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  1. That is cool I really enjoy his shows also and I am a lab guy so I wonder if he brought Raven? Tell him he has a good following in Mo. and looks like he has had some good success already.
  2. It was fun talking to you and your dad we will fish the lazy valley tourney march 6 also look forward to seeing you guys down there.
  3. We fished the tourney saturday , my son and nephew fished together out of my old lund he bought from me. My buddy Duane and I fished my boat we were waiting for the takeoff and I mentioned to Tim his 2 stroke motor was smoking and drifting into our boat and maybe he should shut it off. Well he did and in fifteen minutes he couldn't get it started again, we left the takeoff on time without them behind us, Phils crew came to the rescue and helped him get it running { they worked 30 plus minutes many thanks to them} 45 minutes later they roared past us and anchored about 100 yards upstream from u
  4. Do hope you make it down for the March tourney it is fun and a good bunch of people. Usually wild horses couldn't keep me away but my youngest daughter is getting married and of all the weekends to pick for wedding which one do you she picked? That being said we won't be there on the 7th, but I hope you go down for it. Glad they helped you down the ramp that does sound like them. Good luck and hope to meet you on the water sometime.
  5. I really enjoyed the pictures that Nathan took I knew a few of the teams and it was neat to see everyone fishing. I was planning to fish again this year but had a death in our family and didn't come down. That didn't stop my son and nephew they used my boat and took 1st, very proud of them and happy to see they got the bites they needed. That duo is good but they have lost the last 2 years to my brother and I at the Lazy Valley tourney in March, we owe a lot of success to Phil and a class he gave at Queeny Park probably close to 30 years ago. I look forward to next years tourney and the fe
  6. Bill, congratulations you got a great payback for everything you do for this forum and your clients, we haven't officially met but I have seen you several times on taney over the years and enjoy your info, you deserved this fish.
  7. Great read that fisherie bio is fascinating.
  8. Good advice by rps. Used to go up turnback creek jig and minnow use a flat bottom boat wear waders hop out and push your boat through 3-4 sets of riffles and then slowly fish your way back to the lake. The other tactic is go down to the points down by the dam and fish at night throwing rouges. The trip up the creek is not for the feint of heart. Good Luck
  9. Happy Birthday Phil, and welcome to the 60's it aint to bad.
  10. I was at Stockton last thurs. fri and Saturday walleye were slow I managed a couple of limits using bottom bouncers in googer creek anywhere from 9-16 ft depth. I also use a weight forward spinner { erie dearie, pygmy hot n tot etc chatreuse color with half a crawler} fishing main lake points the walleye were picky but the ones we caught were 17-18 inch average, hope this helps you guys out.
  11. Good job Duane, I think brother Dave owes you a dollar.
  12. My son and I fished the RAW tourney on Saturday and we had a great time, unfortunately our largest fish was an 18 inch brown so we didn't fill out a good total weight. Thanks to Duanes' brother Dave for inviting us, my son ended up with a battery and nice Lews rod in the raffle. Now for the gut wrenching Sunday trip back to O'Fallon, Mo. We left Branson at 12:30 and got home at 11. Spent an hour on the hiway at St. Robert and a little over 3 hours in Rolla conditions were treacherous but we were fortunate to make it home with truck and boat in tact, prayers for the several people that ende
  13. Seth, my son and I had a great time fishing the tourney but while I did manage an 18 inch brown that was it except for a lot of smaller fish.  We had a great time since this was our 1st RAW wont be our last, thanks to Duane's brother Dave for the invite. Now the troubling report, we left branson at 12:30 and got home at 11 in O'Fallon, Mo.  We were fortunate not to be involved in any incidents 20 vehicles off the hiway 1 hour wait by Ft. Wood, and a 3 hour wait in Rolla I understand 2 people airlifted and 30 vehicles involved I pray everyone survives. It is my opinion the state was late treating the hiway from Marshfield to Rolla was treacherous but while watching a couple of plows go by westbound the icy road melted in about 15 to 30 minutes it became wet. We were happy to get home with truck and boat in tact.

  14. Streamer, nice to meet you out on Stockton. I was in the polar kraft. We managed 9 on Friday 7 Saturday and 8 Sunday we really needed more wind, caught most of ours on bottom bouncers and weight forward spinners. Many of our fish also came in 16 - 20ft but a few larger ones in 10 -14ft.
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