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Langara Bound

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At long last, the day has arrived. I’m waiting at the Little Rock airport waiting to fly over to Dallas and then on to Vancouver. Fairly late arrival in Vancouver and a resulting Short night.

we will be up and at em pretty early tomorrow with a plane ride from Vancouver to Graham Island (Masset). From there, a short helicopter ride to the house boat at Langara Island. After Lunch and our briefing, I’ll be heading out solo into the North Pacific. I will of course be trying to do too much, too many ways. Job One is to not die. I’m hoping for at least 3 Lifers, 5 Flyfers, and a minimum of 10 species caught. I’m hoping to bring home Silver Salmon, King Salmon, Lingcod, and Pacific Halibut. I have several days to fish and some information from local experts is available. As far as I know right now, I’ll be fishing solo the entire trip which is suboptimal, but it is what it is. 
I believe that I have WiFi there and that I will be able post daily updates with pics for Pete. 
Follow along for the massive Highs and Lows of me trying to catch everything that swims in the North Pacific.


Every Saint has a past, every Sinner has a future. On Instagram @hamneedstofish

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1 hour ago, Quillback said:

Very nice!  If you're lucky there will be a "heat wave" meaning the temps might get up into the 70's.  

It usually isn’t cooler than 55 nor warmer than 65. Rains every day. You might see the sun for a little bit sometime during the trip. As long as the wind doesn’t blow 20 plus, I’m good with whatever. 

Every Saint has a past, every Sinner has a future. On Instagram @hamneedstofish

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I got to LR in plenty of time got thru TSA ok. I actually had a slender person sitting next to me on the Flight to Dallas. In The air less than an hour8F1B1EAF-EF87-4CA1-9DB2-196F97666A39.jpegthe flat hellish landscape that is Dallas.

I had this huge layover. Like 5 hours. I had checked and I was departing gate D4. 
i stopped at an Information kiosk and checked dining options. I roamed for a bit, and decided to go Smashburger. Yummy. 
I roamed C terminal, B terminal, and D terminal. Wanted to get my steps in. Later I grabbed a chocolate shake. 
I kept an eye on time and headed to D4 a couple hours early. Read up on potential outlier fish. Studied possible fly techniques. Did a little Duolingo. It starts to get closer to time and more folks roll in. Normal.

I get an alert on my phone. “Your flight is boarding”. I heard nothing behind me and no one moved. I thought they system jumped the gun. I gave it a couple on minutes. And checked the outgoing info at Gate 4. It had changed from Vancouver to Denver. What the ????

i opened my Apple wallet and checked my boarding pass. It said Gate D 31. 👀 I was a long way from Gate 31. I took off in a run/walk when crowded/ run. Plane was supposed to depart 6:46, but they shut the door X number of minutes before that. I’m freaking out. I got within sight of Gate 31 as she’s calling Final Boarding for AA Flight 1149 to Vancouver. I flashed Passport and they took a hasty pic. I ran down the jetway to the plane. An older stewardess at the door assured me there was no need to run. 
I made my way to my seat with a high heart rate and mildly disoriented. There has an empty seat next to me and a slender occupant of the the other seat.

another stewardess came along slamming the overheads. “We were told they we aren’t waiting for them”. I think a connection was late and they were not going to make the flight. Sucks for them because no other flights were headed to Vancouver out of Dallas.

vancouver was a zoo. Customs crayola and a bunch of labor strikes meant almost no hotel shuttle and a lengthy line for taxis. 

oh well. It’s all good right. I’ve made it to the room and I’m gonna get 4-5 hours of sleep before heading back to the airport for the flight to Graham Island.

Hopefully, fish pics and fish stories tomorrow. A Flyfer for sure and I hope maybe a Lifer too. 


Every Saint has a past, every Sinner has a future. On Instagram @hamneedstofish

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