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What's your first fish of 2022?

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@Quillback mentioned that it would be interesting to see who would catch the first fish of 2022 and what would it be. I'm changing that up to just get folks to post about that first fish (or more) in 2022.

Caught mine at 1:20 pm today Jan 2nd. We headed to a spot to try for darters and I caught this spotfin shiner.


water was too dingy to effectively sight fish darters. Caught a couple more spotfin, a couple common shiners, and a creek chub before we left. We definitely had better temps at 62 deg than out in the midwest. Well get ours with dropping below freezing temps and with a winter storm coming in tonight.

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I pulled off by the bridge here and got mine on new years day while sugarbritches was shopping.   3 average sized Whites right away on a topwater crease fly over the shallow flat.    Phone was in the truck, so no pic. 🤷‍♂️

Said phone started ringing so I had to quit after #3..... but I'm pretty sure I could have stood there and limited out.  🙂 

I bet they are gone now, since this polar blast has settled upon us in full.   

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I didn't go this weekend, but finished the year strong with plenty of crappie, white/hybrid bass and walleye. Me, dad, brother and a buddy went New Years even since it was so nice and piled up the whites/hybrids. Brother had two walleye, a short sauger and biggest hybrid of the day.


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I'll probably go tomorrow, and expect to get my first one then.  It will probably be a smallmouth.  I'll try to remember to take a photo of it.

I should have quit 2021 a day before I did.  Fished the afternoon of 12/30 and caught several nice smallmouth 15-16 inches.  Fished all day 12/31 and got exactly five bass--1 spotted bass and 4 largemouth, and the biggest was barely 12 inches.  Did briefly hook a giant largemouth that would have made the day and topped the year off very well...saw it clearly when it took a jerkbait, but it didn't stay hooked.  At least 22 inches.

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Well had the itch to go fishing today, but didn't want to fish out of the boat with temps in the 30's and with a north wind blowing so I banked it on Beaver lake down by the dam.  Caught 3 smallies on the Ned rig, first one of the year is the first, 2nd one is the second.  Third one was a 10" doinker.

Lost a good puller, had some weight, but never saw it.







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