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  1. Bull Shoals

    Never fished an A-rig in my life and seein's how now I'm too old to even lift one much less fling it I guess I never will. So on my death bed I'm gonna say that I lived a "pure" life! So I got that workin' for me. Which is nice.
  2. the feedbag is still on

    What you said.
  3. Sorry to keep bugging

    Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding...........
  4. Fizzing?

    Now I really have seen it all! As George Carlin used to say, "If you nail two boards together, somebody will buy it. In fact, people will line up to buy a left nostril inhaler."
  5. New brand of bass boat??

    Kind of a weird name but, then, I'm not too sure what I was expecting. Don't know about the Legend rumor. It was my understanding that they were going it alone with a brand new factory and approach from the very beginning. In fact, the new state of the art factory was part of the announcement and if they're gonna have models ready to display in time for the Classic it must be pretty much a done deal and pretty much fully operational. Wonder how Johnny felt about them hosting the announcement next door to his Ranger plant? Might have been a not so thinly veiled attempt to give him a little poke in the eye? Bottom line, more competition can't be bad for us consumers and they certainly have a great amount of credibility in the business. Flippin's gonna have to build more houses and infrastructure to accommodate Bass Boat City USA!
  6. Bank Fishing

    Exactly what I was going to suggest before you beat me to it! We stay there a couple of times a year and, although we do have a boat, we fish those areas a bunch and with pretty good success. Lots of smallies and spots in those areas - more smallies around the boat ramp point and more spots in the little cut west of the big dock. There's also a screened in fishing dock on the point in between those two places that's surrounded by brush piles and also tends to hold lots of spots. Though seasonal, they're pretty good topwater locations too but I agree that the Ned is the way I would go.
  7. No report

    Actually, Mr. Babler had been providing the KC Star reports up until the recent void. About half of the other lake reports have appeared to be cut and paste jobs from the previous week for the last couple of months. Not very informative and it's as though conditions never change. Several days after a big rain in October the paper said that Hillsdale was "one foot high and clearing". My brother and I thought that sounded a little odd but headed down that way the next day just to see. EIGHT foot high and rising and as muddy as the Mighty Mo! Ever since Brent Frazee got forced out the outdoors section has been a joke. Of course, the rest of the sports page is deteriorating pretty rapidly too. Heck, you can't even get a box score from a Royals game the next morning without going to the "online edition". If they were playing late on the west coast I would understand but that's seldom the case. I've been a subscriber since the mid 70's but this might be the last year for me. If so, I'm gonna miss the morning read after all these years but it just ain't what it used to be and the main portion is like watching CNN or MSNBC. It goes into the trash immediately. But evil's right - OA is by far the best source when it comes to Table Rock and is usually the first thing I check every morning!
  8. Robo Ned worms

    ^^^ Yup.
  9. Big M area - 11/08

    Hmm. Conversely, it usually takes me a few trips to get conditioned to NOT GOING OUT THERE IN THIS CRAP ANYMORE! I think my "acclimation" days went out the window after a few years of fighting fires in the middle of ice and snow storms in northeast Kansas. Wind, ice and 15 degrees is just flat out no time to be outside playing with big hoses!
  10. turn over

    C'mon Mojo, that doesn't have anything to do with Patty Benjamin or even Holly Benjamin for that matter! You're gonna get everybody all confused with this "on topic" crap! (pretty good stuff though, thanks)
  11. turn over

    My. Dems some good blues! And THAT ain't Patty Benjamin! Searching iTunes........
  12. turn over

    Patty Benjamin?
  13. turn over

    The only thing I'd hit is my thumb. How do I know that? Don't ask.
  14. Friday 11-3-2017. 10:30 to 3:30 eagle rock

    That's good news. However, I still want to know more about how the 40000 degree biscuits turned out and what your monthly electric bill is like while operating a nuclear reactor in your kitchen!
  15. Peak Rock Captial bought strike king lures

    Reading thru this thread only served to reinforce my lifelong suspicion that I know zero about the "business world". A career in the federal government will do that to a guy I guess........

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