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finally caught a few

merc1997 Bo

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ended up with 6 keepers, and the mix was 3 lmg and 3 brownies.  depth from the bank to 20 ft.  great pattern right?  bites was where you found it.  bait of the day was a 1/8 CrappieJig with a piece of Elaztec on it.

i actually did have one bite on a jerk bait, but did not hook it.  we also had 6 or 8 shorts.


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Dang, things are so bad that even Bo is throwing a Ned. :lol:

Thanks for letting us know how you did. Gotta get better in the not-too-distant future. January in the Ozarks is just a dud of a month. Too cold to golf most days and if you CAN get out and fish, the silly things don't usually want to bite. 


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