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minimum size boat for Taneycomo

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The only concern I would have would is 6hp enough to get to back upstream in the event the water was to come on?

Low generation or no generation I would think you would be fine and the farther you get from the dam the easier higher generation would be. 

I think down around the landing to say lilleys/cooper creek you wouldn't have any issue at full generation. 

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Heck I watched people running up the White River in 28k CFS this weekend with 9.9’s! I think you will be ok either way. Water will be a lot slower the further down you go. Four units in the Fall Creek or Short Creek area is a lot faster than it is down around the Landing.

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Sounds like a fine rig for Taney. I assume the 6 HP can get you on the water safely. I've got a 17' BassCat Phelix that I've taken on Taney multiple times without issue, lower and upper. The motor is an old Johnson 8 HP blazing along at 5-7 mph. 

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