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  1. ZigJigman

    Jigfest 2018!

    I’ll be over Thursday night too and leave Sunday. I’ll bring my boat as well. Sorry for not replying earlier. Been super busy and went RON itah yo fish the Green River a couple days last week.
  2. ZigJigman

    North Platte River, WY

    I have fished the section from North of Casper all the way into Casper. That may be south of where you are. We fished that stretch for 3.5 days and those fish hammered the Zig Jigs!! We caught a ton of really nice rainbows that fought like a bull dozer.
  3. That’s used to be the case years ago but many of them are running jets now. I’ve been running a jet since about 2001 and would never go go back to a prop motor. I fish the White and Norfork.
  4. ZigJigman

    G Loomis SR720 wanted

    I have a couple of SR781. They are the 6’6” one piece if you’re interested. Let me know.
  5. ZigJigman

    Let Me tell you a Fish Story

    Great story and an even greater fish!! Good job Ham!!!
  6. ZigJigman

    Turner Jones micro jigs

    I do not sell just the heads. I have enough inventory to keep up with as it is.
  7. ZigJigman

    Turner Jones micro jigs

    I sell micro jigs in size 1/64, 1/80 and 1/124 oz on my website for Zig Jigs. www.zigjig.com We use better hooks than you normally see in these micro jigs.
  8. ZigJigman

    Lake Ann 3/31/18

    Did you see anyone catching any crappie?
  9. ZigJigman

    Official Jigfest #4 thread

    I can tell you the fishing has been great on the White on low water down below Reds Landing!!!
  10. ZigJigman

    Official Jigfest #4 thread

    I’ll have extra jigs to sell with me. Gig my motor fixed and tested today so I’m good to go!!
  11. ZigJigman

    Official Jigfest #4 thread

    I’ll be glad to pitch in for oil for the fish fry or charcoal or anything else. I’ll bring extra jigs and rods for anyone that needs to purchase some like last year. Already have two rods spoken for. Looking foward to seeing everyone.
  12. ZigJigman

    Official Jigfest #4 thread

    I am late to the thread but I hope I am there on Thursday evening. Had motor trouble at the end of the day Sunday down around Monkey Island. Parts are supposed to be in tomorrow and ready to take to the lake and test about 1:00.
  13. ZigJigman

    White River brown trout

    I'm not sure what they think that ginger jig is, but they smack it!!! The guides on the Green River in Utah got me tying it for them and I have caught fish on them everywhere I've ever fished them and many larger fish too!!!
  14. ZigJigman

    White River brown trout

    Here's a pic of a nice 24" brown trout caught on the White River by one of my Zig Jig customers on Friday. Charlie Cowie was using a 1/8 oz ginger Zig Jig!!! Congrats on a nice fish!!!
  15. ZigJigman

    new spinning reel

    That kind of thinking will catch you more fish too!!

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