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Skills you never lose ?


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There's riding a bike. 

Throwing a frisbee.

Operating a clutch on a manual tranny.

Shooting a slingshot.

And others, I'm sure....

But the one that surprised me last night....My kid was cleaning out her book bag from school and pulled out WHAT???   A Duncan Yo-Yo 🤓  Now there's a blast from the past.  I said "Gimme that thing".   I flat blew their minds, you'd have thought I had been doing it everyday for years......but it's been over 40 since I even touched one. 

Walk the dog, Rock the cradle, Roundy-Round, Wrap the waist, Flying Nunchuck........ It's still there, baby !   👍

I had forgotten how lethal they could be😁   Who needs the hassles of a CCW when a Duncan Imperial is in your pocket?   Bust their face wide open and then strangle them to death in a hot-second !    😉


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You don't lose them but it takes a bit sometimes to get them back to near previous skills.  Riding a bike for example, I can still ride one but I guarantee that I can't do the crap I used to and survive.  Might have more to do with being able to crash and just get back up and go again.

I never mastered a yo-yo but break out a carom board and it's game ON.

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Falling down, learned as a toddler and  I get better at it, I've fallen from bikes, wild horses, trees, house roofs, ladders, skate boards, ice skates, back of a moving truck, scaffolds, canoes,  boulders, tame horses, level ground, rough ground, ice,   and a few others and this is just the sober list, I don't recall the drinking stuff. but the falling down skill is easy when compared to the getting up skill. The other day a Crane I nearly fell twice, but I was afraid I couldn't get up after so I didn't.

String tops, I can still spin one, cause I showed a grandkid how a year or two ago, but I can't spike one like I could in the early '60s.

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I can't throw a curve ball anymore.  And I never could hit one.  Which was the end of an otherwise promising career as a baseball player.  At the tender age of 14.

At my age, it's a lot more convenient to talk about the things I can't do anymore than the things I still can.

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For a couple of decades I had an uncanny ability to run a Jon Boat through boulder gardens and shoals with half the depth really needed, that’s gone. I’m probably going to suffer a similar fate finding fish if I can ever get back on the water. I hope I never lose my love for rivers and gravel bar camping.  

His father touches the Claw in spite of Kevin's warnings and breaks two legs just as a thunderstorm tears the house apart. Kevin runs away with the Claw. He becomes captain of the Greasy Bastard, a small ship carrying rubber goods between England and Burma. Michael Palin, Terry Jones, 1974

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36 minutes ago, oneshot said:

My kids are like you know stuff? No I was always old and didn’t know anything.


Sticking to things where age and experience is a benefit will keep those kids respecting you.  

I took a group of six 19-24 year olds for 476.80 in a poker game last night.

Hey, it is was THEIR idea!   😉

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