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I know a lot of you guys know Pat or Patfish as he is known around here.

He had surgery today to have a tumor removed from his brain. I just found out that it went better than expected and they were able to remove 90% of it. That's all I know right now but keep him in your thoughts. He's a good dude and a great friend. 



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I don’t know Patfish, but my general impression from here is that he’s a good dude. If he’s a friend of yours I’ll take that as more proof. Gonna include him in my growing list of folks I say a prayer for. 

If you hear anything, please let us know. 


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Thanks fellas.  You have no idea how much I appreciate all the positive vibes.  I have an appointment to get my skull jewelry taken out (staple removal) on Monday morning and Tuesday an oncologist visit to game plan chemo and radiation which I'm not super excited about but  I'm no quitter.  Its just another step in the process of getting back to normal.  Well, normal for me.  

Only having a couple of small problems so far.  They had to cut through the muscle on the side of my temple that controls my lower jaw to knock a hole in my skull so I can't really bite or chew very well but that is improving daily.  Guinness IS food in case you ever wondered.   I also can't pick up anything heavy, bend over, cough, laugh or sneeze without feeling like I'm going to be replaying that infamous scene from the Zapruder film as my brain comes flying out of my melon.  I am not legally allowed to operate a motor vehicle or heavy machinery until the middle of May so I'm basically out of work until then.  Which has only made my caged animalness that much worse.  Winter doesn't really help either.  Having my freedom squelched and depending on others for the simplest of things is really frustrating for me.    

One week from today I'll be at Gateway TU Bronzebacks and Brews at Schlafly here in STL and hopefully by the end of February down fishing at Taney with a group of my buddies.  

Have a good weekend y'all and if you're in town maybe I'll see you next Saturday.  I'll be easy to spot.  I'll be the guy with the biggest smile.  

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