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  1. Keeping with the what gear did I use, here's a review of the sleeping bag I picked up before the trip. It's got a sleeve that holds your sleeping pad in place...great for sleeping in a hammock.
  2. Gear review

    Some asked for a review of the gear I used on the 310 mile St Johns River trip. Here's a quick run down on the GNARBOX. This was the first piece of gear I picked up and I used it everyday to back-up my photographs and video. It was really easy to use and something I'll take on all my trips.
  3. St Johns River video

    Here's is the first video from the trip.
  4. The Off Season - empty ramps and lots of bass

    Yep, glad I wasn't too subtle, lol!
  5. I like making short and quick videos that don't take an hour to watch. Here's a day of fishing in a minute...no filler! You can check out more on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/looknfishy/
  6. 310 mile kayaking trip - THE END

    Thanks everyone. I had fun trying to document everything as I saw it.
  7. Here's one of my favorite shots from my trip.
  8. 310 mile kayaking trip - THE END

    Maybe not the entire river again but certain sections, absolutely. We had to pass up so many great looking places that I know had great fishing. Some you could spend a week fishing and not fish the same spot twice.
  9. The last part with some fish! We were there during the American shad run so I had my 6wt with me (but I only brought 6 flies lol). Hooked 2 but both spit the hook but I did manage a few hybrids. https://looknfishy.blogspot.com/2018/02/st-johns-river-story-final.html
  10. Here is part 2. https://looknfishy.blogspot.com/2018/02/st-johns-river-story-part-2.html
  11. 310 mile kayaking trip

    One is in the works!
  12. 310 mile kayaking trip

    Yeah it pretty much sucked for everyone in FL during that time.
  13. 310 mile kayaking trip

    Yeah, covering 15-20 miles each day in a loaded kayak left little time to fish. Good thing I went for the adventure and brought more camera gear than fishing gear. However, there were a few days we left the fish biting...that's the hardest but you can't hang out when you have 10 miles to a shelter.
  14. 310 mile kayaking trip

    Spent the month of January kayaking the entire St Johns River (310 miles) in Florida. We started in central FL south of Orlando and made our way north eventually ending at Huguenot park outside of Jacksonville, FL. I need to do more expeditions in the future, I t was a blast. Fishing wasn't great (massive cold front and Hurricane Irma put a hurting on the area) but I did catch my first alligator gar. Part 1 here: https://looknfishy.blogspot.com/2018...ry-part-1.html
  15. The Fall bite has been really good. I've seen two giant bass caught (check my FB page for pics) but I was starting to get bored with the normal routine. At the last minute, I decided to put the conventional gear away and grab the fly rod. Went searching for my favorite local fresh water fish not expecting to find any this late in the year. I was wrong. https://www.facebook.com/looknfishy/

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