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  1. "When we get home I'm gonna punch your Momma right in the mouth". " But Daddy".. "Get in the car Jr."
  2. Spent a lot of my childhood exploring the Stanislaus River. This is some friends and I in ‘95 at the section called Candy Rock. I still had some hair!! Lol
  3. Doug's automotive on S. Campbell. Half a block south of Grand st.
  4. I'm jealous!! Your on my home waters, and I'm working in your backyard (Exxon Joliet). Glad you guys had a great time.
  5. Caught this girl on the 8th in Matagorda Texas. Little golf course pond. Was a great start for 2019!!
  6. Now that's a feel good story!!! Thanks Phil.
  7. Thanks!! It was a nice surprise, and it’s always a pleasure having the wife’s company.
  8. Took the wife on a 3 hour tour around point 10. On the water at 4:00 off at 7:00pm. WT was 84.5 with 10 mph winds out of the south. Threw a jig the whole time. Caught 3 keepers with one nice 5lber. All fish were in less than 5ft of water on the down wind side of the point.
  9. Haven’t been down this summer, but I have had success punching, and throwing a frog.
  10. On the water by 6:00 off at 1:30. WT’s 81 in the am, 84 by noon. Caught 11 with 6 keepers going around 11 Lbs. most fish came off channel swings or close to solo docks. WP/90 did most the work. I think the fog and mixed clouds helped the bite last till around 10:00. After that went to the 6XD. Had a Wiesel follow me for about 20 minutes. Pretty cool!!!
  11. Like Ness I have a long complicated Czech last name. Gurzik is how it is pronounced. My avatar is me with a sweet 4lb largemouth with its winter lip stick on. Had to give her a kiss!!
  12. Nice. Glad you got out.
  13. I’ve heard rumors of them being in LOZ, but not really sure. Be careful in little Aunts Creek!!
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