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  1. SHUT IT DOWN AND SPACE OUT THOSE POSTS!! At least until, oh, let's say 26 April at 7:18 pm..........🤧
  2. Logical thinking and rational reasoning when implementing these "policies" can pretty much be summed up in three letters - "CYA". If anyone asks for clarification as to whether or not they can do something 99% of the time the answer is gonna be "no" and a new restriction has instantly been created. The resort we're supposed to be checking into on 1 May is closed until at least 30 April so I would imagine we're screwed. Unless we hear otherwise I guess we'll still prepare as if we're gonna go but at some point pretty soon they're gonna have to start backing off some of this stuff we're gonna become Venezuela. Nationwide poverty kills too and the long term effects will stick around far longer than this virus.
  3. From the looks of that parking lot in the background there were plenty of folks out tryin'!
  4. My favorite! I had that one laminated and it's been on display above my workbench for what must be thirty years now! Well played sir!
  5. Well. I guess everything is a matter of perspective but I'll be 67 in eight lousy days! Remember when I told you that when I was at KU that Allen Fieldhouse still had a dirt floor?🤦‍♂️ And YES we are without question 2020 National Champions and I don't care what any of the loser, pretender, wannabes around here have to say about it. And don't bore us with all the "Cheater" comments all you clean living but on the double secret probation haters!!!!
  6. vernon


    When it comes right down to it I guess I would too but for a completely different reason in that I just can't get enough and absolutely hate it when I can't get out there. Same as fishing - I just never wanna quit and go home. Now the weather deal you're referring can definitely readjust my way of thinking though as I ain't quite as hardy nor as foolish as I used to be!
  7. I like the way you think! Although I've always related a little more closely with Noah what with his love of big boats and all....... 👍
  8. vernon


    Good thing that golfer's are so honest and NEVER lie! Better hope them thermometers get there fast....
  9. Throw in no tournaments for a month or so and this could be one of the best spawns in a long, long time if it just doesn't turn into some sort of epic event. Now if I can just stay alive long enough to benefit from the whole deal......
  10. vernon


    State of Kansas Fish & Wildlife webpage states that "parks, lakes and wildlife areas will remain open to the public." Administrative offices will be closed for two weeks beginning today. No mention of the virus that I can find at all on the Missouri site which is kind of hard to believe. I've also received an email from a privately owned public golf course in Johnson County that states that they are allowed to remain open so long as they follow CDC guidelines. I find both items to be extremely encouraging! Heck, I might even get out of bed now!!
  11. Wish I woulda said that......
  12. You know I used to get in the middle of these Corps arguments all the time but since I've been retired for seven years now (wow - that's hard to believe) I've been staying out of 'em for quite a while as what I know/knew might not be all that pertinent anymore. That being said, one thing that I DO know to still be accurate is that the Corps does not create policy. That's done and dictated totally by congress and the Corps just does what its told.
  13. Smarter than Forrest Gump this one is!
  14. Well, I guess on the bright side I never really expected to live to be 536 but here I am. It's been a good ride though. Can't wait to see what the next two or three centuries I have left are gonna be like......
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