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  1. Yeah, I got a couple buddies that "win" thousands at the casinos three or four nights a week too. Can barely pay their rent or put gas in the car but they've got this gambling thing all figured out. To hear them tell it they make Rainman look like a hack. Same sorta deal.
  2. Ditto. I'm not worthy..........😞
  3. Yeah, that's probably what I'm gonna have to do but I'd been dealing directly with Ranger parts and the repair department since October without any real problems although they weren't anywhere near as helpful and accommodating as they were in the "old days." Up until four or five years ago a guy could pretty much get whatever he wanted whenever he wanted it but now there's a lot of hemhawing around about how busy they are and how they're not sure when or if they can do this or that. In fact, I was told directly not to bother calling them or leaving voicemails because they "probably wouldn't have time" to call back. I was told instead to email them and even then it was taking a couple of days or more to get a response. And these aren't "new" folks that I'm dealing with but rather a guy and a gal that have provided superb customer service to me in years past. Anyways, I've had a new trailer fender sitting down there since December and was supposed to take the boat down in March to get it installed as we were hoping to combine the repair trip with some fishing on Bull Shoals. Of course everyone knows what happened next and I haven't been able to contact a live person at Ranger since then. Could be worse though - I could be waiting on a whole new dad gum boat in which case I'd be losing my dang mind!
  4. I've been trying to contact Ranger parts department for the last month with no response. Emails and phone calls might not be being ignored but they sure ain't being returned either. Unless of course you're talking about Vexus in which case I got nothing...... Good luck - I hope it shows up soon!
  5. Jealous here. That's almost enough to make me wish I was still working! Almost........
  6. Johnny? He owns everything else. Although he didn't do Evinrude any favors when he went all in on Mercury a couple years ago. Heck, my G2 wasn't two years old yet and I couldn't even get it serviced where I bought it (Cabela's) thanks to him pulling the ol' switcheroo and cutting all ties to BPR.
  7. Yet another reason this will almost certainly be my last boat........ Too bad too cause I like to look and dream!
  8. Well that blows..... My G2 is my first (and obviously last) Evinrude and it's by far the best engine I've ever owned. I've had a Johnson, two Yamaha's and eight Merc's and most of the Merc's were a pain in the butt. I doubt I'll live long enough to buy another boat and/or motor but I guess this is a good one to go out with.
  9. We found the unexpected availability of whips and chains as an inclusive item particularly appealing......... 🎥
  10. Bill and Becky's place at White River Lodge is outstanding. Kathy and I stayed there for her birthday a couple of years ago. And although we were there in late July so we didn't take the boat I can't imagine a better scenario for your fishing prospects than sharing a residence with "Da Man" himself!
  11. I think somebody must have soaked our stuff overnight in gasoline when we were there last week. We only caught more than 15 total a couple of days and despite Dave's generous efforts to try and help us out we had one of our worst week's ever! And we never saw a single fish swirl or bust the surface either which is just about unbelievable. Heck, I bet it's been at least five years since we've found any whites surfacing and we used to get into them two or three times a day too. An ol' buddy of mine used to always tell me that if I looked up born loser in the dictionary that there'd be a picture of me right there! Of course I WAS pretty preoccupied what with my weather work and all..........
  12. I guess "tough" is all in the eye of the beholder........ Sounds like a dream day to losers like me!
  13. Heck, I came home a week ago yesterday! This is apparently just the remnants of seeds already sown! Not sure why the mojo is lingering for so long but must be some technical glitch brought on by the virus. I'll get with my people and see if I can figure out what's going on down there........🤞
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