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Tough day

Phil Lilley

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Tough day of fishing yesterday for the tournament guys... all except for a few guys.  42 teams and only 16 weighed in.  Did have a 25 inch brown brought in and released.  Caught dragging a live sculpin.



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Our final weight was definitely not indicative of how tough the fishing was. We threw black jigs that morning till around 11 then went and drug scuds for an hour because we only had two or three fish. I think it was after noon before we had a limit. Once the water slowed down to 2 units, our jig bite picked up a little bit. It wasn’t great but the fish we caught were solid. Our room mates who took 2nd did well dragging scuds early on when 4 units were running but the bite died off after the first few hours. We stayed above Short Creek all day.

My partner had a monster on for a few moments before it buried him in a tree. Sure wish we could have seen that one! It gave a few big slow head shakes then started to swim towards us before it found the tree.  a couple more pulls and he was gone. It was HEAVY!

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2 hours ago, JestersHK said:

Umm excuse me @seth but are you not forgetting something way more important than winning the tournament? 

I already updated the 2022 fishing goals thread on that one. 😁

I broke my 20” brown curse with a 22” 4.3 pounder the day before the tourney. Caught it on a black jig along the Short Creek bluff.


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I just went through my GoPro footage for the tournament. We boated 5 fish during the first half of the day and 13 during the second half when generation dropped down to 2 units.  Six of our weigh fish came during the second half. The last drift of the day along the bluff bank produced 6 of our 18 fish in about a 30 minute span. That was by far the most productive drift of the day.

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