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  1. Mine too, grab a spoon out of the kitchen drawer and get to work.
  2. $850 will get you a used GPS/si/di unit in a 9 inch size, probably a HDS Gen 3 on BBC. That's only three generations back from current offering. However I'm sure the markup on new units is substantial for the manufacturer's and for the dealers they have MAP pricing, so they get their cut.
  3. dblades


    Anybody doing any catfishing? Doing any good?
  4. They may still be shallow right now, caught three last week that made us a batch of fish tacos. Real shallow and in one spot, I was fishing for bait actually. The better ones are usually out deeper, like top_dollar says.
  5. I think I'm glad technology has outpaced my income.
  6. Seems fairly accurate, if you adjust slightly for shorelines. Shows an accurate water line of my place in the back of Big Bay.
  7. If that is the case it's only about 6-8 inches to go and they are releasing 2800 cfs right now.. 693.59
  8. Just wait till they have to use that new spillway.....
  9. Found a Smoky Joe in a tree yesterday and in the calm it diggles. 👍 😀
  10. Looked good all the way to Viola yesterday afternoon, no mud yet. Did see a few floaters..
  11. I don't know if that unit has CHIRP but 83 Khz would be a wide(r) view in normal 2D sonar. You'll get more returns but they might be further away from the boat. I think my HDS units run 2d at either 200 or 50 KHZ.
  12. Fish probably wish we'd go back to schoolin'.
  13. Never had any Pro Guide battery last less than 5 years, some as long as 9.
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