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Trout caught on LOZ


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1 hour ago, buckcreekmike said:

I don’t know any details as to where this was caught, but thought it was interesting. I can only think of two possibilities and both are pretty far fetched. 1. It came down from Bennet Spring through the Niangua. 2. It made its way from Troutdale in Gravois. 



Why is it "far-fetched" if you don't know where it was caught ?

There are either currently trout, or have (in the past) been trout, in the upper Gravois, in HaHaTonka spring, Alcorn hollow, and Rainey cr.

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Not sure if they are still there but a trout farm from Gravois mills would sell trout at the local farmers market in Columbia. 

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Looks like someone tried to gig it, slash mark across the back.

Brave woman, lipping a flopping trout for a photo op.  Gonna slash up a finger no matter what the size.

"Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously."

Hunter S. Thompson

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5 hours ago, Gavin said:

You never know with rainbows. Private hatcheries raise trout and deliver them all over the place. 

If you want some,  I'd recommend these folks. Call and ask for Tom.



             There as we speak helping with Reel Recovery. Tom is a hoot. Visited with him and Lisa today. 

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Lefty Kreh

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2 hours ago, jdmidwest said:

flopping trout

The pupil centered in the eye makes me believe the trout is quite dead.

I know of trout caught in four of the Elk River tributaries years ago and reckon all of them were escapees from private rearing springs. Back in the last century lots of folks tried to turn springs into pay to fish deals or to raise trout to sell for food. Some of those springs connected to creeks, at least in wet weather. Rainbow trout travel thousands of miles from the mountains to the salt and back, not that far fetched at all that a few might find their way to that lake especially over the winter.

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