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  1. Excellent, thanks for the report!!!
  2. Same here... 90 HP does the trick... They don't mind the noise. Back 60 to 80' behind boat.
  3. Crappie?? We get the occasional while trolling eyes... Nice ones. But maybe one or two a day...
  4. We got 29 wb in hour and half on flats... They are still boiling the water in am and pm... We trolled blades.
  5. Hey its not my lake... But if a guy is on a troll it's a bit rude to come bb on it from a considerable distance. It's not as if they didn't pull up and see me fishing this stretch for an hour... But I guess the only way they can find them is to...
  6. Excellent and thanks for the report!!!
  7. Trolled flicker shad and had doubles 4 times (just me in boat) 17 eyes, 3 green carp and one pig of a catfish that fought like a wet dishrag (aka walleye fight). This in 2.5 hours. Only one 17" keeper... So let it live to fight another day. Once the bottom bouncers saw I was catching eyes on a 150 - 200 foot troll 5 of them were kind enough to hog in and prevent further trolling... They were at least 1/4 mile away. It was fun though that while trolling between them (for 20 mins till it became impossible) in the area I had been fishing alone for two hours they caught nothing w
  8. Man that's a nice one... That'll be a fish fry all on its own...
  9. Dark purple Wally Diver when it was overcast... Shiney silver and purple Flicker Shad... We were trolling 2.5 to 3.22 I almost broke a rod tonight... Turning in 36 foot of water and BAM rod bends almost to the boat and my line breaks at a knot I was too lazy to cut out... Whatever it was had to be huge. There was no timber where I was at...
  10. Over the two days picked up 6 keepers and numerous (20 a day or so) sub legal. All of the smalls were 12 to 14.5". Lots of boats. No big fish... Biggest was 17" They were a bit moody from the storms I think. Most if not all were caught trolling in 18 to 25 fow. Could not find numbers on the flats. Tried bouncing the above depth and they would not touch them... Wanted trolled a bit fast. Anyone else care to share some non-location specifics? Also got to meet T-Byrd and his dad... Good folks. No fish pics... But a nice sunset this evening.
  11. Think I saw you out there... Green Crestliner... Was fun
  12. Great day on the water indeed... Yup a guide or good sharing buddy saves years of trial and error. With walleye, you have to understand their seasonal and unlike many other fish, their daily habits.
  13. Spot on the spot... Main lake flats adjacent to deep water... No fish shallow... All came from 16'... Not 14', not 18'... But 16'. They were also biting extremely light, previously they were jerking the rod out of your hand. All from bouncers after finding with cranks.
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