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  1. You have a cane pole? What's your favorite? Are they available online? Do they come in a "Pro" model? Gotta get me one of these babies.........🤔
  2. Lucky for me I didn't have any! I kinda knew from jump street that there wasn't gonna be enough to go around and me still have enough to be happy. And I'm WAY too stingy to share any of my toys!
  3. Well, now, that's just great. The stuff that Bo recommended hasn't even got here yet and now you gotta tell me about THIS stuff too? I need to figure out a way to put some sort of parental block on this forum! 😖
  4. Ya know, I've been doing the six pound mono and fluoro deal (as well as the hybrid stuff) for about as long as I can remember going back to good ol' Trilene XL. From there went to P-line Floroclear then tried some of Bill's Maxima (which I just didn't get along with at ALL), and Yo-Zuri hybrid. Four or five years ago started using the Seaguar Invizx which I really kinda liked but it became a little cost prohibitive what with me being on the "fixed income" and all. I just couldn't get more than two or three days out of it at the most before I had to respool everything again. Considering the cost of a thousand yards of that stuff every couple of weeks the fish oughta be catching themselves...... Last year I went back to P-line and Yo-Zuri. I find it to cast pretty darn good, the price is right and if I drag it out behind the boat every now and then it lasts a lot longer than the Seaguar. Maybe not quite as supple right out of the box but close enough to justify the savings in cost. I tried the Bass Pro stuff that you like a few years ago and quite honestly can't remember what I thought about it but must have liked the other stuff better or I'd still be using it. Might need to relook that option next spring. Tried some of that red stuff (Cajun maybe?) and hated it. Also sampled some Sufix, Power Pro and Sunline. Can't remember much about the Sufix other than I haven't bought anymore. I kinda liked the Sunline but it got back to cost factor. As for braid, I've personally never really been much of a fan but I'm always looking to try something different just to see what I might be missing out on and at thirteen bucks for a hundred yards I thought I'd give it a shot. Plus, I seem to have some sort of long distance man crush on Bo in that when he speaks highly of something I just feel obligated to give it a try! Of course, now that I think about it you and Babler have the same effect on me so...... Bottome line (pun intended) I could use some serious counseling. 🙃
  5. Sounds good Bo - I'll check it out. Thanks for all the great advice and videos that you offer up!
  6. The mere fact that you used the term "very good" in association with an act that I'm tentatively going to be required to perform probably just disqualified me completely from participation. I guess I didn't realize that talent or skill were involved in this deal or I probably woulda just saved myself the thirteen bucks! Oh well, maybe Kathy can use the stuff to hang Christmas ornaments..... 🤦‍♂️
  7. Dang it Bo, you got me again! If you ever start endorsing left nostril inhalers I'm gonna have to go back to work for cryin' out loud! Product Product Action Order Status Order Action Order ID: 8006527465356160 View Detail Order time: 07:05 Nov. 18 2019 Store name: soloplay Official Store View Store | Contact Seller Order amount: $ 13.27 Spectra Fishing Line Braided Fishing Line 300m/500m/1000M Super Strong Multifilament Fishing line Carp Fishing pesca 10LB-80LB [Transaction Screenshot] $ 13.27 X1 Product properties: Yellow + 1000m-0.10mm-10lb Open Dispute Awaiting delivery Your order will be closed in: 34 days 11 hours 33 minutes Track OrderConfirm Goods Received
  8. Our's were too. We had snow and ice on the ground that would have rendered them unplayable regardless of the temp. A cart cover and a propane heater is the ticket around here! Anytime it's below 50 we use both and it makes an amazing difference. Hand warmers don't hurt either. How long till spring? 😖
  9. Yes they do! Most of us around here figured it would die out after awhile but four years later it's actually getting busier if anything. Good for them I say. I've always been a little fascinated by those poles. They're pretty high up there and that's a fair piece of weight that they're supporting. When the wind comes up that's gotta be one heck of a lot of force that they have to withstand.
  10. We've had a Top Golf for about four years now and a competitor of theirs called, "T-Shotz" is supposed to open in north Kansas City next spring. We've been to the local Top Golf a half dozen times or so and it's a pretty good time but can get a little pricey. Of course, we can seldom just go hit balls for the sake of hitting balls and by the time we grab something to eat and a couple of beers the tab hits $100 in no time. Hence, we've only been a half dozen times..... The food is actually not bad but the wait times can be ridiculous and it shows no signs of slowing down. Stop by there on a Friday or Saturday night pretty much anytime of the year and you're looking at an hour wait minimum. Birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, team building parties, you name it and they got 'em in big bunches. I don't know how many cars the parking lot holds but it ain't small and they have a shuttle service to get people back and forth from satellite parking facilities. Personally, I'd prefer someplace that's just a plain old driving range that's enclosed and heated but the only one of those that's left is about forty minutes away in Martin City and it's been going steadily downhill for a couple of years now. Anyways, Top Golf can be a lot of fun - I kinda liken it to getting together and going bowling only with golf clubs and better food. And a bigger bill.
  11. Best bass lake in America. Except for when it's the worst.......😖
  12. The choice of 100 MPH in Silver Anniversary II for the re-upholster turned out incredible! Really makes that interior "pop". Obviously a project hatched by man with expertise in design and decorating!👌
  13. 🤦‍♂️ They're killin' me Whitey, they're killin' me.......
  14. He'd be smellin' what's in my pants!
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