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sorry to bother with another question.

I've looked and looked.  if my boat hase a capacity of 5 can i on occasion carry six?  ticket?


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Yes, and yes again you can get cited, and most probably will.   With the Hwy Patrol now our law enforcement  and a strictly go by the book attitude regardless of the situation, you need to carry no more in weight per person or capacity per person than is stated on your hull capacity plate.

If no lifejackets are visible or a multitude of other possible violations, they have just cause  to stop you and check.   The capacity plate also tells your max motor size along with weight restrictions and it is more than wise to follow them to the letter.

Overloading is not only dangerous but it is just a great way to be noticed and then be stopped.  Don't take the chance.  You  want to take more peeps, than 5 think about a pontoon or a bit bigger boat.

Good Luck

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They won't weigh ya, but they durn sure will count everyone.  Especially if you have a huge number.  Speaking of pontoons, when I was on the WP we always watched for persons in front of the cage on the front deck and also if the pontoon was taking water over the front in the waves. Distribute the weight of our peeps so the boat rides level with a bow up posture and make sure you have your pfd's out and not in the box.  This is a great time of the year to go over them and make sure that they are in good shape along with your other safety equipment.  Have a safe season.

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