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  1. vernon

    the weather outside is cold

    That dang song claims another "victim" huh? And some people wonder why it's been banned. So sorry you had to endure such an experience Wrench but justice shall prevail! Stay strong and keep thinking, "Me too."
  2. vernon

    darn wind

    You know, I was anticipating some ultra logical, super responsible, adult like response to my comment and I was all set to post some smarty pants comeback (I do that now and then šŸ˜œ) that would have allowed me to appear totally irreverent and somehow kind of above it all. Well, you sure sucked the life out of that idea! You might have just said more about money, material objects, happiness and personal satisfaction in that one sentence than anybody else ever in all the lectures and books in the history of the world.... You're a wise man Bo and I sincerely hope that before it's all said and done you get a chance to have some extra nice toys to play with cause I think you deserve them. Color me fortunate and humbled........
  3. vernon

    Funny Meme

    I think that photo's staged! Phony as this danged Mars landing deal they keep bragging about!
  4. vernon

    Glad to be back at the lake

    Way to go!
  5. vernon

    darn wind

    Well, there's a difference between "having" it and "spending" it. Personally, I'm a proud "spender" that's hoping my bank account hits zero at the exact same time (or a little before) my heart rate does! Of course if my heart holds out much longer that whole plan's gonna be out the window......
  6. vernon

    darn wind

    Yep, time to get yourself an Ultrex! I can't even imagine what a guy like you would do with that kind of technological advantage. Especially if you had it linked to your electronics. Be like cheating. I can hear it now. "Kind of another slow day for Linda and me again. Fished for a little over an hour and did manage to squeak out 150 fish but only 135 keepers. Worse yet only 50 of 'em were 5 lbs. or better. Pretty disappointing but it's just tough out there right now. Should pick back up in a couple of weeks when things stabilize a bit."
  7. vernon

    Baxter area Friday

    Get a haircut! Err, sorry. Flashback to the 70's I guess...........
  8. vernon


    Yep. Just DON'T use soap!! Soaps and detergents will never rinse completely clean and will attract and hold dust and dirt like crazy. Spray with white vinegar/water mixture (I use a 1:3 ratio) and then power wash on rinse setting and it will cleanup nice and fluff it up some as well. If you feel really froggy, a steel bristled brush afterwards really helps to restore the feel and appearance as well. Works great and is way cheaper.
  9. vernon

    communicating with the mdc

    I dunno how good he'd be but I'd dislike his prima donna butt (and mouth) every bit as much. šŸ˜ Sorry. Carry on........
  10. vernon

    looks like champ weather

    Now you can be the back of the boat jig dragger! Does this mean you'll subliminally transition into a deep water guy? Maybe a straw hat and cane pole? This knee deal could be life changing in so many ways! Hope all goes well.
  11. vernon

    Big M area 10/23

    Thanks Royal! I might just take you up on that. We used to fish Bull a couple of times every year but pretty much always down closer to the darn area so I don't know much about the upper end. It was always my favorite lake of them all but Kathy preferred the accommodations and "off lake" activities around Table Rock so it's been ten years or so since I've wet a line over that way. Thanks again and I greatly appreciate your most generous offer!
  12. vernon

    Big M area 10/23

    It just keeps getting more and more discouraging. In fact, it's to the point that I think they have finally broke me. I didn't even go out on the water again after Monday and, for the first time in the history of my life, we left and came home a day early. Too far to drive and too dang expensive to just play golf and site see (especially since I ain't much for site seeing and there ain't a lot left down that way that ain't already been seen). Actually got bored for the first time ever and just didn't even feel like going back out there which is disconcerting to the point of being scary. We already have accommodations booked for two weeks next May but I think that's gonna about do it for us. Which, by the way, out of curiosity I just checked and for the first one of those two weeks alone there are already regatta permits issued for 1,015 boats! It's been a great 45 years but I think it's time to look elsewhere.......
  13. vernon

    Maybe I Had a Bite on the Upper End

    When it comes down to that Iā€™d rather just play golf. Which I did yesterday!
  14. vernon

    Caleb Sumrall is in my Phoenix

    Except now it looks like Bill guides on Truman! šŸ˜¢ "Errr, sorry about the boat Bill but you know when you're a pro........." I wouldn't loan one of those guys an old reel much less my boat.
  15. vernon

    Caleb Sumrall is in my Phoenix

    Was that great big gouge already there? šŸ˜

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