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  1. Redfish trip

    It's funny you mention that. I use to work on Hilton Head and agree it's a cool place to kayak and fish. My oldest daughter was born in Savannah. We decided to move home and closer to family the year she was born. We always have plans of hitting the low country but the drive keeps us closer to AR..
  2. Redfish trip

    Took the family for a little vacation and some fishing. Man I really love that area. Can see myself living there. https://looknfishy.blogspot.com/2017/08/vacajuning-in-grand-isle-la.html
  3. Published on Mar 24, 2017 The naturally tranquil environment of the marsh changes to anarchy when you fool a redfish into eating. Their unpredictable behavior will have you scrambling to keep up. It's madness in the marsh and it's addicting.
  4. Published on Jul 14, 2017 They make us crazy but we can't stop fly fishing for grass carp. They are a blast to catch on dry flies. Link in comments to a step-by-step grass carp fly that I've had a lot of success using.
  5. I took it that way also. Even if you don't want more people fishing, I think we can all agree we need more people protecting our resources. IMO the best way to do that is help them see the value in the outdoors. So...my question is, who's going to do it if our kids don't? Children today have so much potential and the ability to reach way more people than I did growing up because of technology. They will be influenced by someone...I just want to try to have an impact on the decisions they ultimately make.
  6. It's up to the parents but remember they may not be into hunting or fishing. However, you can still include them. Mine don't fish even though I've spent hours trying to build it into them. But they do like camping and kayaking....so that's what we do. This summer my oldest has gotten into photography (no seriously) but she's been using my camera, asking questions and getting involved. Here we are on the Buffalo River in June and near our house a day or 2 each week. Take them outside and they'll find something they enjoy doing outdoors.
  7. New video - different diection

    Thank you. Yeah, the fly is pretty much the least important part of it. I've taken out several guys, including a week ago trying to get content for this video and it didn't work out.
  8. New video - different diection

    I can understand that. If I lived closer to trout or redfish if be making those videos. But in South AR it's the best thing going fly fishing wise anyway.
  9. New video - different diection

    I can see why that's the life!
  10. New video - different diection

    Thank you. Peacocks are really high on my list. Everyone I know whos caught one says they fight hard plus they are willingness to eat a fly.
  11. New video - different diection

    Thank you. It's worth it to me!!
  12. Decided to go a new direction with my latest video. Some of you guys mentioned wanting to hear dialogue so here you go. Also included a short shot of the fly I was using for those that wonder about it. Still learning and trying to get better so any feedback is appreciated...I'm listening!
  13. Nah not really but a 6 wt would take forever to land a red. You're not going to hurt the fish population in a half day so have fun. A charter is the way to go if you have limited time. You're going to have so much fun. Can't wait to hear about it!
  14. Got the chance to get my hands on the new Angler Pro from Bending Branches and test it for a month. They'll make the announcement during icast this week but here's a peek at the new improved angler pro....and they're dropping the price. Improved and cheaper...doesn't happen often. https://looknfishy.blogspot.com/2017/07/review-new-bending-branches-angler-pro.html
  15. Also, the carp fishing in the canals is great. If I only had a few hours I'd probably do it. Uptown Angler in NO is the place to head for all the info.

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