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  1. They know a thing or two.......
  2. The fact that the engine is trimmed full out tells me that he was just checking to see if it is true that Ranger's really do know how to fly. Or is it reindeer? Whatever...... The wake boat photo is yet further proof that Table Rock is fast becoming LOZ South and I hate it.
  3. Dang Bo, as much as I enjoy fishing your jigs and heads I gotta admit that hardly any of that stuff ever went through my mind! OK, absolutely none of it. However, now that I am "woke" to all the technological aspects of the design and engineering I can't wait to spring all of that stuff on my brother and make him think that I are smart! Thanks for sharing all of that with the unenlightened among us.
  4. Dave's right - Schooner is a veritable dry hole. Just as well throw baits in your bathtub at home. 😉
  5. I really like these too. In fact it was Donna and Champ's recommendation that got me to try some and I've been using them ever since. Although on the really little Keitech's I like to use Bo's 1/8 oz. weedless crappie jighead. That is one versatile little dude. Works great with grubs, centipedes and even Ned too.
  6. Well, now that IS pitiful. Heck, I've made to almost 1000 at least three times just since 2014 alone! Or was it 900? Is this Tuesday?
  7. I haven't been able to stay awake till 1 am for fifteen years! Oh well, still enjoy reading about you doing it and looking at the pics! Keep up the good work.
  8. Thirteen days to go for us - don't sore mouth all of 'em! Remember what Abraham Lincoln said: "Getting greedy makes cowards of you all." Or something like that......... 😚
  9. I also looked long and hard at the 620 and 621 when I purchased my Z521 a couple of years ago and for all of the same reasons mentioned above. And I absolutely would have gone that direction if my storage situation was just a little more accommodating. It's just such a pain in the butt to get even the 521 in and out of my garage that I decided that the extra weight and girth of the multi-species models was just gonna be too much to bear. But if I had a larger and more easily accessible place to keep it the 621 would have been mine. Don't get me wrong - I love my 521 and it handles rough water superbly but I kind of liken the 621 to driving my Tahoe and the 521 is more like riding in a Camaro. And at homey's age I be digging the comfort and safety of the Tahoe! I think you're gonna be absolutely thrilled to death with that new boat and good for you I say!
  10. Yep and I was there when it happened!
  11. Oh my! That is a must have!
  12. You're right - and stay off my lawn!!!
  13. Welcome back - hope life and its circumstances are smiling upon you once again. 🙂
  14. "Decent" luck? Can't wait to see a "good" day!
  15. vernon


    Curious here as well. I've also run AGM's (Cabela's) for about ten years - truly maintenance free and (for ten years anyways) worry free and have no intentions of going back to lead/acid. More expensive initially although lead/acid batteries are doing their best to catch up in that department the last five years or so.
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