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  1. An Outing on the Insane Upper End

    I really think getting the politicians involved is a waste of time. Guys it's PUBLIC water, they aren't going to outlaw any type of boat and it's a proven fact that you can't legislate common sense. Might as well just man up and learn to live with the popularity of our chosen waters.
  2. America the Beautiful COE pass

    It's a good deal for sure.
  3. no more fishing lessons

    A problem I'd love to have
  4. bass have really gone deep, lol

    Wish I could stay awake after dark. Nice report.
  5. Do I remember that you have a custom casting rod made for the Ned?

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. dblades


      Still not bad for $60, had original tags and doesn't appear to be repaired.

    3. rps


      St. Croix uses a very decent set of blanks. My top water rod is built on a St. Croix blank. I have built other rods using one of their handle kits.Like all mass produced rods (even Loomis) the guides are sometimes too large, heavy, or infrequent. Nonetheless, you can use them and ignore an occasional line rub unless you are nit picky like I have become.

    4. dblades


      I'll be able to ignore it right up to the point I think it cost me a fish. 

  6. Tandem Axle Trailer - Question

    You'll definitely need the dollies if you need to get it over that far, I'd think.
  7. Tandem Axle Trailer - Question

    I've lived two places that the eight foot doors were a bear to get the tandem lined up with, including where I currently store the boat. I usually back it in a little then push the rest of the way. Takes some getting used to BUT the tandem makes losing a tire a less traumatic experience, had that happen twice also.
  8. Bought a new set up- Buyers Remorse

    When I used to teach kids to cast, in the old kids casting events, I had them hold paper between their arm and their body. Keeps your arm in a casting position, and forces you to cast with your wrist more than your arm.
  9. Benefit Tourney

    I don't see how a five pound block of ice is a shock absorber, even if it does cool the water.
  10. Bought a new set up- Buyers Remorse

    Actually 40 lb braid handles better for me than the smaller stuff on a BC.
  11. COE Private Boat Dock regulation change

    Solar only just enough for the lifts, night lights and security system. The bluff trail isn't suitable for wheeled conveyances and 180 pounds of batteries for me would be a major effort. That's why only the pontoon stays there, not the fishing boat.
  12. COE Private Boat Dock regulation change

    The dock I use is at least a fifty yard hike, down the bluff, thru the woods, watch out for copperheads on the way. Carrying three trolling batteries at my age isn't an option, I'd like to attempt. What is piddly convenience for you might be a major effort for others around the lake.
  13. Here at last ...

    Doesn't even have any pole type anchors installed, they are really going cheap for an anniversary edition. I'd like all the bells and whistles on mine. Looks like I'll only have to shell out about 5 years worth of my military retirement too own this baby. On another note those consoles are the ugliest I've ever seen from that picture.
  14. COE Private Boat Dock regulation change

    Most of the ocean liner type boats have power generators onboard, so it shouldn't affect them as much as the smaller dock owners. The dock I use is already solar powered, but I don't keep the fishing boat there since I can't charge batteries.
  15. one last trip before leaving for icast

    Finally hung up or at least broke off my nu-jig, guess I'll have to buy another one. Thing was only two years old.

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