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  1. Shad Kill

    I can confirm that dillos' are much tastier then possum, just a little harder to clean. Tastes like chicken.
  2. .........can you weigh iced fish??? Honest Quillback, the livewell must have drained and left the fish laying on the ice I had to keep them cool.
  3. Pig Sticker Jigs

    I remember seeing a big Spot Sticker sign somewhere when I was driving around a week or so ago. I wondered if they had moved or sold.
  4. No FLW fantasy love? It starts sooner.
  5. As long as it's not icy rods again I'll be there.
  6. OAF Get Together?

    Cool. Cheesemaster, you'd still only have to catch one fish, not one of each if that's what you were thinking.
  7. OAF Get Together?

    Any interest in making it a triple? One fish but each species gets it's own bragging rights largemouth, smallmouth or spotted/meanmouth bass?
  8. Ott DeFoe's river boat

    You may have a 14" minimum but they are running in 3" with a prop rig. Guess they didn't hear you say tunnel hulls suck at shallow running.
  9. Kim. City 12/29/17

    Looks smallie too me.
  10. Jerkbait setup

    Have two for jerks, 6'6" one with a shortened handle is a MLF actually a crankbait rod for Megabass and a MXF for most others, 10 lb sniper most of the time and occasionally 7 lb.
  11. Got a new boat.

    Now it's showing in the first post.
  12. Got a new boat.

    Don't know why you didn't get a blue one!
  13. Got a new boat.

    No there for me.
  14. YIPEE!!!

    That's why I put the IF in the post. I've already done much like you and have the internet on a separate line, that had a better sn ratio, set up by the tech.
  15. What are these called?

    They look more like the ones on e bay, the head to bill transition is more streamlined.

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