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So yesterday evening I went up to Busch and started fishing lake 33. After about an hour of trying to fish it in the wind, I moved over to lake 38 hoping it would be better shielded from it. Either the wind died down, or it really was better shielded but bottom line, I kept casting there without a bite until after sunset. I was within my last 10 casts for the day when I finally caught a bass. So I figured I give it a few more casts. In the end I caught another little crappie too, but in-between those 2 I wound up hooking into something giant. Granted I got it on my light action rod but since I was using 6# braid in the reel, I still had the drag set a bit tight. That fish took off and made that drag sing for what felt like minutes, like there was nothing hooked up to it at all. After a little bit and 2 surfacings (though I still couldn’t see what it was) the line went slack and I realized it threw the hook. So here’s my question, anyone got any of the little notecards from prior years that shows what fish species are stocked in what lake? A friend of mine showed me a current one but if I were to take a stab at it my suspicion would be that I snagged into a good sized grass carp or something of the sort, yet I didn’t see them mentioning grass carp being in any lake on that new card, even though in the past I could’ve sworn they had them listed in lake 38 specifically. Any other guesses what it could’ve been? I hooked into it with a shad colored crankbait, though again, I don’t know for sure if it was foul hooked or not. 

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My guess at lake 38 . . . . . . possibly a Puerto Rican Cutthroat Bass.  Mean as hell.  They've slowing been migrating northward with the climate change the last few years.  First discovered in a gard

In other news the crappies at Busch are starting to go crazy.  They are stacking up on the first drop before the spawning banks. Usually 3 to 5 feet deep. Lake 35, 36, and 37.  Takes about an hour to

Hybrid striper. 

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Lakes where channel catfish greater than 10 pounds are consistently caught include lakes 33 and 35. Lake 38 also provides larger catfish.

Any German Carp in that pond? MDC didn't mention them but they get every place.

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I know 34 has some big ole common carp in it.  I snagged one with a crank bait one day and ended up with two half dollar sized scales on my trebles.  

My guess would be a big catfish.

-- Jim

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I have a buddy who once caught a bass out of 38 that was so big it it scared him to stick his hand in its mouth. Your fish doesn’t sound like it was a bass. Was I time when 38 has some fair Bluegill and nice red ears, not so sure about hybrids. 

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