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1 hour ago, DADAKOTA said:

The news is continually talking about Russia possible invading Ukraine.  Can someone explain to me why they are wanting to invade?  I have searched hi and low for the reason and I have yet to find it.  

And while you're at it...... please explain to ME why I should care.  🤔

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Its a good question and Nomo is partly right.   I think there are several reasons why they want to invade:

1) since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and Ukraine's becoming a sovereign country in the 90's, Russia has forever since wanted it back.  Large land area, huge grain producer, strategic location and border.

2) Putin is concerned about Ukraine joining NATO, and rightfully so.  This would be another country, with a fairly strong military, now as a confirmed adversary (even though they already are), right on their doorstep.  With NATO's backing, that means allies.  So for Putin, with his ego now fully involved and on display, I don't think he has a choice.  He has made this into the equivalent of our Cuban missile crisis.

Sondland being appointed as ambassador to the EU was a major blunder, and our hands are not clean.  Fiona Hill and Lt. Col Vindman's dismissal and all that other stuff helped set the table.

Just my $0.02


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Strategic both ECONOMICALLY and militarily.

It is a stretch to intimate that the US could have prevented this situation, as the angst in Russia over the loss of access via Ukraine began even before the full dissolution of the USSR.  Our only choice is whether we are going to do anything about it except flap our gums….and that is not to me I think we should,  just that the choice has always been that simple.


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There is a vague memory in my head that says they were more or less the same country for about  half a millennium, with power being swapped around among a few oligarchs. I kinda think most of the tiny countries that used to be USSR are offspring of the Ukraine. Bunch of different Rus (red, white, black, etc. Rus) and a Greater Rus.  I think the last outfit that owned both was the Russian Empire, whenever that ended, but it wasn't long until they were rejoined as parts of USSR,  then again separated.  So they want to be reunited, and then again they don't, depends on what day and who you ask.

kinda like if St Louis county were to be separated from Mo. by some foreign power , some would want it back and some would shrug. Most European countries are not quite big enough to be states in the Western Hemisphere. Their wars are like NJ bickering with DE. or Pa. annexing WV - USA  always gets involved though because we make trainloads of money out of anybody's war. Our potential involvement explains the media interest. After the way we abandoned all our allies in last years jackpot though, I don't see us mixing in this one.


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