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  1. I haven't caught a fish with a rough tail yet including several smallies. I've seen beds but the ones with fish around them are almost too deep to effectively fish for me.
  2. I should mention the bottom bite is EXTREMELY light, if you get just a peck and slack line, better reel and set the hook.
  3. Made a late decision to go today. Didn't get on the water till around 9:30, off around 4. Fished the same baits as last week but with better results. Ended the day with 8 keeps, 4 smallmouth and four spots. All just solid keepers but no big fish. GP Structure bug on the wobble head caught 4, one spot and 3 smallies. GP Tube caught the largest smallmouth (17+") and a spotted bass. Didn't get into Mr Babler's big Crappie but picked up two more spotted bass on a jerkbait. Most bites were still in 5-15 foot and almost all my fish were males. Have pics I'll try to load later.
  4. Got out yesterday. Had a slow start, expected to have a few bites on cranks or spinnerbaits but didn't work out. Missed a short topwater bite in the early AM according to another boater. Finally started getting a few on a four inch GP tube and a structure bug on a wobble head. Only three keepers, but a lot of smaller fish mostly spots. two smallmouth around 16 inches and a largemouth around 17 inches One keeper smallmouth on a Roostertail, the rest on a tube . Most bites were in 5-15 feet.
  5. Time to get out there for sure, nice fish and report.
  6. Still running a 2011 dated pro guide 27M180 as one of my trolling batteries.
  7. Worst part of the whole day was when my phone suddenly posted the pictures I took a year ago, March 23, 2018. Had a bag that included a smallmouth over 5, and caught a limit in an hour, within site of the ramp I used. Looking forward to next year and thanks to all that help make this event special.
  8. I was showing 52/53 up Kings river later yesterday afternoon.
  9. It's that Diesel engine that sticks mine, front tires sink and no weight in the back it won't pull itself out, maybe I need that dead Evinrude.
  10. Two Chevies, at least they start, unlike most Fords.
  11. Well got the batteries straightened out, got the bad lower unit replaced and re-install. Now the problem is getting the boat in and out of the garage, with all the soft ground. My truck is stuck in the yard, without the trailer attached, and I have to be able to turn around, before the boat goes back into the garage. May be looking for a short term storage, if I want to get any prefishing done for the OAF next weekend. Oh my four wheel drive truck is stuck in the field behind the house as well.
  12. It's getting to night time temps staying above 50, has always been a good time for me.
  13. dblades


    They don't show a lead marine battery other than 24s/27s on the web site. PM me a price on the 31 if you don't' mind. They do have commercial 31 series still available.
  14. dblades


    Thanks but their website provide NO information about there products and their Contact Us email doesn't work, Guess they are off the list..
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