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  1. What’s all that green stuff? Looks kinda cool. Seems like I’ve seen something like it before but can’t remember for sure......
  2. 🤦‍♂️ It has been a long, cold, lonely winter........
  3. Twelve days till Palm Springs. That'll be the next time that I see 50 degrees!
  4. I've never cooked on one so I can't really say. Might want to check out some of the videos on the website as I've only researched gas, pellet and "normal" charcoal applications but I know they've got a bunch of videos and testimonials for using them on eggs both there and on non associated YouTube videos.
  5. I kinda felt the same way but after doing considerable research I decided to order a set when I got my new Camp Chef smoker with the Sidekick burner/grill and I have been amazed. They get super hot super quick and virtually eliminate flareups. On a gas grill things like burgers, chicken breasts and salmon filets take about fifteen minutes. Five to preheat the grates and ten to cook. For example, I heat the grates to 475 - 500 and then cook the burgers two minutes then give 'em a quarter turn, cook two minutes, flip and repeat and that produces a perfect medium rare. Salmon is three minutes then quarter turn, three more minutes then flip and cook four minutes. Kathy is NOT a salmon person and even she loves it. I used to typically smoke whatever I was going to grill for a bit to add that smoky flavor but with the GrillGrates I just sprinkle a dozen or so smoker pellets in the grooves and, presto, smoke flavor! Since I got mine, my brother and two neighbors were so impressed that they ordered sets and love 'em too. The biggest thing to be careful of is not to get them TOO hot. They recommend not exceeding 700 degrees so as to avoid the possibility of warping them and believe me on that Sidekick I can get 'em to 700 in no time. If you have a temp gauge in the lid/dome of your grill they say that the GrillGrate temperature will be about two hundred degrees hotter than what the gauge indicates. I use a laser thermometer and they're not kidding either. They're customer service is fantastic they're great about answering questions over the phone. Since the Camp Chef Grillbox is somewhat new I ordered mine custom cut and they cost about $80. My brother did a full custom set for his four burner Weber and I think they ran around $130 and he's thrilled. My neighbor buddies just ordered the kind that fit on top of the existing grates instead of replacing them and only did half sets instead of full and I think spent around $65 - $75. If you like to grill I think you'd like 'em.
  6. I've tried numerous brands of braid off and on ever since the introduction of SpiderWire a hundred years ago and have always HATED it for all the reasons that have been detailed in this post. However, when winter rolls around and I get bored and antsy I read and research a lot of stuff which causes my mind to wander and I lose most of my already limited sense of logic and reasoning and I start thinking that "maybe this time will be different" and then I buy stupid golf and fishing stuff. Consequently, a few months ago after reading a different post by Bo about the Spectra Extreme Braid that he bought from Ali-express I thought to myself, "self, that makes way too much sense not to work and what's fifteen bucks?" and so I ordered some. Now it took over a month to arrive - in fact, I'd forgotten I'd even ordered it - as apparently slow boats from China are more than just an expression but by golly I've got it and I'm gonna give it a whirl. Then a little later RPS made mention of the stuff that he had stumbled across and really, really liked called Finatic and so (no way you guessed this) I ordered a spool of that too. So now the guy that hates braid more than most people has twenty thousand miles of the stuff laying on the seat of his boat! Regardless, in another month or so I'm going to convert my spinning reels over to these two lines and try some of the Finatic on a bait caster just for the heck of it. Hopefully it doesn't all end up in a trashcan on a boat dock somewhere midway through the first day back on the water but we'll see. This time is going to be different! I just know it. Tomorrow I'm gonna do a little more research on those left nostril inhalers I've been hearing so much about......
  7. Yeah, there is so much marbling that they're tuff to screw up. I smoked ours at 225 until the internal temperature hit 110, rested for ten minutes and then tossed them on the grill box at 650 - 700 degrees. Did two minutes then a quarter turn, two more minutes, flip and repeat. As awesome as they were I was so terrified of overcooking them that I probably should have left them on a bit longer to really break down and caramelize the fat. Next time I'm gonna get the internal temp to about 120 before searing although I think a guy could go to 125 or even 130 and probably be just fine with this particular cut. Also, I don't know how many of you have heard of or have used GrillGrates but they are the most awesome addition to any grill or smoker that I've come across. They ain't cheap but, man, they instantly transform any grill into a Ruth's Chris steakhouse! Gas, pellet, charcoal you name it. In fact, they can be used for stovetop, in the oven and they even make 'em for those Ninja Foodi dealies that seem to be pretty popular. If you don't know what they are I highly recommend that you checkout their website!
  8. The one we go in north Kansas City usually has one or two but the guys in the meat department said that if you don’t see them to just ask and they’ll make up whatever you want. I’d been hearing about them but hadn’t tried them until now. They were even better than I expected!
  9. Thanks but I'm gonna stick with Ribeye of the Ground otherwise known as "beef". In fact, for New Year's this year I smoked and then reverse seared some ribeye "caps" on the ol' Camp Chef and I might not even eat "normal" beef ribeye again. The most outstanding piece of dead cow I've ever eaten and, crows and cranes be danged, I've ate a lot of dead stuff as for some reason I prefer it that way. Added a couple giant King Crab legs and welcomed 2020. And ya know what? I must have prepared it just right cause it tasted a lot like beef and crab!🥩 🦀
  10. No, really - you gotta try it. Tastes like mango, chutney and burnt hair......🦡
  11. Well, THAT ain't changing my mind none. The only way I'm willin' to eat either of those is stuffed with jalapeños, wrapped in bacon and smothered in mushroom gravy!
  12. Crows? Ooops. Wrong thread. Never mind.......🙃
  13. "Aren't bad eating". That tells me instantly that I ain't putting it in my mouth. In fact, as code phrases go I'd rank that one as even more instructive than, "She has a great personality."
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