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What kind of a guy post a picture of just a couple fish and will not tell how many fish you caught?

Or what color bait they were biting on?

 You are kind of sneaky, aren't you?

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Spinning rod should tell you a lot. My guess would be either a small swimbait scrubbed across the bottom or a Ned.


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I have the baits figured out, now I am focused on figuring out where they caught those fish.  I rented some camera time on a Chinese "weather balloon" that was scheduled to float over Table Rock about the same time Bill & his buddy were fishing.  Just waiting for the photos to download, I should have it figured out by this afternoon.

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23 minutes ago, Quillback said:

I should have it figured out by this afternoon.

Too late - Biden just sent a million dollar cruise missile to shoot down the balloon, but it may miss.

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I wish I could catch them on a small swim bait.  I try, I just don’t ever seem to have any success.  I could go down there tomorrow and have more confidence throwing a buzz bait than a 2.75” swim bait.  I probably just need to leave everything else behind so I’m not tempted to switch to something else.  

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We had 35 keepers yesterday all just like the two, Ed is holding. Insane bite on the White River arm. Good solid fat females almost all 15 to 18 inches long. 2.8”-3.2” Keitech  in Gizzard Shad. 

Staging fish, suspended in 15’ to 20’ in front of major spawning locations.  Long casts with the boat in 25’ to 30’. We can cast a long way so I’m helping you here with locations. Bait would hit in 8 to 10’ of water, we would slow wind it and pull it back. Don’t think either of us felt a strike yesterday, it would just get really heavy and your rod tip would start bending toward the bait 

From what I’ve seen on Facebook we were not the only ones that hit the jackpot yesterday. 

Ran down to the clear water today, Ed wanted to catch a brown fish. 
Long lean K to go with it. 
682C040E-FCBF-4A3A-9CFF-418A8FF675AC.jpegTried some stained water with his custom painted warts, in the afternoon. 
4D447672-D722-41D0-AA2B-BC8C5C609644.jpegThey worked really well.

E6C51549-C677-4AF6-9D97-289E492CEB71.jpegWe didn’t chase the numbers today. Mostly just crazy stuff. Launched at KC early and then Eagle Rock at noon. 

15 fish today with 4 keepers and we had as much fun today as yesterday’s slug fest. Fished none of the same water either day

Good Luck. 

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