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I see there are still tournaments going on.

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Just watched a video of a (small tournament) at Stockton  by a Kansas city angler that was this last weekend.  You can find it if you search for it.  This is what will get the ramps and lakes closed.  They pulled the permits for a reason now they will just close the gates if it keeps happening.  These guys can't just go to the lake and fish.  Already happened in Michigan.   

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Absolutely 👍  Because once you have 12 in the freezer the rest will get released immediately (unless you're an outlaw).  Nobody wants to eat bass fillets 3 times per week.   All I'm crying f

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33 minutes ago, aarchdale@coresleep.com said:

Seems pretty harmless to get all worked up about, way less contact in a 6-10 boat tournament than going to the supermarket

All seems harmless right?  Its just a little tournament not a big one.  Right?   No one will be effected.  Right?  You need food from the supermarket, we all need that, but you don't need to see who has the biggest wiener at the dock.  

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16 minutes ago, aarchdale@coresleep.com said:

most those guys are gonna fish anyways so why not throw $50 bucks in a pot for a little competition.  Most little bass clubs dont worry about permits to begin with

How about fishing for fun for a couple of months so we can get out of this crap and get the country back to work.  Dump in go fishing pull out go home. No contact. 

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