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Speaking of TRL Fishing Tournaments . . .

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. . . here's an email I recently sent to the HP, MDC & Corps:

Subject: Fwd: Boat Courtesy
The last few weeks the tournament fishing pressure on Table Rock Lake has been totally unacceptable.  I'm not the only lake resident that feels this way, but we're sick and tired of inconsiderate morons charging around in their 250 HP bass boats, disrespecting those of us who live here, so they can tease and jerk spawning bass off their beds.
There should be a moratorium on tournament fishing during spawning season, just like there are hunting seasons set for the same reason, and just like on Ozark Streams.
Here's an email I sent to one of the tournament groups.  Like with anything else, if they can't show respect, they should not be allowed to use the lake.  Abuse it and lose it.
-----Original Message-----
To: info <info@midwestfishtournaments.com>
Sent: Sat, May 5, 2018 6:04 pm
Subject: Boat Courtesy
There's a lot of fishing going on today, so this might not have been one of your boats, but it would still be a good message to share with your members.
I was fishing on our dock this afternoon a little after 1:00 when a fairly-obvious tournament boat came flying in past the no-wake buoy, and put a huge wake on my dock (actually six docks total).  When they settled in, past the next dock, I yelled, "Hey guys, show a little respect."  The driver said, "I suppose that buoy's for the whole lake."  I said, "No, just the six docks you put your wake on.  Boats have been fishing back here all day, and you're the only one that's done that.  Just show some respect . . .  not much to ask."
I went to the next dock to look at their #s, and clean my fish.  Kinda figures, they didn't have contrasting numbers, they were dark on dark, so I couldn't read them, even see what the state was, from about 50 yards.  I was tempted to come in to the weigh-in, because those unreadable #s would have been easy to pick out.
Of course, you can guess how they left the cove . . . same way they came in . . . and they were heading back toward the bridge.


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One thing that helps to keep in mind is that even though all these tournament guys try to look "professional", they are  98% amateurs.  So by demanding them to act professional is simply asking too mu

😉 Regulations happen when people won't regulate themselves.  I could come out and put a nasty wake on tournament fisherpeople, but that doesn't solve the problem, which is . . . inconsideration a

We're getting more and more wake and bigger boats on Taney.  On Taney, we can't get away from any boat that uses our part of the lake... they all come by here and offer their big wakes.  Even when the

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Please make note of these reminders so you are part of the solution and not part of the problem: Operate your boat at idle speed, or when you are safely able to do so, operate on plane. Do not continuously plow unless absolutely necessary. Boats that cause excessive wakes should always operate in the middle of the lake to allow their boat wake time and distance to lose energy. Plowing within cove locations is discouraged, unless safety or water sport activities require you to do so. Water sport activities requiring excessive boat wakes should be reserved for areas of our lakes where the danger to boaters, damage to docks, or significant shoreline erosion is limited. Cruiser and houseboat owners and operators are a significant and important part of our boating communities, but these boat owners and operators require heightened awareness of the wake they are causing. Remember to be courteous. If you were in a small boat attempting to navigate your boat wake, or you owned a dock that has to survive your boat wake, would you be operating in the same manner? Treat other boaters and property owners as you would want to be treated. Causing harm to another person or their property with an excessive boat wake may subject you to enforcement action or civil liability.
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Regulations happen when people won't regulate themselves.  I could come out and put a nasty wake on tournament fisherpeople, but that doesn't solve the problem, which is . . . inconsideration and disrespect.  (yeah, I realize that is in vogue right now)


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All tourney anglers don't fit the stereotype you have described.  There are bad apples all over the boating/fishing population as well as folks that live on the lake.  Common courtesy just doesn't seem to be important with a lot of people today.  Being respectful and considerate of others and their property is not a high priority in this age of do what I want and immediate gratification.  What a shame.      

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