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  1. ZigJigman

    February Jigfest?

    I’m in.
  2. ZigJigman

    Jigfest food thread!

    How many of each one of these above do you want?
  3. ZigJigman

    Jigfest 2018!

    Remind me again what you want and I’ll be glad to?
  4. ZigJigman

    Jigfest 2018!

    I’m out for the weekend guys. Every vehicle I have has been in the body shop this year and I’m tired of dealing with them and insurance companies. Please let me know what I owe for Riley’s. Eric I am driving over early Friday morning and dropping my boat off north of Yellville at Topwater. I banged it around on low water the last time I was over and Lowell is going to fix it since I won’t need it for about a month. Please send me your cell so I can give you a buzz. I hope I’m in Flippin by 9:30-9:45. I’ve got to go to Mtn home too. I’ll get your jigs pulled and let you know how much it is.
  5. ZigJigman

    Jigfest 2018!

    I am in for option 2. Eric if you’re coming over anyway I may try and get you your jigs on Friday morning early. I need to take my boat to north Yellville anyway. Just watching the weather and they’re calling for 8 inches of snow in Mtn Home area.
  6. ZigJigman

    Jigfest food thread!

    I’ll still bring some bream fillets too. We can getting a better head count late tomorrow I’m guessing.
  7. ZigJigman

    Jigfest food thread!

    Will do. I hope we all get to make it!!
  8. ZigJigman

    Jigfest food thread!

    Will do. The white/olive only come in HD? Do you want any of the other colors in HD too?
  9. ZigJigman

    Jigfest food thread!

    Check on my website and it will show the colors in the 3/16 and 1/4 oz HD jigs and then let me know for sure. I do have black/red.
  10. ZigJigman

    Jigfest food thread!

    I’ll bring some 1/32 too! I think we’ll have some low water!!!
  11. ZigJigman

    Jigfest food thread!

    What colors in those sizes and I’ll bring them?
  12. ZigJigman

    Jigfest food thread!

    The olive/ginger have a gold head not chrome. I’ll bring some of those and the chrome wire/gray.
  13. ZigJigman

    Jigfest food thread!

    Hey guys, just thought I would check and see if anybody needs me to bring jigs or rods. I’ll probab bring the basic best colors in 1/16 and 1/8 as usual and a few rods. If anyone wants anything special or larger or smaller jigs, please let me know.
  14. ZigJigman

    Thanksgiving Visit.

    The catch and release area below Bull shoals dam is closed until Feb 1.
  15. ZigJigman

    Winchester Model 70

    How old is this gun?

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