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  1. Roaring River- Table Rock Lake

    Be very careful at the mouth of Roaring River, lot of shallow humps in the area. I usually hit a few white bass when I'm in the area.
  2. Central Costa Series

    Anyone fishing this next year?
  3. Wounded Warrior tournament

    I'm fishing this tournament next weekend. Haven't been on Truman in at least ten years but prefished some this weekend without much success. I'd really hate to not catch at least a couple small ones when the warriors are fishing. Anyone want to throw me a bone at least on which arm is most productive right now?
  4. Water turn over in Table Rock

    I don't think it usually happens lake wide at once so you can find area not affected.
  5. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    "Then make sure you only eat fish you catch." Either me or someone I know. I'd also prefer my catfish out of the White River Arm, but that's just me. However I will say back in the 80's I had access to some pond raised, never frozen, catfish out of Mississippi that was some of the best I've ever tasted.
  6. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    I refuse to eat any fish from SW Asia.
  7. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    I'd think there are a lot of fish, with faster growth rates that would be more viable. I'd think at least two years to reach a marketable size.
  8. Friday report

    Got out for a short trip to Shell Knob this afternoon. Actually did better than I thought, considering they aren't drawing any water and no wind. Biggest fish was on the Ned, a 17 inch largemouth, halfway back in a creek. Only other keeper was a spot, caught popping a tube next to a dock on a gravel flat. Caught shorts on the Ned, a tube and a Dixie Jet spoon. Both keepers came at around 20 feet.
  9. sunglasses

    Don't be afraid to get the polycarbonate lenses in Costa's either. Glass lenses are nice but even the cheaper Costa's are well worth the price. A site called steep and cheap https://www.steepandcheap.com/rc/sunglasses-on-sale usually has Costa's at a good price. I'm a big fan of copper or copper-based lenses for all around fishing. In Solar Bats, Mossback is the lens you want. Either of those really make the fish pop. https://www.steepandcheap.com/costa-rooster-400g-sunglasses-polarized?skid=CDM009Z-WHLOS400GNMILE-ONESIZ&ti=UExQIFJ1bGUgQmFzZWQ6U3VuZ2xhc3NlcyBPbiBTYWxlOjE6NTo= https://www.steepandcheap.com/costa-straits-polarized-sunglasses-costa-580-polycarbonate-lens?skid=CDM3173-BLACOPS580P-ONESIZ&ti=UExQIFJ1bGUgQmFzZWQ6U3VuZ2xhc3NlcyBPbiBTYWxlOjE6MTo=
  10. True Pioneer and My Friend

    Only meet him a couple times but he was definitely a local legend and true gentleman, prayer sent for his family.
  11. Eagle Rock 8/27

    Got out yesterday afternoon a couple hours, only caught one keeper LM on a jig, had a few shorts. Mainly fished windy bluff banks with broken rock, worked the jig down to 20 feet or so. Fishing the lower Kings River area.
  12. Troubles at Mizzou

    Not necessarily, I know a guy that owes a massive student loan debt, in the 100's of thousands. Rather than get a job in his field where he'd have to make payments, he works a low level job making less money but gets to keep it all.
  13. Troubles at Mizzou

    I"m sorry but free speech has been only reserved for those that have the "proper" opinions .
  14. Eclipse

    I spent the totality pretty much in the middle of a soybean field, out in the boonies. Looking forward to the next one as I'll be a lot better prepared to get cool pics. Seen several partials but hadn't seen the corona before.
  15. An Outing on the Insane Upper End

    I really think getting the politicians involved is a waste of time. Guys it's PUBLIC water, they aren't going to outlaw any type of boat and it's a proven fact that you can't legislate common sense. Might as well just man up and learn to live with the popularity of our chosen waters.

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