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I probably should have put this in the Hybrid Talk thread :)


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126.jpgWater temps in the 30's.....air temp in the 20's.....little bit of ice build up on the water.

I couldn't take sitting in the office any longer so I went to my honey hole.

One bite and it was a good one.

I didn't have my hawg trough with me but this thing was 18 to 20 inches for sure and chunk city....she was 4lbs all day long probably 4+.

Hybrid or not???....I think so but, I wanted your guys opinion. 

No selfie shot as I have been getting trouble for those recently.





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11 hours ago, Deadstream said:

Nice fish whatever it is.  I do recognize that tree behind you.  The pasture in the background gives it away...

hahahaha.....you mean the subdivision???.... there ain't no pasture behind the fish, just a big olde subdivision and a dry weather creek :)


    my honey hole is right under the noses of hundreds of people and get's fished all the time but, I don't think many are catching what we do out of there

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