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Any Storm Yesterday

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I may be a mile south of Griz as the crow flies.  We got lots of wind 5 minutes of hard rain then small hail.  I had just replanted some grass seed.  It’s probably at Clever.  Now we have a trash mover nw cold wind.

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I'm south of St.Louis, lots of damage due to.winds.  I didn't see any severe damage, but lots of missing shingles and broken trees.  

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We had a kayak bass tournament on Pomme de Terre Lake. I was closely monitoring the storm and weather. I did not venture more than 30 minutes from my launch using my trolling motor on high (~ 2 miles from launch). About 2pm, it hit. I knew that it would likely be between 2 and 3 based on radar and hourly forecast. I saw the clouds in the distance when I started making my way back. When I saw the lightning, I was fishing within 100-200 yards of my launch and headed in. I had just loaded up when the rain hit and was driving away when it started hailing. The hail was quarter to golf ball....with some larger chunks too. I decided to skip the awards in Bolivar and head back to Springfield as that direction was clear. I basically outran the storm home. Several anglers were caught out in the weather. One of our anglers got video of being out in it...you can see in the video that he was using his trolling motor and pedals to try and get back to his launch asap. Thankfully, he wasn't injured. I saw a post by another angler that he looked like he had been in a paintball fight due to the hell. If you have been shot by paintballs...the leave whelps. Here is a video...



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I saw this video yesterday and my first thought was, why didn't he head to the bank and at least get under the trees?  Whenever I've been caught out on the lake in a storm I first try and get to an empty dock (that I've already scouted out if weather appears threatening) and if that's not doable then get to the bank and beach the boat.

I've had people suggest that's dumb because of trees attracting lightning but I'll take my chances in the trees over being out in open water any day.

Especially in a hailstorm.

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups."  George Carlin

"The only money ever wasted is money never spent."  Me.

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