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  1. Taking the advice. I just bought a pair of the winter style. Thanks.
  2. I use these also. Only ones I have ever had so nothing to compare to but they are good to me
  3. I am in as Z man. Must have 5 characters when creating a name on there.
  4. FYI, there are two groups created. You may need to delete one...
  5. Jordan Lee strikes again! General Tire World Championship.
  6. You had me nervous when 5 of your guys made the cut and fished Saturday.
  7. Thanks again for putting this together. January will be here quick. I am looking forward to March though 🎣 😁
  8. 21 total, several teams with max limits
  9. Looks like crappie fishing was a success. Anyone know where the fish were caught?
  10. Is this a problem if using another computer? iPad? Smartphone?
  11. I am in. Probably won’t do any good. I don’t think I have caught a keeper on public waters this entire year. But never know.
  12. I know one boat that didn’t do well...
  13. Mine is pretty ugly as well. But there is always tomorrow... 🙃
  14. 2oz from win. Those 2 oz were worth $125k. Top shelf caviar you could say.
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