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Is There Nothing That Can Be Done??

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FWIW- The press release I saw on facebook which was probably simplified to general terms for the masses said:

Up to 15,000 CFS (based on their webpage only shows about 12,000 cfs or 80% of what they posted they could/would release).

about a foot per day (which the only real day it ran without rainfall was the 27th where it dropped between 6 and 8 inches just spit-balling the graph).

Releases are weather dependent (looks like they shut something down because the tail water elevation came down over 4 ft. today)

BTW it takes a whole lot more water to get rid of 1ft. of elevation @ 1127 than it does @ 1120 so they probably threw out a rough average of total CFS to get to 1120 divided by total estimated time they would release to give an idea. 

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There is no earthly way to know that releasing a certain amount of water will lower the lake level a certain amount.  It's only a rough guess. 

Along with raising water levels comes soil saturation.  And there's no way for anyone to know or calculate how much saturation has taken place lake-wide.  If you drop a lake 1ft. then the water from the saturated soil is going to go where?   You guessed it. 😊  And that's going to raise lake level how much?   No possible way to know.

It's all just guessing.  This isn't a leak proof bucket of water they are dealing with.  

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4 hours ago, GENTLE said:

Dude, calm down, just stating the obvious,  maybe everything an engineer says or does isn't always correct. 

I’m saying the reference was inappropriate. Arm chair quarterbacks are everywhere including your assertion. 

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