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  1. The Green River in Utah from my trip in October. I’m not sure hit to get these to be right side up. I threw in a few faith pics too!!
  2. I have the last two days there booked for Tarpon fishing!
  3. I hope everyone made it home ok, especially Seth and DJ heading north. I saw a Seth’s pic of the road!! it was another great Jigfest and again, it was great getting to visit and fish with friends and Zig Jig customers. Cost got stuck fishing with me on the White on Friday. I’ve never been in the river that high and we struggled to catch 4 fish, 2 each. Jeff and I fished together on Saturday and we had a better day in the first 10 minutes!!! I’m like Jeff, I don’t normally count fish. Most of the time it’s to much work. We caught a bunch of really nice rainbows and at least 6-7 cutties, several were really nice. We saw Seth and his crew and also Bret and his crew in the river. Everyone was catching fish!!! Great morning and then about noon the technical difficulties started. I broke a trolling motor prop and Hams motor quit right about the time they got to where we were on the river. We managed to get Ham off the river safely and that was great. I bought two new trolling motor props today at Bass Pro in Rogers!! The food was great as usual!!! Big thanks to Eric for the pulled pork on Thursday . Thanks too Rick for the back strap and eggs on Friday morning!! really good!!! I think everyone enjoyed the fish fry on Friday night. Rick came through again with great chili and dos for Saturday night!!! i am truly blessed to have such great customers who have turned into great friends and fishing buddies too. Thank you!!! hers a pic of that 18” rainbow Jeff was talking about. It had a weird thing happening with its spine. I caught about a 10” about 30 minutes later that had the same deal. Any thoughts on the cause. Eric said he thought the electro shocking when the do sampling might have caused it???
  4. Yes sir, I’ll be there Thursday night
  5. I’ll bring my boat and fish Friday and Saturday for sure. We’ll see about Sunday.
  6. I’ll bring enough bream fillets to have some for appetizers!!!
  7. I’ll y’all to Bret and we’ll make sure we have enough fish!!
  8. Do we have a final head count Jeff??? Trying to figure out bream fillets?
  9. No pics. I had to only choose one kind of guide. If I changed one item in the rod I had to make another 60 piece minimum order. I picked guides between the micro guides and the regular guides. They cast and fished great.
  10. The prototypes fished great!!
  11. New ones are supposed to be in next week but I won’t know until they actually get here. It would be nice to pick them up while I’m over there.
  12. Let me know what you want so I can bring them with me.
  13. I remember making a jig delivery to you guys at the Wildcat boat ramp!
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