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Big Piney Report - My Best Day


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Before you get to excited, my best day is probably a normal day for most of you.  I went out with one of the regulars here.  We caught quite a few fish on a great Spring day.  We tried a little of everything, but slow and on the bottom was what they really wanted.  Here were some of my personal achievements - hey quit laughing.  

1.  First trip in a jet boat... I see why there is a love hate relationship.  2. Largest smallie, most smallie, largest goggle eye, most goggle eye.  3.  Caught fish on my homemade lure.  4.  Didn't get one on the fly.  5.  I also caught the biggest limb of the day.  

Best part of the day was learning a ton about the differences between river and pond fish.  I hope/will use this on some future trips this year.  



Mikes Smallie 1.jpg

Mikes Smallie 2.jpg

Smallie 1.jpg

Smallie 2.jpg

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3 minutes ago, Al Agnew said:

I'm pretty sure the smallies were on the bottom because Greasy's shorts hurt their eyes.

Don't care who you are funny.  He might have to take back the nice things he said about you.  

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28 minutes ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

Cam somebody please turn those shorts off?  They're killing my eyes.:lol:

I always wear a white Ascot tied to my neck when fishing, When they swim up to take a look, they get their ascot.

"Honor is a man's gift to himself" Rob Roy McGregor

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