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Shell Knob

Bill Babler

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Becky and I bought a total of 6 acres at Cedar Falls subdivision at Shell Knob.  We were going to build on 3.6 acres there but the neighbor decided to sell his house and 3 acres so we bought it. 

Just about the identical house we were going to build.  It has 3 garage spaces but like every one it’s to short for a 22’ bass boat so Becky said I could build a man shed for the boat  

House was built in 2017 so we’re tickled as punch.

Been moving stuff all week and the son came yesterday and we hauled 4 trailers loads of heavy furniture, so that jobs just about done   Now we just have to organize and put away.

Happy Thanksgiving All 



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Congratulations.  I would much rather buy than build in today's world.  I think you did quite well.  Shell Knob is nice anymore and what a view.


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Thanks guys.  We own the land below the lower road in the picture clear to the take line.

We were in contact with 2 local builders and a friend and fantastic builder in Branson. All said it would be  Summer 2024 at the earliest to complete any new build.

Just didn’t want to wait that long and no builder will commit to any price.  It cost what it cost, take it or leave it. 

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  • Root Admin

I remember that house... the guy was working to fix the washed out gravel driveway with a small tractor.  You should pave it... save you a lot of work.

You'll have to hire a maid now.  Becky doesn't need to clean house 24/7 :)

Lilleys Landing logo 150.jpg

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