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  1. dblades

    Spinnerbait Rod

    So which is it. My absolute favorite SB/BB rod was a 7 foot MMF rod paired with straight braid. Can't remember ever losing a fish on that rod, they ate the baits extremely well. Unfortunately it was a custom blank no longer available.
  2. dblades

    Bass Pro Tour Changing Tournament Fishing Forever

    I suspect that only half the field will fish and the other half will be the officials, then change places for the next event/day/session.
  3. dblades


    Set your Sonar to Unicorn Mode..😀
  4. dblades

    Kings River

    Have a spare already, been stranded before. Just not looking forward to changing it.
  5. dblades

    Kings River

    Made a short trip Wednesday afternoon. Not much to report, caught a few small ones on a square bill around wood. Couple of hits on a plastic worm, caught one keeper on a swimbait counting it down. Would have fished a little harder but I've been nursing a lower unit and I think it's time to swap it out. Has a little strange noise at low speed, still working but the lower plug has a lot of shaving, no chunks yet but you can see the metal flakes in the oil. Was a steady line of boats headed to Shell Knob for the Wednesday nighter.
  6. dblades

    James River boundaries

    I use the ramp at Walnut Spring as my personal dividing line between the two.
  7. dblades


    I had a GF like that, didn't know the answer but was sure you were wrong. Makes for a hard relationship.
  8. dblades


    You have the answers, enlighten us.
  9. dblades


    Why don't you enlighten us?
  10. dblades


    Some people just like to be contrary it seems. If I had a pea size brains to start with, you start taking oxygen away and it will slow all responses. Eventually ( it doesn't take long) if the oxygen stays low you pass out and die. They had a really hard time waking me once when an aircraft had a pressure leak. This isn't the first or last DO caused fish kill on TR. If you've been watching the generation schedule they haven't been running much water either in or out of the lake, so I can see there being low DO pockets forming. My first college course was taught by a limnology major, a lake isn't like a glass of water with everything consistent.
  11. dblades

    FOUND!!! rods and reels

    It's a poor carpenter that blames his tools....
  12. dblades

    Biggest Bass Caught On Table Rock?

    My personal Lake Record is 9lb 7 ounce, (April 1994) which is better than my lake record for Fork, Toho, Rodman, Toledo Bend, Kentucky, St Johns River, Kissimee, etc.
  13. dblades

    Missouri school start?

    Today in Verona, I think.
  14. dblades

    yep, still biting

    Nice report as usual, I may try to get out one evening next week, if I can get the old truck running.
  15. dblades

    Night Outing- Big Indian

    You using the single blade on the spin jig or the double?

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