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  1. Fly fishing in a cypress swamp

    Thank you. Yeah the refuge is pretty great. Tons of fish and not many people.
  2. You wouldn't be surprised to learn I've never seen another person fly fishing in Felsenthal NWR. I'm sure someone does but I've never seen it. Part of the fun is getting around the obstacles but the other part is you never know what will eat...
  3. Utah Cuttslam

    That's a trip I hope to do soon. A buddy did it last summer but I wasn't able to join them...wish I had.
  4. Bass Fishing trip

    Short video from 2 trips last week. One was frustrating but the other was pretty fun...
  5. Here's a short video on Time Remapping and a chance to win a $200 giftcard.
  6. Take a kid fly fishing

    Yeah he's been asking me since sat if I had the video done yet. It was a fun time for sure.
  7. Take a kid fly fishing

    Took a break from my tutorial series to take a friends son fly fishing for the first time. Seriously wasn't expecting to film much...but he picked it up really fast. And since he recently purchased his first action camera and started his own YT channel, I thought it would be cool to teach him the video side also. It was truly a fun afternoon.
  8. Part 2 in my video editing tips

    Thank you, they say it's not work when you like what you're doing...right!?
  9. This short video (2:30min) talks/shows how I build transitions (not using the ones in a program). I use these techniques for all my videos, I make edits for my family and friends also and this really helps create a seamless transition between 2 clips.
  10. sunglasses

    I keep a lanyard on mine also but the plastic over the ear keeps breaking. Probably b/c I take it off when I'm not on the water. I run in mine and don't like the feeling of the lanyard bouncing on my neck.
  11. sunglasses

    Costa for several years now. On my 3rd pair b/c I keep dropping them in the water. My cousin likes his wileyx and they are certified safety glasses b/c of the collision/impact resistance. Your employer might pay for or help with these since they are work safety related. Others in my family like them bc they ride motorcycles and need the eye protection also
  12. Had my knee scoped last week. Can't stand in my kayak and fly fish so I decided to take my conventional gear and make a video that answers the question I get asked the most. How do I get all those angles and shots from my kayak? What I use, how I use them and my techniques. Here ya go....
  13. For all the carp fans out there...

    Yeah anything fast paced like dirt bike racing would be way easier to get the footage. Basically, I record every minute and change the view several times. But the editing is what I really enjoy. Gives me a chance to put my own touch to the footage. Deciding on the music, the transitions and what not just makes looking through the footage easier. Most of these videos are 10-12 hours of footage chopped down to 2 mins. I'm still learning and find I watch more YT tutorials on camera stuff now than fishing. However, I don't sacrifice any fishing time. Just record everything!
  14. Published on Aug 28, 2017 Lots of sun and no wind made for a fun day of sneaking up and throwing dry flies to grass carp. I've heard other people say that the grassies they catch don't fight hard. The ones I catch fight like tanks. Check out the giant cannon ball sized splash when one decides to get gone fast.

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