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  1. Did the timber/shallow cover in the upper end go first or has the whole lake aged about the same?
  2. You might need to ZOOM in on that map a little more . 😉
  3. Went with a buddy to check his boat out, launched at Bridgeport. No joy with the boat so we fished a couple of hours on the trolling motor. Managed three keepers, one on a Ned off the bridge piling, one on a jig from the rip rap by the bridge and a nice meanmouth of about three lbs out of a brush pile on a bluff end. Also caught a few crappie up to 15 inches around the mouth of Bears Den on a swimbait.
  4. I've found out that some really nice bass can be under those active gar. 😉
  5. Hope you enjoy the change, always find your post interesting.
  6. Yeah, not like it's Jeopardy or something.
  7. Probably hit Boyd Duckett's Ego, it has to be floating around out there somewhere. 🙂
  8. I like it when it's puke tube time for smallies. Good report.
  9. If you got good burgers at the Braum's Aurora, that's an even bigger surprise than a good day fishing.
  10. Those little dock crapper make a fine topwater, seen a few get ate getting too close to docks.
  11. Don't know but I'm tying a spinnerbait on.
  12. When did the fee's get high enough to keep you out? I know a lot of rif raf with money, so I don't think that's the answer..
  13. dblades


    South of Aurora a mile, TV is talking about a tornado and hail in town, it wasn't even raining or blowing at the house. Lots of lighting and rain later in the night maybe around 4 inches.
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