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My first hybrid


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I caught this hybrid out of a tributary of the Meramec in STL county. It was 23.5 " and weighed 5.75 lbs on my scale. Lost three other fish that I think were hybrids as well when hooks pulled out after having them on for a few minutes. Caught several chunky bass around 15", two were smallmouth/spot hybrids and a few small white bass. I was using 6lb. test swimming Keitech swim baits and hair jigs. Those hybrids sure can pull. I'm hooked on them now . IMG_0452.JPGIMG_0450.JPGIMG_0454.JPG

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Broken lines... it's a Hybrid.


I would normally agree with that statement but the body shape is a little longer with less height from belly to dorsal...maybe just not fat enough yet. I'm probably wrong

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I went back today and caught four more. Three were 3-5 lbs. and caught a giant that was 8-10 lbs. Had it in my hand and was scrambling up the concrete when it shook hard and I dropped it.  Tried to chase it down and in the process fell and cut up both knees and one hand. Touched it one more time before it swam off. Released the other two and had to keep the smallest one that went belly up when I tried to release it. I would have had the big one mounted, hope I catch him/her again. Three were caught on a whopper plopper topwater. Only missed one today. Sure is fun when the take it off the top. I caught some nice bass too.

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