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  1. vernon

    Big M 5/21

    Sorry but as the resident COE apologist it just ain’t their call. Only Congress can tell the COE what to do and what with the Blunts and Claire pushing for LESS regulation and even MORE big docks and big boats I don’t think it’s gonna happen - at least not in my lifetime. Too much money to be made. COE doesn’t dictate policy - only enforces what’s on the books as established by congressional rule. Sucks I know and everybody I ever knew in the COE completely agrees with you (and me). Water Patrol is virtually powerless as well. By law the dude in the big boat just ain’t doing anything wrong and neither the COE or WP can write legislation. Also why I’m looking seriously at relocating my trips to Bull Shoals.
  2. vernon

    Dang Fog

    In October of what had to be close to that same year my dad and I spent the night in Buzzard Hollow under near identical circumstances. Fog seemed to descend instantly and out of nowhere. Finding our way back to Shadrack from there was out of the question. About froze to death and honestly have NO fond memories of that event whatsoever!
  3. vernon

    May 5 Thru 12

    Cool! Glad to hear it. And as for the inevitable “clown shoes” comments, I can only respond by asking, whoever saw a clown with sore feet?
  4. vernon

    May 5 Thru 12

    Bozo love is the best!
  5. vernon

    May 5 Thru 12

    That’s MISTER Bozo mister!
  6. vernon

    May 5 Thru 12

    You guys seriously need to consider seeking counseling. SO overly sensitive to life’s minutiae! Just wear the danged shoes and respectfully say, “Thank you Vernon.” I, on the other hand, need to put this stupid phone down and go fishing! C’mon weather.....
  7. vernon

    May 5 Thru 12

    Crap. I forgot you had that phobia deal about “celebrity” association and mass marketing or I never would have brought it up! I bet they hate ‘em anyways.
  8. vernon

    May 5 Thru 12

    Who you callin’ Bozo!?!? I’ll have you know that the shoes I wear have NOTHING to do with me being called a clown! I think that’s what I meant...... Anyways, and not that it matters (I specialize in that area) but I noticed Jimmy Houston and Hank Parker are wearing them. Now I got a feeling they got a better deal than what is available to the average “Bozo” but it is what it is.
  9. vernon

    Big M 5/18 and 5/19

    Outstanding! Gonna try and put some of that info to use today!
  10. vernon

    May 5 Thru 12

    Yes, yes and yes. Tuff day around here and bumped heads require adequate and appropriate medication!
  11. vernon

    Dang Fog

    Awwwww, now y'all just showin' off! Nice shootin'! Can't wait till tomorrow!
  12. vernon

    May 5 Thru 12

    Good news is if you don't like 'em you can send them back. I can't remember if it's 30, 60 or 90 days but whatever it is they'll refund your money no questions asked no matter how much you've worn them. And it's for real cause a friend of mine has flat feet or some similar sort of affliction and needs orthotics so he had to remove the insole. Well, removing the insoles kinda defeats the whole idea so he ended up sending them back and was credited in full and pronto. He had worn them quite a bit before deciding that it just wasn't gonna work and they didn't blink when he requested a return authorization. Tuff to beat that but I can't hardly imagine you not liking them unless the "look" just ain't for you. Regardless, they'll give you your money back no matter what the reason. But, heck, with all YOUR money why would you even care? If I had your cash I'd throw mine away! 😂
  13. vernon

    May 5 Thru 12

    You know, personally, I think the canvas are even more comfortable than the 2.0 as crazy as that might sound. The canvas material is kind of like denim in that it will fade and become softer with time or after a washing or two. It's splitting hairs but I'd compare the difference to wearing an old pair of jeans and a favorite pair of khaki's - they're both pretty dang comfortable but one's just a smidge better than the other. Plus, the canvas are cheaper!
  14. vernon

    Retirement on the Rock

    Condolences. Might be the saddest thing I ever heard. Not.
  15. vernon

    Kings River Advice

    Careful with that crappie advice! I'd run from Indian Point to Beaver Dam to actually be able to catch crappie on Table Rock other than by accident! And the Kings ain't even close to that far..... Now officially stalking this post for critical intel.

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