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  1. My granddad always said he could smell copperheads, me I don't even try.
  2. Saw several Monarchs crossing last weekend
  3. I've never had a rattler actually rattle at me and I've had a LOT of encounters when I lived and hunted in Arizona. Been face to face with a rattler while down on my hands and knees looking for dove and quail I shoot in the under brush, came within 6 inches of stepping down on a coiled one, climbing cliffs and they are on the shelf etc. I have heard a large Western diamondback rattler going off and they are amazingly loud.
  4. They lowered the entry fee's but increased the number of days you fish, waiting to see how the payouts are affected.
  5. 16 something won, with jigs in the James the pattern. Had to have a 10+ bag for a check , ten places paid 50 boats.
  6. Flat Creek has always had a few more cottonmouths than average but not enough to deter any recreation activities, There are snakes everywhere, I've seen fewer snakes this year than normal it seems to me.
  7. I'm pretty sure the original need/purpose was #1 flood control and #2 power generation, flood control has been placed in a secondary position.
  8. Winter draw downs used to work, before water was controlled by the power companies....
  9. Mike Webb used to offer training, don't know about now.
  10. I don't understand all the boulders being placed around all the ramps, and along the shore that just decreases the usable area without having boat damage at various water levels. Any one seen what they have done to the ramp on H?.
  11. Been going there for years and years...
  12. I have some parts the fit middle 90's EFI motors, let me know what you need.
  13. Hopefully people will be able to tell the bad apple didn't come from your barrel.
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