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  1. Although I'm sure the real reason behind requiring all Ranger, Triton or whatever for certain tournaments was the obvious brand exposure and marketing benefit but wasn't the "stated" reasoning because then everyone would be fishing from an equal platform thus no unfair advantage to a guy that might be able to afford a bigger, faster boat with better accessories? Level playing field stuff and all. Of course, I'm thinking back to the 70's and 80's which was almost before there was even water in the lakes so........
  2. vernon


    Amen to that. The right side of the sod is a good place to be! 🙄
  3. Good for you. "Happy" is all relative and you got the ball!
  4. Somehow I don't doubt it! In fact, I'm looking forward to it in some sort of perverse way. But still, two fifty? Please.......🤑
  5. You might also want to inquire about a nerve ablation procedure. I've had several for my lower back and neck and they helped a ton. In my experience, the benefit lasted about two years before the nerves grew back and then it was rinse and repeat. It's "minimally invasive" which just means it's being done to you and not them but there's no cutting involved and I usually can do whatever I want the very next day. However, since I've been seeing the chiropractor every six to eight weeks I've not had the ablation procedure done in over three years and, overall, am doing pretty dang good all things considered. In fact, if I didn't work around the house and yard like a coal miner and play golf three or four times a week I might even be pain free! Nonetheless, it's very manageable now and since my injury that's all I've ever asked or hoped for. As I'm sure you and Donna both know there's a big difference between back "pain" and "discomfort" and I'll take the latter any day of the week. Just another option to maybe research and consider. Hang in there buddy and best of luck.
  6. Dang - you're gonna need a bigger boat!
  7. You do realize that's almost six and a half millimeters though don't you? When one looks at it from that perspective it's actually quite a ways! All things being relative and all.......😋
  8. YOU are most definitely NOT the guy! And you don't know the guy I know! Or at least you don't know him like I know him. In fact, I don't think he really even likes you.... 😜 Two fifty............
  9. No chance that they'll work up there. I would recommend that you just send them all to me for the purpose of proper disposal. I know a guy........... 😉
  10. Champ was kind enough to "gift" me one of his doctored Fin's a few years back after I had all of the tackle stolen out of my boat and I gotta say that it's the coolest looking bait I've ever seen. I'm telling you, the way that thing moves through the water is downright mesmerizing. However, considering the circumstances, that bait is such a cherished item that, while it's always tied on, I very seldom throw it as I'm absolutely terrified of losing it! Every time a fish grabs it I about have a heart attack for fear of the line breaking or it getting wrapped around a tree and I just can't handle the stress! Thanks again for such a wonderful gesture Champ!
  11. Maybe, but you wouldn't wanna try to pick it up! Glad my brother is still young and strong......
  12. Don't ever apologize for having too much stuff on the deck - personally, I find it makes it much easier to just heave it all overboard whenever I get exceptionally frustrated and want to make a statement! 🤬
  13. I say, I say, I say - boy, do I look like a chickenhawk to you? Like I don't know where THIS is gonna go next........
  14. But, see, you don't KNOW if I can turn it off if and when I want to. Maybe I just CHOOSE not to? And I've got Kathy looking into the third party out of state deal. Not my area......
  15. Sure. Show me the 💰💲💰💲💵 !!! 😘
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