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  1. Wasn't sure where this fit best - as a reply to this thread or to my own thread about my harvested deer. Decided to put it here. This is happiness in our home - a tray of cleaned venison shanks and a couple of deboned shoulder roasts going into the freezer (once wrapped of course)


    Bones for game stock.


  2. 1 hour ago, ness said:

    Made some beef stock over the weekend. First time doing it. Started with about 4 pounds of bones, onion, celery and carrot. All roasted at 450 for about 45 minutes. Then around 10 hours in the stock pot before being strained and then reduced to about 1/2 volume. 

    Chilled overnight and fat skimmed this morning. Nice and jiggly. Gonna do a vegetable beef soup later today. Will see if it was worth it. 

    Nice Stock Ness. Going to break down my deer this evening and have plans to make stock with the bones. Should be pretty similar to what you have done. I may post later how it goes.

  3. Maryland does not allow Sunday hunting throughout the archery and firearm seasons. So the seasons are broken up into separate sections. Currently the archery season now runs from the 13th to the 31st of Jan except no Sunday hunting. I got a chance to get out into the backyard blind making sure to be out prior to a front moving in. Deer showed up almost immediately. A single fawn at first. Very likely the fawn of the doe that Livie shot earlier in the season. I could see other deer deeper in the wood lot that looked hesitant to get closer. Finally a couple of does came in closer. I had to wait for a decent broadside shot. Finally one turned and gave me that shot at 35 to 38 yards.

    Found blood immediately at the site of the shot.


    Even with rain wetting the leaves it was not a difficult tracking job. Found her about 70 yards away. Double lung hit. Able to collect a unmarked heart as well :).


    This hunt was really about harvesting a deer for the freezer and thus ended successfully. Still have a little more time to try for one more.


  4. Picked up some pottery last time that we passed through Zanesville OH. We used this crock to make a simple sauerkraut recipe with caraway seeds.


    Fermented the cabbage for about a week and it was done. Pretty tasty. With good sauerkraut, just needed to find some dishes to use it. Love hotdogs with kraut. Picked up some pretzel rolls and caramelized some sweet onions to go with the dog. Spicy brown mustard finished the dog! Served with a side salad. (still having issue with phone camera - sorry).




  5. 6 hours ago, Mitch f said:

    Wow that sounds like a great idea. Were the large Lasagna noodles cooked first? I’ve heard of some folks just letting the noodles cook after the assembly

    We do cook them first but not fully. They don't typically overcook when prepared. We've not cooked the noodles before and I don't like the way that they get. Never seem to cook well enough for me.

  6. Yesterday made spaghetti meat sauce. Started with 1.5 lbs ground beef and 1 lb italian sausage. Added almost 1/4 cup of dried oregano and another of basil and two tablespoons of dried thyme and garlic powder. Then a teaspoon or two of red pepper flakes. Then added 8 cloves of minced garlic. Diced one green and one red bell pepper and a large sweet onion. Cooked until onions were translucent. Added in three large cans of crushed tomatoes, four cans of tomato sauce, and two cans of tomato paste. Simmered for almost three hours.


    Had spaghetti when it was done. Wife made four meal sized lasagnas today that went into the freezer. Still have another meals worth of sauce in the fridge.

  7. 8 hours ago, Mitch f said:

    Well Oxtail soup again tonight! (I’ve got a light day at work) and it’s One of my wife’s favorites. Just takes 5 hours of cooking to melt the collagen. @ness it’s Le Cruset 😜




    Never made oxtail soup but love braised meats, especially shanks, short ribs, etc. Looks like a good soup in the making Mitch.

    We have Lodge dutch ovens.

  8. Unlike most of the guys on this forum we are having warm weather here in MD. Decided to try to get my first fish of 2020. I went to the Indian River inlet in Delaware early this morning to catch the tide. I read some reports of a few tautogs and shad being caught in the inlet and dogfish in the surf. Those were my targets. Wind was whipping all day and made it difficult to feel any bites. I soaked a few crabs and drug many darts but nothing but rocks taking my baits in the inlet. Couple of hours past decided to go out on the jetty and try the beach side for dogfish. The algae covered rocks slick as snot. I used some strips of spot as bait. 20 mins holding the rod got a good tug. Not the dogfish but a skate. Once landed it acted weird. The fish stayed clenched and wouldn't flatten out much. Reminded me of the face hugging alien from the movie Alien. Still got a good enough photo for an id.

    Little Skate (2) - Indian Rvr Inlt - 11Jan20.jpg

    A little skate was my first 2020 fish and a new lifelist fish. Just 11 more needed to meet my goals😀.

    Oh and I did fall on those slick rocks 😒. May not get to fish by myself if that becomes a habit.

  9. Here's what I would like to achieve in 2020.

    Catch a fish in 1 new state - I have 28 states already covered; so have to really travel to get just one more.

    Catch a MD native brook trout or stripers on fly rod (BH flies)

    Catch 12 Lifelist species - Including:
    New lifer darter and/or sculpin

    American Shad

    Northern Kingfish or Black Drum

    Three new sunfish sp.

    Two shark species including dogfish sp.

      - White River/Norfork River - March/April
      - NJ/DE for Black Drum - May/June
      - Lake Erie - May
      - Chincoteague Island July-Sept
      - spadefish trip June-Aug
      - Flathead/Blue catfish in Potomac or Susquehanna
      - Pike or Musky trip

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