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  1. That is about as good a tip I'll ever get for this pond, thanks
  2. I'm guessing spinnerbait crankbait jig is the deal with the water color? I would imagine crappie jigs and minnows is what most of these bass see.
  3. Where would you guys dump the boat in if you were going to Mark Twain? I was thinking Ray Behrens because its by the Dam and might have some water that isn't quite as dirty. That might be a pipe dream though.
  4. Me and a buddy were just talking the other day about going up there last week in May or first of June. I don't know of anyone that goes anymore either. It seems like a catfish lake from what I hear. The crappie were good at one time but its like it got fished out and never bounced back. Every once in a while you will hear about some bass being caught but its rare. It has turned into a mudhole from what I understand. If we go I'll report what I see or hopefully catch.
  5. Boy, you two guys didn't look like you were having any fun at all.
  6. Very good report. I may be in kimberling in a week . There are clues I can use thanks .
  7. I saw a couple pics of 2 ton dumpsters that were filled after one of these deals. I believe they turn the fish into fertilizer and some might go to pig farms.
  8. I've heard stories about Tommy Biffle and Martin being real A holes on the water, but that's with money on the line so I get it in a sense. For me its the off the water stuff that makes you wanna walk the other way. I really miss the old Big 8 basketball with Roy Williams, Billy Tubbs, and Norm. That was a lot of fun!
  9. I for one would really like to know what the guides said about Jimmy. Dance wore a Volunteer hat and Orlando wore a Braves hat. I think Orlando was on TBS which might explain the Braves hat. Ted Turner owned TBS and the Braves for that matter.
  10. I remember back in the day I would hear stories about certain shows using scuba divers. They would attach fish to the lure under the water and it was fish on for the "star of the show". It was the only way they could make a show to sell product.
  11. I know someone had to see Jimmy Houston and Roland fishing together on Houston's outdoor show this last week. First off holy cow what a school they ran into! A school of 4-5 pounders showed itself and it was pretty dang cool. Old Jimmy has the key to these private lakes in Oklahoma, he seems to be on one every other show. The graphic said southern Oklahoma and he mentioned a town called Heavener I think, where his crankbait is made. I found it on google maps. Anyone familiar with that area?
  12. That's 8 for almost 24#. Three pound average is pretty darn good if you ask me. How deep where you keeping the boat in?
  13. Are they using a release boat for this or letting them go at the marina?
  14. Is that’s a bass tournament no thanks. If it’s a poker run I’ll need at least a straight flush .
  15. That last one is a pig too. That is one hell of a day!
  16. The dog barked loudly! Gonzaga was clearly hungover from that game on Saturday night.
  17. So you can start anywhere but all fish are to be weighed down in Long Creek? Is trailering of fish allowed? Seems like Kimberling to the dam is where this deal will happen from a logistics point of view.
  18. I'm aware of the matchups, I was just doing a little foreshadowing for the final. It boggles my mind how UCLA made it this far. I will most likely be on the dog Monday
  19. Bull is a slice of heaven. The quieter the better if you ask me.
  20. Is that for 5 fish or 6?
  21. I'm going to guess Zags will be 5.5 over Baylor and 9 over Houston in the final. A lot of that will be how these teams look on Saturday of course.
  22. I agree on Timme. His little act on throwing his arms up after a basket is silly. I guess he can enjoy it while it lasts because he will get eaten alive in the NBA, if he is lucky enough to make a team. I was surprised how bad Michigan played against UCLA. They had favorable matchups all over the court and Wagner was off big time. Houston has a shot at Baylor. They play D and hit the boards. It was a pretty forgettable weekend of hoops for me.
  23. There are lots of similarities between hoops and fishing. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose . 😏
  24. Well against my better judgement I’m going with the Hogs. I got 8 points is a big reason. They might have a little bit of an advantage in height on the perimeter to guard the 3 ball. We will find out here shortly . Go razorbacks
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