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  1. vernon

    Biggest Bass Caught On Table Rock?

    Personal best on Table Rock was a seven pound eight ounce largemouth on a jig 'n pig in Aunts creek in what I think was 1994. All time best was an eight pound ten ounce largemouth at Beaver (of all places) on a spinnerbait that I swam through a brush pile in early April in I think 1980 or there abouts. Got to see that baby come up out of the sticks and swallow that ol' chartreuse and blue Strike King single blade just like on the TV! Those was the days! Well, except for the walking five miles each way to school everyday in the snow uphill both ways. With no shoes........
  2. vernon

    Biggest Bass Caught On Table Rock?

    Likely snake hunters........
  3. vernon

    Weekend walleye excursion

    Outstanding! And in too many ways to count. Livin' the dream comes to mind.........
  4. vernon

    The 8 year old mind and fishing

    Vernon be lovin' it! That's good stuff right there but I ain't surprised as she obviously was raised RIGHT by a daddy that understands priorities and values and what's really important in life! Good work and congratulations I say! And no apologies necessary - it don't take much to arouse that 'ol snake charmer Snagged. I consider it a compliment! #Pre-season #1. Again.
  5. vernon

    I figured out where the bass are going ;)

    So much for, "chew your food." Think I'd need a couple Rolaid's after that.
  6. vernon

    Aunts Creek 8-9

  7. vernon

    fishing update

    "The best fishing tool you will have in your boat is your brain." Now that's disconcerting. I'm thinking I just as well send the boat out there by itself......... Some of the best stuff I've ever read about fishing - right up until that part that immediately and completely disqualified me from participation.
  8. vernon

    Live bait rigs and mid week kimberling report

    Whew! At least the story has a happy ending! I guess the world could us LOTS more crawdads.
  9. vernon

    Live bait rigs and mid week kimberling report

    Talk about some worthless advice! 😳 First off, I'd never be able to put a snake IN the trap to begin with and even if I could, I'd never be able to get the crawdads back out with the snake in there! Guess I'll just have to keep buying my crawdaddies at the snake free store....... 😏
  10. vernon

    Elaztec Z Man ZinkerZ storage

    The bulk of mine are stored in a similar manner to what you have suggested. However, oftentimes simply as a matter of convenience, I like to pre-rig a dozen or so in advance and this storage system allows me to do so without making a mess or destroying baits and hooks. Just another alternative to consider.
  11. vernon

    Elaztec Z Man ZinkerZ storage

    This is what I've used for the last couple of years and haven't had any problems. I added a couple of the little anti corrosion tabs just for good measure although I don't really know if that's made any difference or not. I'm pretty sure that Mr. Babler is who recommended this setup although I don't remember if it was in a previous OA post or he told me in person but it's worked great for me. https://www.flambeauoutdoors.com/Fishing/Divider-Systems/Ultimate-Tuff-Tainers/2-fixed-compt-with-adjust-dividers-and-zerust
  12. vernon

    7-28-18 fishing report

    Most weedless jigs and heads I've ever used. In fact, I didn't realize that when I bought 20 or 30 of 'em that I had purchased a lifetime supply for about a dozen people. Gonna have to figure out who to will a bunch of these things to..........
  13. vernon

    yep, still biting

    If she can imitate a Lava Lamp at home you've got to be the luckiest guy in the world! 😆
  14. vernon

    yep, still biting

    Linda appears to be "electrified"! Heckuva lot better deal to see what you're doing than a blacklight if you ask me!
  15. vernon

    Good Morning on the Upper End

    He's baaaaaaack!

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