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  1. Plastic_worm

    Ozark smallie edit

    Some fish are made for the long rod. (I was out fished by the guys with the spinning gear...but I appreciate each eat way more...imo anyway, lol)
  2. Plastic_worm

    Ozark smallie edit

    Glad to inspire you. I hope to get back and do the wilderness float on the buffalo in the Fall...but who knows. So this might have been the only smallie trip for me this year.
  3. Plastic_worm

    Ozark smallie edit

    Just got home from a family camping trip. Took my uncle and BnL out for a day on my favorite stream.
  4. Plastic_worm

    Christmas Island

    Man that looks like a killer time.
  5. Got home from the Bahamas just in time to get on a great bite. Fun edit that's not too serious.
  6. Plastic_worm

    Grand Bahama trip

    That sounds like a life changing trip. We stayed on the West End b/c some of the guys wanted to do more off-shore fishing. I'd like to see the east end if, fingers crossed, I get to return.
  7. Plastic_worm

    Grand Bahama trip

    No I threw it back. Don't keep many fish, other than some redfish on occasion.
  8. Plastic_worm

    Grand Bahama trip

    Just returned from a trip to Old Bahama Bay on Grand Bahama. Weather wasn't idea for kayak fly fishing but we still had a great trip. https://looknfishy.blogspot.com/2018/05/maybe-bonefish.html
  9. Plastic_worm

    Devils River

    In my opinion yes it's worth it. Like others have said, there are other rivers that are just as remote and scenic, like the John Day but I'm not sure how anyone picks one over the other...I would like to float all of them. What I can say about the Devils compared to AR/MO is...you won't see jets or props on it, hardly any people besides those that are out for the experience like you, no drunk tubers or a canoe hatch like we can get in the summer, no bridges or other man made structures. Yes, the property owners are serious but I've had worse encounters on AR creeks. The ones we saw (we saw more of them than floaters) just reminded us where there property began and ended. We were also warned that the river is regularly patrolled by the Texas Wildlife officers. The permit makes it easy for them to track you and they do keep an eye on you. The shuttle driver warned us they float the river at night and have access to private property. Honestly, I appreciate that the state is doing its part to hold floaters accountable. I saw no fire rings, trash, graffiti...the river was pristine and I believe the remoteness and hassle keeps it that way. However, the fishing is on the down side from what I was told. Too many people keeping fish rather than bringing food. The state has put in place a CNR of all smallies. Also, you only need a permit if you use the state access (SNA's). There is a property in the river now that is shuttling floaters to Bakers crossing and letting them float to his property at Blue Sage. ...since he/you aren't using the state owned property you don't need a permit. I can see where this is going to become an issue if you want truly remote. In the late Spring and Fall I was warned the river is getting more traffic b/c of this. But it's a 25 mile float that probably requires 5 or more days...so still not a weekend trip. Your est cost was correct. The who cares b&b was 50/night. Which isn't bad since you probably need a place to leave vehicles and stay the night before and when you get off the river. It's more of a bunk house. So don't expect a private room. But, it was part of the experience for me. All in all, it's claimed to be the most pristine and scenic river in Texas so for sure other rivers are just as scenic. It's just a different experience than what we have here but one I truly cherished. PM me if you have any specific questions I'll help any way I can Drew
  10. Plastic_worm

    Orvis Guide Rendezvous

    Can't believe I was invited to attend the OGR in Asheville, NC. Had an absolute blast and can not wait to, hopefully, get invited back next year. Short blog post from the trip. It was nearly perfect weather wise until the day we fished then the crazy front brought rain, sleet and snow. Still had fun. https://looknfishy.blogspot.com/2018/04/orvis-guide-rendezvous-2018.html
  11. Keeping with the what gear did I use, here's a review of the sleeping bag I picked up before the trip. It's got a sleeve that holds your sleeping pad in place...great for sleeping in a hammock.
  12. Plastic_worm

    Gear review

    Some asked for a review of the gear I used on the 310 mile St Johns River trip. Here's a quick run down on the GNARBOX. This was the first piece of gear I picked up and I used it everyday to back-up my photographs and video. It was really easy to use and something I'll take on all my trips.
  13. Plastic_worm

    St Johns River video

    Here's is the first video from the trip.
  14. Plastic_worm

    The Off Season - empty ramps and lots of bass

    Yep, glad I wasn't too subtle, lol!
  15. I like making short and quick videos that don't take an hour to watch. Here's a day of fishing in a minute...no filler! You can check out more on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/looknfishy/

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