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Big one that didn't get away


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Went bass fishing and caught this guy on a jigging spoon in 20 fow. Stick measures 22 inches and it went another 8 to 10  inches past that.  I'm guessing somewhere around 20lbs. because when I lifted it to release it to live another day it was heavy. Water temps around 79. I caught 8 bass on a spinner and the spoon with 3 keepers. The second pic i took was just in case I didn't get it to the boat. 



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I had a spoon on a rod with 10lb line on it, my net was in my rod box, the handle to my net had a slight crack and a bend in it. The handle broke in half lifting it resulting in me putting my hand in its mouth to get it in the boat. Battery was dead in my scale to weigh it. That's why it deserved to be let go. After losing at least 5 other big ones over the years that i never saw I was pretty happy to boat this one. 

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they are truly the top of the foodchain



The world angling record flathead catfish was caught May 14, 1998, from Elk City Reservoir, Kansas, and weighed 123 lb 9 oz (56.0 kg),



MONKEYS? what monkeys?

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