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    Learned to fish on Bull Shoals, Taneycomo, and Table Rock. Now, because of living in Kansas City, I mostly bass fish Truman and upper Lake of the Ozarks....and some smaller lakes in the Kansas City area. I get down to Table Rock 4-5 times a year. Really enjoy getting my 6 year old son on the water at sunrise for a good top water bite, then a little dropshot (video game fishing), some "fast" boat driving (50 mph), then back to the cabin for some outdoor fun. Absolutely love Table Rock, and hope to one day have a little place on the lake.

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  1. Where does a fella find the 5 inch Nicholes craw? I like the look of it.
  2. Caught these way up flat creek many years ago on my favorite wiggle wart. The initial bite was the little guy…..the big one saw his opportunity and took it!
  3. Very sad to hear this. Prayers for his family and those that were close to him. Always enjoyed his posts.
  4. Headed to the lake tomorrow. Staying for a week….dam area. Keeping the boat in a slip and want to take bare minimum stuff so I can bring it back to the room every night. Targeting all 3 species of bass. Will be fishing pre-dawn mornings, and probably not past 10-1100 AM. Any suggestions on things to add to a “day box” that I can easily carry to and from the boat? Favorite topwaters, Ned, Keitechs, FB jigs, Dixie jets, dropshot stuff…. anything else I should add? I hate to leave the boat in a slip but just have to this time. I leave it almost completely empty with the lockers unlocked. Graphs are removed. I came down one morning and someone had tried to remove my motor guide tour…..🤦🏻‍♂️ Thanks, and good luck.
  5. I’m a St Croix fan. Don’t know where you’re located, but Rogers Sporting Goods in Liberty Mo (Kansas City area) has a lot in stock. I use Avids for all my trout stuff, but have been thinking of adding a rod specific for crappie as well. Lilley’s Landing makes a great rod as an alternative. Tremendous value. You might consider checking them out as well.
  6. Thanks for the report. Can’t wait to spend a week there next month. great pics....I’m curious about the black pedals on the starboard side of your front deck. I recognize a couple as being for your shallow water anchors, but wonder about the other set of pedals with the yellow sticker on top. thanks again....wonderful report.
  7. -9 here in KC this AM. Rolling power outages. 🥶
  8. Caught one 35 pounds on a crappie jig, ultralight and 6lb line below Lake Perry in the 80’s. I was just a kid and that was the fight of my life. Also caught huge long nosed gar that jumped like sailfish, and a stringer of 4 walleye weighing over 40 lbs. I dreamed of that spillway most nights. Great memories with my dad. On TR, I’ve caught a couple around 5 pounds or so on a jig or Ned rig. Speaking of oddball catches while fishing for bass, I’ve caught 2 musky out of LOZ in the Warsaw area throwing a squarebill and a spinnerbait around docks. Didn’t weigh them, but they were big (to me) probably over 15 lbs a piece.
  9. Good point, dadakota. It is generally advised to avoid premedication with these drugs in anticipation of having symptoms. If you have symptoms after the vaccination has been given, it is acceptable to use the medications to control symptoms. If someone has concerning symptoms after the shot, I’d advise them to check with their doctor. But know that these expected symptoms are mostly mild and don’t last long.
  10. I’ve practiced anesthesia in the Kansas City area for 20 years. I teach the KU student nurse anesthetists. The reaction to the vaccine that was described in a previous post is more typical of the second shot, not the first. As expected, the second shot is sometimes causing 24-36 hours of low grade fever and body aches. Everyone is reacting differently, but I’d say about 75% of my colleagues have had short term symptoms like these after the second shot. Your body is primed to mount a more vigorous immune response by the time you receive the second vaccine. These symptoms are, typically, improved with Tylenol and ibuprofen. They were for me. Hospitals here in the Kansas City area are very much feeling the strain of Covid 19. Some hospitals are limiting the number of elective surgical cases, especially those that would require overnight stay in the hospital, because of lack of beds and lack of staff. Covid 19 is highly unpredictable. I see many cases where a person is young and healthy and becomes very ill (prolonged hospitalization, ICU, ventilator, prolonged PT, rehab). The statistic that 99% of those infected survive is, I’m sure, true. But, just not dying, is not the outcome I’m trying to achieve. For me, the choice was easy. I took the vaccine on the first day and completed the second round a week ago. I hope that the vaccine becomes available to all of you soon. I hope you consider taking it. I enjoy all you guys on here. Please be careful.
  11. I also have a daiwa BG 1500. It is a solid reel. I bought it based on all the great reviews I found online. I think it was a good purchase and an excellent value. I find myself reaching for the fuego lt 1000 when trout fishing due to the significantly reduced weight and more finesse feel overall when paired with a light/ultralight rod. I have read some criticism of the fuego with regard to the body flexing. I can see where that may be an issue when fighting larger fish, but it has never been an issue for me catching trout up to 20 inches on 2lb line. If that’s a concern, I seriously doubt the BG would flex at all....it’s a tough reel. There’s no way I need another spinning reel, but if I was putting together a dream setup with a custom rod....I’d be looking hard at the tatula. I hope you get something put together that is just right for you. A lot of good choices out there.
  12. I have a patriarch that is more than a few years old. It’s at the very back of my rotation as it’s just not as smooth as my shimano and daiwa reels. It is very light weight. I have a stradic fk that is buttery smooth although a bit heavier than some of the composite bodied reels available now. It’s still one of my absolute favorite reels. If I were looking for a new spinner that is a little higher end I’d start with the stradic fl or the daiwa tatula lt. The daiwa stuff is just fantastic. For a budget choice, look to the daiwa fuego lt. I’ve got two and they are very smooth reels, magsealed, and can be found well under 100$ on line. Good luck.
  13. Appreciate all the detailed info regarding your setup, Bill. Question.....do you ever fish the pink worm shallower than 7’6”.....does the small swivel fit through the carrot float....or do you need to shorten the leader for that? I like the idea of the carrot float. It seems like it would be less likely to damage the line compared to the weighted “clip on” style float. I use the clip one all the time but I’ve always been a little concerned about it damaging that delicate line. Is there a specific size float you prefer? Is the small pink worm heavy enough to cause the float to stand up, or does it lay on its side? I appreciate everyone’s input on refining this fun technique. thanks
  14. Simply awesome. Well done sir...you deserve it!
  15. We used these gammy 6/8 circle hooks about a month ago with my 11 year old son drifting the pink worm on a drift rig. We threaded the worm 1/3- almost half the way up the line and had the hook point coming out about the middle of the worm. Between us we caught about 15 fish in 2 drifts from cooper creek to monkey island and all were hooked in the corner of the mouth. We were using a light action rod with a very soft tip and let the fish just keep biting until they hooked themselves. Lots of fun and no gut hooked fish.
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