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  1. Thank you. Yeah, SWCO has been one of he coolest places I've been. It's great that it's not really near any major cities...keeps the pressure down (my thoughts anyway). Can't wait to go back!
  2. I grew up bass fishing and figured plastic worm would be a fitting name when I joined a few forums years ago. However, it really doesn't fit anymore but it's part of my history so I won't change it. Avatar...I love redfish.
  3. Here's the write-up with lots of pictures from the trip. http://looknfishy.blogspot.com/2018/08/fly-fishing-southwest-colorado-conejos.html
  4. I was curious about that myself. Were you ever near Antonito any. We weren't far from there and sadly, spent 2 afternoons at the local tire shop.
  5. Thank you. I'm in agreement. I would have spent the entire week chasing them if I wasn't with 3 other dudes.
  6. Just got home from one of the best trips ever. Spent a week throwing attractor dry (some with droppers) and wet wading...not something we get to do much here in Arkansas.
  7. Reminded me of this story from last May... https://www.canoekayak.com/news/kayaker-confuses-rattlesnake-for-alligator-grabs-it-anyway/
  8. So I've been to the Iowa side a few times but never the WI side. My family and I were road tripping through the area. They flew home and left me for 3 days. Aside form the black flies it was super fun. https://looknfishy.blogspot.com/2018/07/fly-fishing-wisconsin-driftless.html
  9. Decided after much request, to make a tying video. They aren't as easy as they appear...for me anyway. Anyway, here's a pattern that I use for the shallowest of carp. Made almost entirely of foam so it lands softly but stays on top.
  10. Some fish are made for the long rod. (I was out fished by the guys with the spinning gear...but I appreciate each eat way more...imo anyway, lol)
  11. Glad to inspire you. I hope to get back and do the wilderness float on the buffalo in the Fall...but who knows. So this might have been the only smallie trip for me this year.
  12. Just got home from a family camping trip. Took my uncle and BnL out for a day on my favorite stream.
  13. Got home from the Bahamas just in time to get on a great bite. Fun edit that's not too serious.
  14. That sounds like a life changing trip. We stayed on the West End b/c some of the guys wanted to do more off-shore fishing. I'd like to see the east end if, fingers crossed, I get to return.
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