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Taneyfest Recap


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What a weekend!  Food, fishing, fun, and friends.  As a newbie, I felt welcomed and can’t wait to get together again.  The conditions were less than ideal, but we still caught some fish.   I was blessed to get to fish both Duane and Phill. I leaned a lot from both. 

The food was amazing. Thanks to all the guys who cooked. Duane worked his magic with the fish and the deer nachos.  Those flavor crystals were on point. The Martyque that Les made was amazing and Johns mushrooms were great.  Let’s not even talk about the smoked chili and kraut and sausage in Thursday.  

Fishimg on the lake was good buy a bit slow. For me , it was the night that was awesome.  Dj, Geno, Daryk, John, and I all wandered up and braved the dark and cold.  The fishing was good, I daughter several nice bows.

The highlight was a story I will never forget  if Daryk would not have been there I don’t think any one would have believed it.  At about 11 Dj and Duane’s lute were slammed by a big fish.  After 10 minutes or so, we finally got a glimpse of the biggest brown he had ever hooked up on. He did a fantastic job of bringing him in, then disaster struck.  I was trying to net it for him and the the fish came off.  Dj dropped to his knees and grabbed for the tail.  He was not able to keep the hold and did not get a picture.  We were both beyond upset.  

He stood for a while dejected and I went back to fishing.  After about 5 minutes, I was slammed and it was on!  My little ultralight bent over and the drag screamed.  After around 10 minutes we were able to land it!  A beautiful brown and she was HUGE!!  Measured 32’ and 11” tall.  It was the same fish DJ had hooked up on.  She even had a 12” rainbow sticking out of her mouth. We were able to get pictures for both of us, and we are having a mount made.  She was released and swam off strong. 

I was upset that we had to move it cause I’ve always wanted to fish the White, but this experience couldn’t be beat!  Thank you very much Phill, for the hospitality.  










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Truly an epic trip for me.  One I'll never forget.  

Great hospitality and generosity, and great kindness and friendship shared across a great group of folks.  Thank you again Phil for hosting us, and for the teaching lessons you provided in the boat!

Amazing food as I expected, yet still exceeded my expectations.  Thanks to all the great chefs that made it happen.  Daryk you too for sharing over those dishes buddy!  

I don't think I'd of wished for anything more other than I will however be carrying a bigger net at night now... Thanks buddy;)

I did get the fishes head in my little butterfly net but that made it worse as it popped off the lure once it got stuck in the net.  Thankfully Brandon got to relive my experience with better results.

Sharing that fish with my cuz after he caught her again, and watching her swim away was the best part though.  

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A Big Thank You to Phil for hosting us at Lilley’s Landing. It’s s First Class Operation. The rooms are nice. The boat dock is awesome. Fly Shop has Everything you could need to fish Taneycomo. 

Duane is awesome. I can’t Thank him enough, but I’ll try.

Right out the gate, I had a spot of motor trouble and he got me squared away. It started without fail after that. 

Pictures don’t do Duane’s painting skills justice. His Sculpin pattern is awesome. I have a strange fondness for Rainbow Trout color baits. Duane does a Great one. got the hook up. New baits to try. 

Saturday Morning, Duane was nice enough to take John and I out and give us a jerkbait lesson. I got bites, but no fish on hard baits. I had to throw a jig, but John got his Taney Brown. 

Never let Duane fool you. He’s very, very Good at a whole bunch of things. 

I’m Sorry out trip got splintered into two groups. I certainly enjoyed the food and fellowship. I’ll hope to see you guys in February. 



Every Saint has a past, every Sinner has a future. On twitter @Ham66

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Jig fest was a last minute whirl wind for me. I was pretty bummed about not being able to go to the White.  When the call was made to try Taney, I was elated.  I could not play the whole time, but at least I got to play some.  I would have liked the chance to fish with everyone and sure enjoyed the company of the ones I did get to fish with. 

Again, no one went hungry!  Marty has that bbq sauce dialed in!  Missed you, buddy!  

D.J. has the bug (itch to fish) about as bad as I’ve ever seen it.  I gave him a little flack about his cute little butterfly net  one afternoon.  That evening at a point in time that was too late, he realized his net really was just good for swatting  butterflies.  The epic story ended up with a happy ending.  Congratulations D.J. and Brandon!

I pulled an old guide net out of retirement and presented it to D.J..  No more swatting butterflies for him.

Had the pleasure of getting Ham and John in the boat.  Now that was a little intimidating with wondering what we were gonna do.  Chase micros? Numbers game? Big fish? Any of which I was game for.  John needed a Taney brown so we went after that.  

Sure missed the rest of you guys but maybe in February!

A Little Rain Won't Hurt Them Fish.....They're Already Wet!!

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7 hours ago, duckydoty said:

I pulled an old guide net out of retirement and presented it to D.J..  No more swatting butterflies for him.

Buddy I'll never go out at night again without it! Thank you again!  Figure I might get some weird looks with it strapped to my back, but won't ever have to go through that circus again...Lol

I thought my basspro net was big, but this one is 34in long, bout same size as the fish :)

I test fit it last night on my vest and got a new magnet for the connector.  It's gonna work out real nice.  Took some 1000 grit to it and tested a small spot and she's going to clean up real nice.  

Using some oil I've used in old gun stocks to get her cleaned up then I'll get it all sealed up and ready to go!



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14 minutes ago, Travis Swift said:

I would really like to attend one of these sometime and meet all the fine folks on here!


Me too. Maybe there could be Jigfest on the White and Jerkfest on Taney. Some guys could even jerk a fly if that's your thing. 

If only there was somewhere to stay and spend our money. Phil might know a place. 



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59 minutes ago, Flysmallie said:

Me too. Maybe there could be Jigfest on the White and Jerkfest on Taney. Some guys could even jerk a fly if that's your thing. 

If only there was somewhere to stay and spend our money. Phil might know a place. 

I've fly fished and jerked em on Jigfest's in the past on both The White and Taney.  It's just a name for a good trip.

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