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  1. ZigJigman

    Nice Redears

    You can see some in www.zigjig.com i make them in 1/64, 1/80 and 1/124 oz.
  2. Congrats to Gerry and I hope that big fish makes it back into the river. He caught it on a 1/16 oz black/brown Zig Jig!!!
  3. Yep and a nice trout scene on the back too.
  4. I printed those shirts for Lowell. Those are nice shirts!
  5. Me and a buddy fished some I’ve the Memorial Day weekend. Put in at Wildcat on Saturday afternoon and ran up to Sportsman’s and fished out way back in a couple hours. Put in at Cotter the next morning and fished to down below Roundhouse Shoals in about 3 and a half hours and then put in at Rim on Monday morning for about 3 and a half hours or so. We caught a bunch of fish but the moss was an issue on every cast. Sometimes there would be so much on the first drop you just had to reel in and pull it off.
  6. Has the moss problem cleared up any?
  7. I have been wearing gloves for 3-4 years now. Patagonia makes some nice light weight ones and I have found the Fish Monkey brand too. I have 2 pair of the fish monkey and like them a lot. The fingers on them and the Patagonia are the right length for me. I don’t want any material above my knuckle on the middle of my fingers. Orvis makes some zip neck long sleeve Dri lease shirts that are very lightweight and soft. They have an extended collar as well as thumb holes. I wear a buff with those and that takes care of up top. Then use sunscreen on legs and feet.
  8. https://www.fieldandstream.com/20-best-trout-lures I hope this link works. I am not the most tech savvy person. I would like to thank all my friends, guides and customers who fish my Zig Jigs. We like have never made it to Number 8 in this list without all of you!!! Tight Lines and good fishing!!! I can get back to some serious fishing after yesterday mornings turkey hunt in Nebraska!!!
  9. Connie’s in Bull Shoals used to have a great breakfast too!!!
  10. The 178 Club in the town of Bull Shoals, right across the dam, has great food too.
  11. I have both up river and down and it’s no fun either way. I was on the Norfork testing some jigs one day, by myself, and they turned the water off. I was in the C&R and stayed too long.About half way down the last shoal above the handicap access one of my fly fishing guide friends and a client were walking in and helped me. Very rough on the bottom of a fiberglass boat! And me! The other time was in December after Christmas down at Monkey Island. Got in there fine but water was dropping and there wasn’t any other boats around. Again by myself. Not over a gravel bar but pulling it up river in shallow water. Finally got it far enough to jump in and crank the motor. I bought two pair of hip boots after that trip and keep them in my trout boat to this day!!
  12. The Missouri River by Craig, MT is a great fishery. I fished it for two days, in the middle of a 14 day out West swing about 15 years ago. I can’t give you any fly advybut can tell you that they pounded Zig Jigs for 2 days!!
  13. I had an Ulterra, same reason you are looking at Phil. In the White River, as you know, the depth changes can be quick and often. You can be fishing along and all of a sudden it get shallow and you need the trolling motor out of the water quick. The Ulterra doesn’t do it quick enough. Also, I had a lot of problems with the plastic gears inside the raising/lowering/ turning mechanism. They can’t take very much abuse and they strip. I had to have mine fixed three times, luckily under warranty. As soon as the warranty was out I sold it and got an Ultrex. They have a rope that you can pulll up with lift assist and it’s out of the water now!! The spot lock and the jig feature are great!! Customer service with Minn Kota was great too.
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