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OA One Bass Tourney keepsake


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Cleaned the truck interior today.  I have a fold down middle seat up front and underneath the seat is this little slide out tray like deal, I slide it out to clean it and there lies a.........Hot Dog!  Seeing the charred exterior of the dog, I knew that it came from the OA tourney cookout, so it had been in the truck for 2 months.  Never smelt a thing.  Needless to say the dog was dried out like a stick.  Neighbors dog was lying on their driveway, the evil person in me wanted to toss that dog to it, but I decided not to do it.

No idea how that hot dog got where it did.



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2 hours ago, fishinwrench said:

I have an idea.   

Make that the traveling trophy.  👍

Love that idea!


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8 hours ago, Quillback said:

Could've gone underneath one of the front seats, I didn't look there.

            Must of really been petrified to not have that bird dog of yours pointing at your truck! 🤣

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This was many moons ago ... back in the early 90s when Donna and I first started dating. It was cold winter time. We got in my truck one day and when she reached under the passenger seat for something she'd dropped, she came out with a freeze-dried keeper crappie. I had been crappie fishing several weeks before with a buddy in his boat and had taken home a dozen or so to eat. Didn't have an ice chest with me so I put my half of the haul in a couple of Walmart sacks and laid them in the passenger floorboard, and obviously one got away. Like Quillback's hot dog, there was no odor, presumably because of the cold weather.



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