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  1. 2oz from win. Those 2 oz were worth $125k. Top shelf caviar you could say.
  2. The wake boats suck. I got hammered at the bend near point 23 last weekend. Looked north toward the kings and quickly decided to go back where I came from.
  3. Great report. I was out there to but only caught a few dinks. It’s like we were on two separate lakes. Confirms I have a long way to go to catch a bag of fish.
  4. @aarchdale@coresleep.com Congrats! Never spoon fished before, guess I should try.
  5. Dud for me. My son begged to go this evening. I couldn’t resist him so we went to private water and had a blast. 😀
  6. I’m in, not sure I will fair well. My place is Big brothers big sisters. Been involved for 5 yrs. Meeting my friend tomorrow for Dinner and fishing.
  7. What a day indeed. I was getting updates on my phone but it wasn't until 90 minutes left in period 2 I actually seen the weight total for Lucas. Incredible.
  8. Great reminder. You can add to his resume now. Great call Bill.
  9. I'm the lone wolf voting for every month, but you are probably right about it getting old.
  10. 🤔 if this was ran once a month on a Saturday, would this become a virtual bass club???
  11. Voting results are pretty scattered. I tried to fish but was on the bank in public waters... ☠️. I liked doing this and look forward to next time.
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