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  1. I am so sorry for you loss and I pray that you will take each day as it comes. That friends won’t scatter, but will stay close by, that you and your wife will journey the valley together and not apart, that guilt won’t take the place of grief when it subsides. But also when grief comes again, I pray that you are not starting from square one. I pray that you will know that God knows the same pain. But because of his Grace, every day that passes is not one more day further from your daughter, but closer to being with her again.
  2. Did you receive my PM and contact information.
  3. Hello, my wading shoes crapped out last year.  And these look like just what I need.  I am usually a size 12 or 13 so these should work.  Please send me an email to 1cjarnold@msn.com and we can discuss payment, pick-up or delivery.


    Jim Arnol

  4. Just what I have been looking for and my birthday is coming up. I will send you a PM.
  5. Thanks for all of the advice, I am not looking to go fast, just trying to get up the river to float back down and fish.
  6. Logperch, Since you already have a motor and fish the Niangua, maybe I should just go fishing with you 😄 What sections of the river do you typically fish?
  7. Wrench, Thanks for the advice, so what size jet engine would you recommend for a 20'6" Shawnee? I won't have much in the boat with me when I am motoring up and I don't need to go up the river 100 MPH, just trying to motor upstream a reasonable distance and then float my way back down.
  8. Looking for a small outboard jet to propel my Shawnee up rivers like the Niangua. Not looking for a big motor, just need something that will push me up stream at a couple of miles per hour. Will take it slow so as to not punch holes in the boat, but would like to have the flexibility to motor upstream. Is it possible to find a reliable jet as small as a 9.9 HP
  9. I am interested to see responses to this question as I have a much older model Shawnee that I am hoping to refurbish. This boat is much older has obvious cracks in the fiberglass and it appears the support spines may be rotted / wet. Was planning to drill holes and pump epoxy into the spines to reinforce them before working on the fiberglass. With the spines in this condition is it a lost cause or is it possible to repair this boat to a safe condition?
  10. Anybody know how I can get hold of Brian Flanary at Bird Island. I believe his boys used to work for NRO or one of the other outfitters. Would love to catch up with Brian and visit him at Bird Island, but have not been able to get a hold of him.
  11. Just went on line to purchase one of these reels and they are already out of stock
  12. Seems like a good deal, I am interested if they are still available. Where are you located?
  13. I haven't fished Mark Twain in a few years, but this time of year I would find where all the waves from the water skiers are pounding the bank and then fish crankbaits parallel. Find the banks where the waves are really poinding and you almost have to keep the front of the boat facing out from the bank. The bigger the waves the better. Good Luck!
  14. Bill, Thanks for the offer. I am looking to upgrade to a heavier rod for chatter bait and worm fishing. What do you think of the Cara St Micros: CCM-7-173 Arnistad and CCM-6-1610 Head Turner Would either of these rods be a good fit?
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