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Phil Lilley

2019 Taneyfest

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Thought I'd go ahead and start a topic for both the Jigfest and Taneyfest.  I've heard they did real good on the White today.  Hopefully everybody has a great time on both waters.

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We started around 930 tonight after an awesome meal provided by @grizwilson and @Terrierman

Good times and great company with them all and Phil.

We hit the water up by the cable and it was game on with the jerk baits.  Slow retrieve with some twitch.  They are just crushing the baits and had some good jumps too.

Hooked 6 landed 4, Brandon and Geno about the same.  Brandon had a solid brownie already and I had one decent bow. The sculpin Doty is on fire tonight.  B and Geno are throwing same lure in a rainbow pattern.

Heading up between 2 and 3 now...  Beautiful night out here tonight!  







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So since we are starting early tomorrow, and since it dropped into the 20's, and since Geno decided to go diving like a porpoise into the frigid waters at night we have called it a bit earlier than we normally would.  :)

Those big rocks will get ya, but he's ok.  At least he kept his head outta the water but everything else went in lol.  Looked like a wounded dolphin out there...

He kept fishing and toughed it out just long enough though to land a big beautiful rainbow in full spawn colors.

Magnificent fish, a real dandy in the skinny water drop off past rebar.  Came on same jerkbait as earlier.

Off to a great start, can't wait for another great day tomorrow!



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Hopefully your reels didn't get soaked by a big wave and freeze up right off the bat this morning like during the CAM tourney. :P Tear em up boys!

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Hats off to Geno for being a true tough guy, kept at it and was rewarded!!!!  Based off past experience (and I do this on a semi-regular basis!) I would be headed to a warm shower after a Dec swim down there!

Good stuff, keep the pictures coming!!


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So fishing was pretty tough for me at least today.  I headed out with griz in the morning,. Brandon and Geno went with Duane.

Ham got down mid morning and John and Daryk followed a bit later.

We partnered back up and Phil took Brandon and I up lake.

We threw jigs and I threw a jerk for a little bit.  We picked up fish here and there, and I had to give Brandon some trouble to get him going, but he finally started catching them and quickly passed me up.

No Giants, but the bows were really pretty.

I did catch 2 dock violaters fishing behind the docks.  Shady characters that were catching a bunch of walleye bait in the rocks. :)

Duane's out back now frying up a mess of fish and we got some baked beans in the oven.

Gonna fuel up for tonight's wading adventure.  Daryk is gonna join us as a first timer.

Not a whole lotta pictures... Hands were cold today.  I know the other guys will be around shortly to post some up.

Awesome day in the water, again with some great company and friends!




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