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  1. Yes sir, I’ll be there Thursday night
  2. I’ll bring my boat and fish Friday and Saturday for sure. We’ll see about Sunday.
  3. I’ll bring enough bream fillets to have some for appetizers!!!
  4. I’ll y’all to Bret and we’ll make sure we have enough fish!!
  5. Do we have a final head count Jeff??? Trying to figure out bream fillets?
  6. No pics. I had to only choose one kind of guide. If I changed one item in the rod I had to make another 60 piece minimum order. I picked guides between the micro guides and the regular guides. They cast and fished great.
  7. The prototypes fished great!!
  8. New ones are supposed to be in next week but I won’t know until they actually get here. It would be nice to pick them up while I’m over there.
  9. Let me know what you want so I can bring them with me.
  10. I remember making a jig delivery to you guys at the Wildcat boat ramp!
  11. Caught one the year before bigger than this one but we couldn’t get it in my boat.
  12. This one was over 10 and 20 lbs too. That’s a 36 inch ruler lying next to it. Caught it while I was bream fishing with 6 lb line and a number 6 long shank bream hook and a cricket.
  13. I will have jigs with me as usual. Anybody that wants anything special or wants to put an order together, I can bring those too.
  14. I’ll be there for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and will have my boat. So are we cooking fish on Friday night so Bret will be there? I can bring bream fillets again.
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