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  1. vernon

    Empty Seats this weekend?

    Not meaning to poke anybody in the eye here but I'm pretty sure the guys in the big glass boats are laughing just as hard on the way by. And, they'll probably just hit those spots later in the day on their way back........ Just sayin'.....😎
  2. vernon

    Old Maps

    I haven't made it down to "the dungeon" yet to take a look but when I do I'll let you know if I still have the set from Grand - if so, they're yours. Lord knows I'll never go out on that God forsaken inland ocean again in my lifetime! I'll be dead soon enough as it is. I'm afraid that once I became "sophisticated" with all sorts of GPS paraphernalia and "savvy" in online searches I probably figured that I no longer had any need for such antiquated cave wall writings. I know I tossed a lot of old, lesser quality maps and other assorted local information and pamphlets from back in the day. And to think I still blame my dad for throwing out my million dollar baseball card collection.......
  3. vernon

    Old Maps

    "The maps are copyright 1977 and rather frail".... Seein's how I'm copyright 1953 I guess that explains a lot. Thanks for clearing that up......
  4. vernon

    Bus on Beaver Bridge

    Guests of the Tyson family? They seem to have a lot of "from out of town" friends.......
  5. vernon

    Old Maps

    Good Lord, I had at least 50 or 60 of those things for everywhere from Smithville to Millwood to Dale Hollow to Milford and back to Grand! I need to do some scrounging and see if I still have them. I guess it's now "official" that I'm old - things from my teens and twenties are now collectors items!
  6. vernon

    Spinnerbait Rod

    Excessive and ridiculous is good. TOTALLY excessive and ridiculous is great!
  7. Roger that. So long as fans are content with TV viewing pretty much exclusively and not discouraged by seldom having opportunities to see their "guy" up close and in person I guess they'll be OK. Seems like lots of sports events are trending that way thanks to the giant HD TV's in our homes and internet/social media options (at least one big reason why most new stadiums are getting smaller instead of bigger). It's just difficult for an old guy like me to get my head wrapped around it all sometimes. Bottom line though is without fan's you got no sponsors and without sponsors you got no sport. Still danged happy to hear about this.
  8. I am 1000% in favor of this deal but have to wonder what sort of effect it will have on the fan's following of the tournaments? Who's gonna show up to watch guys not weigh in fish? Trust me, I don't care in the least what the impact is and am thrilled at the potential positive effect on fisheries but am curious nonetheless. Some of these events are very well attended but what are they gonna do now? Go watch on the big screen in some theatre? I've been to a couple of BASS weigh-in's only because I was nearby and wanted to see what it was all about. Other than the actual weighing of fish there didn't seem to be a heck of a lot going on that would attract many folks. Great news regardless.
  9. vernon

    electronics setup

    The Ultrex will do that using the remote FOB. I don't recall exactly how many routes it will store or how far each one can be but it will definitely retrace a route however many times you want. I've never saved more than one at a time and have never tried going back and running an old route over again at a later date but it's supposed to do it. I'd have done that but I figure I might end up catching way more fish that way and convince myself that I'm better than I really am and have to turn pro or something and don't want to spend the extra money on jerseys and stuff.........😉 However, to follow contour lines corresponding to the boat's electronics it has to be linked to a Humminbird unit. And, of course, I have Lowrance so that's another way to catch fewer fish and remain in my comfort zone!
  10. vernon


    Man, my head hurts. I could use a good comic book about now. Or maybe the back of an old baseball card. MAD magazine might work too...........
  11. vernon

    not many like dennis shorb

    Way to go Dennis. Just another Great American.
  12. vernon


    Now I remember why I hated biology. And chemistry. And math. In fact, that was the stuff that made having to read Homer's The Odyssey and other unintelligible crap like Steppenwolf and Beowulf seem attractive by comparison!
  13. vernon

    FOUND!!! rods and reels

    Unfortunately, I remember that one. Although it's only unfortunate cause I think I watched that episode with Moses himself! I loved Dean Martin but not nearly as much as my dad. He would literally cry he laughed so hard at skits like that one!
  14. vernon

    FOUND!!! rods and reels

    Holy cats! Nineteen and 71? That's the year I graduated from high school! Let me guess, somewhere around Kitty Hawk, N.C.? I used to know a couple of guys over that way - think it was Wilbur and Orville or something like that. Played a lot of golf with 'em but finally gave it up cause they drank too much.......
  15. vernon

    FOUND!!! rods and reels

    Wow. Three time loser! Hope he drinks........

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