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  1. Absolutely for crappie. Not so much for walleye. I just don't have faith that I am going to scope walleye right on the bottom, especially with hard bottom. Jason
  2. Lead core for most crank baits. Long line for Reef Runners. Have planers and clips weights, but don't use them much. Probably need to use planers more when the water is clear. Jason
  3. Yeah she was rolling Old Dog. Trolling motor prop came out of the water several times. Olfishead, the trolling bite should keep up for awhile 12-20 feet down. Keep after it!
  4. Did some more trolling for crappie on Friday in the mid-lake region. Mainly used #7 Flicker Shads and targeted spawning coves. The fish were a lot more scattered than a week ago with some coves producing and some not. We caught them anywhere from 12-25 feet down in 15-40 fow. Ended the day with a double limit but had to work for them. Tried for walleye on a few main lake points and caught two just under 15" on bouncers. Honestly didn't spend much time out there due to the wind. Jason
  5. Thanks guys. It was good to be on the lake again. Life keeps getting in the way. Been living through everyone's posts for quite awhile. Glad some of you were able to get into them too. Jason
  6. Fished out of Mutton and trolled in and near spawning coves with Flickers. Had a limit of crappie in a few hours. They were 15-18' down in anywhere from 15-40 fow. Pretty scattered but once you found a pod, had some doubles. Then switched to walleye around 11:30 and caught a limit and then some. All fish came around wind blown main lake points. Fished bottom bouncers and Road Runner heads tipped with a half crawler. Also had a couple of nice cats and a sow white while fishing for walleye. One of my better days on Stockton with a north wind. Jason
  7. Thanks for the advice Lvn2Fish. I tried some shallower brush piles at that depth, but I guess they were the wrong ones!
  8. Fished from late morning until about 6 pm and struggled. Caught a decent amount of dinks and a few white bass. Ended up with three keeper crappie that were no-doubters. Fished the mid-lake region and hit a lot of brush piles. Most of my focus was on piles near creek channels (especially bends), but did also fish piles well back into creeks. Marked quite a few fish on channel drops around 24 fow, but could not get any to bite. The three keepers came off of one pile that was fairly close to the creek channel just into a cove. Caught them around 16 foot down in 19-21 fow on jigs. I am h
  9. Here are a few others to try... https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=37.644&lon=-93.7653&unit=0&lg=english&FcstType=graphical or if numbers are more your style: https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=37.644&lon=-93.7653&lg=english&&FcstType=digital
  10. Ditto what these guys said. Went out Thursday had had a mixed bag of crappie, whites, and walleye. Most of the crappie came 10-12 feet deep in staging areas. Some very good quality to many of them. Half on jigs and half on minnows. Water temps were 54-57 degrees. Jason
  11. Hey there Steve. I got out with my daughter last Friday and couldn't really figure them out. We mainly fished up the lake from Nemo. We fished typical pre-spawn timber and brush piles and could only manage four keepers and a handful of shorts. I fished jigs and she fished minnows. We tried anywhere from 2 to 14 fow. Water temps ranged from 54 to 56 degrees. Maybe someone else has had better luck! Jason
  12. Thanks for the info! Sounds like they have the post-spawn feeding bags on.
  13. Great day and report! Were you fishing secondary points in coves or a certain type of structure? I am thinking of getting the father-in-law out on Thursday. Was going to target crappie, but now you have me second-guessing myself.
  14. Now that's good daddy/daughter time! Jason
  15. Great report and well done as usual Brad. Also, thanks again for the advice! We tried that "moving shad ball" bite from late morning through mid-afternoon in the same general area you've been fishing and could only manage two keepers. Around 3 pm or so, we then scanned for timber on the edge of the channel holding fish. We found a good tree top and ended the day with 20 keepers and a few nice whites. You would get a flurry of action as the smaller balls of shad moved through the tree top. Same depth of water (35-38 feet) and distance down (18-22 feet). We caught about three-quarters
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