I know that dock.
  15. Serious Note- OAF

    The man overboard incident I had during the OAF, I consider minor only because of the E-ladder. Without it, I might well have ended up in the water trying to retrieve my partner and I know you can hurt yourself getting in using the motor. I've had this ladder about three years but just installed it last week. Sometimes you get lucky, something to think about.

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