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Jan 12 - Big M area


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They were biting the Ned today.  Don't know why, but they were up in 10-20 FOW and just about everywhere I stopped to fish, except gravel.  I caught 27, 8 keepers.  Dragging the Ned on a 1/8 oz head on the bottom.

I thought that maybe the dads were up shallow and the bass were after them, but I only saw one with antennas waving out from it's gullet.  But I didn't check a lot of fish either.  Didn't see many shad, so I don't know what was going on.

Maybe the fish think it is March, because that is what it fished like today.

Wind started blowing about 10 AM, and it made it tough for me to detect bites and get good hook sets.  Would've been nice to have spot lock, would've caught some more.

Mostly main channel fish, found one good bank on an entrance to a cove.

Left at 1230, they were still biting, but the wind was making me crazy trying to fish the Ned.

Tried some cranking and a bit of jerking, but not one bite on the treble hook stuff.

Never saw another boat until I left, then saw one fishing a bank and a kayak in the Big M cove.  There were three rigs parked at Big M.


Kind of a dark pic for some reason, but a pretty little smallmouth.


This one has his winter spots on:



Fat spot, this is the time of year when they get fat and healthy:


Meanmouth (I think):


Best one of the day:




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